Bless 1 through 31

Lesson 1
What I see depicts and does constrict me
Anything solid can block out knowledge
Have no fear applying this idea
Often must get past things that hold you fast
Values do show what you get to know
Lesson 2
I emphasize what I see with my own eyes
Lesson 3
Is it me who gets burned when I do discern?
Lesson 4
First a happy song than sadness comes along
Isn’t it enough that I can feel and touch?
Why is it that I have to think so much?
(is it a cover up?)
Lesson 5
Would I curb the thought
If disturbance is what it brought?
(am I on the brink of treason when I think and reason?)\
Lesson 6
To regard some all upsets and let others go
Your willingness to become, discover, get to know
Lesson 7
I cannot be clear with new ideas
While I deny that I’m preoccupied
Lesson 8
Do I suffer somehow and deny
Present moment, preoccupied
Ideas I form they limit me
Well worn says my reality
Lesson 9
While I cleave to a flawed mind
I’ll believe and obscure what I find
Lesson 10-14
The high regard hold with respect
Deny a part I boldly neglect
When your mind draws a blank
Then find a law to thank
Blind to future and past
Kindness suits yerr and last
Spirit makes clear what’s fake from fear
Gathers teardrops through the years
Far beyond personality defies
Harms undone, safety lies
Lesson 15
Images you have made
Scrimmage onto next page
Marred not with how you think
Farther, you’re on the brink
Illusion can be replaced
Solution is found with grace
Edges of light quite literally
Pledges sight to delight thee
Lesson 16
Know yourself, know your power
Everything you see this hour
Cause your thought result
Bless or bought insult
With truth you are to gain
With false you stay the same
So choose you the title
Effects are never idle
Lesson 17
The world I see and recognize
Is known to me as I disguise
By thought I deem and do apply
The world does seem to tell me why
As cause and effect do operate
This law does get what I create
Lesson 18
I’m not alone in what I see
Therefore atone for those with me
While hard at first, my purpose is
Regard the worth for All deserve
Lesson 19
To not negate thoughts do precede perceive or do relate or even that perhaps they overlap
To open up my eyes to the impact and emphasize: minds joined in fact
While first not clear, resist it too; no curse no fear for it is true but; if rehearsed it holds a clue: inclusiveness is everything!
Lesson 20
See yourself you do deserve
The wonder you go, rebirth
Not under curse or be coerced
Freedom comes out of desire from
Plant the seed of higher need
Decision to see envisions thee
The lesser you strain He blesses,
Beyond your shame and all your grief
Lies only one belief whereby you gain
You cannot know till you let it go
Lesson 21
The danger signs anger aligns to (-d)
Act on this your daily practice (see)
To toy with some annoyances
Dwell only some hellish outcomes
Must see the ploy
You want all joy
Hellish intents
Then well difference’
Discover fact whereby attack
Thereby you lack
Does not come back at you!
Eventually with eyes to see
The cause will no longer be
Anticipate, do not berate
A better fate, for all are great!
Lesson 22
For truth sake
Prove your escape
From all vengeance
And self defense
World can be mastered
It’s you, you’re after
Not robbed of laughter
To know cause, identify
Effects show reasons why
Neglect not what you project/
It’s never too late: negate impact
Lesson 23
I lord over my own thoughts
So the only fight I fought
No one to blame be bold to change
Regard all as one the same
I need but identify the reasons why
Then agree and attend to them, I will get by
Be open to the hope in you
Caught not in a trap that’s blue
So true thoughts can enrapture you
His grace will replace that look on your face
Why lament what’s not permanent
There is no point, He wills to anoint
Set up to fail where one could prevail?
Worldly systems block in you
Wisdom comes unlocks your view
Witch on bicycle in cyclone
Switch to cycle begins to take you home
Carpet rolls up one day to perish
Mark your soul with ways to cherish
See no lack, He brought a kiss
Free attack thoughts as you dismiss
Clear of fear, no mortal mere
Forget you not the paradox
Factor in as you begin
All began one cell ago
Autopoiesis never ceases
Feast only on this belief
The lonely beast shares in his grief
Gather to social meditate
Dialogue love rather than hate
Kingdoms come out from
Tongues that quantum hum
Simple sentence can bring a surprise
From sentience see consciousness rise
Lesson 24
Lesson 24’s a test
Suggesting you see Self in Others as Holy Guests
Just try and remember good, better, best, but that
Perceptions you bring along often can go wrong
Mentions sometimes your best intentions lies in giving it a rest
You might ask why to help identify the reasons
While certain seasons are true, others make you blue
Setting up so many goals, to fill the wholes
First perhaps discover facts that cover lack made
Worst by many how comes to plenty outcomes that become undone
End of the day, not a thing’s gone your way!
Roll with your Soul, you won’t pay that toll!
For It knows All must grow
And It defends What has no end
It will detect as you allow correction
All parts is a good start
No surprise you realize all be unified
No covering up “lack” with blood, for Christ’s sake
But discovering God’s Son, He would not take
I stand corrected as I understand resurrection
God bless you
Rather neat to know you can grow (not be cheated out) this day!
Lesson 25
If I knew what everything was for
Days be few, here no more
Certainly nothing worse, this
Hurting without purpose
Try you might think back
Right upon brink of lack
You’re brought back
Your Spirit will only let you go so far before you’re disbarred
Let go ego to get to know
Will teach you to meet each day new
Within each circumstance
Within you there’s a dance
The obvious is a war
But only one endures
To not recognize is to hide
The Self is then denied
Games can always change
One remains the same
Throw up your hands and say
I don’t understand anything today
So you don’t interfere with
What is only clear

Lesson 26
Into the beyond there is no harm
Be centered and sound no alarms
It’s only in the split you feel like calling it quits so surface the lack in the form of attack
So seek relief in others as weak as if you could belong somehow cause you’re strong.
A friend goes on end with bargains one gains to the others shame with guilt built in.
Quit feeling weak, discover you’re wealth inside self not from others.
Lesson 26 is a fix
The blessing comes from practicing 6x6x6 till you’re fixed.
How you behave will save you
Stems from belief in weakness
Do you want to mend or seek this?
You earn your concerns
While you’re waiting
Or extenuating
Let your intuition
Ignore the imposition
Gather your wit and your charm
Call it quits, the sense of alarm
The moment that you miss
Annulment of your own bliss
Lesson 27
On Your way back to Heaven
You will stay with lesson 27
You will know just what you need
And let go what It supersedes
For the discovery of what you’re made of
Is from above so comes all His love
But what we made
Cut down for it to fade
The ego aint
Will try to trip you up
While He’s filling your cup
Built to protect
All your “defects”
Wrapped in a ball of
Crap that’s bound to fall
Fear of which we are so
Bewitched, endeared to let go
But every step you take
To sever, see it was fake
A noose round your neck
It’s loose and you are perfect
Lesson 28
Nothing’s really definite
Into this moment you commit
Be free of all: and ifs or buts
See how it only drives you nuts
All you need is here right now
Call it clear your sight to wow
Open your mind to only what is
For it is lonely without you to find
You seem to be about everywhere
Gleam at what’s shouting at you and stares
Be not caught up in personal thoughts
It lends to nothing for nothing it sought
Because your questions are meaningless
He cannot answer, you’re left to guess
When you begin to question right
See no sin to gain insight
For He adores, wants nothing less
To give you more, to give the best
Lesson 29
With 29 you are divine
We do as we please all over the place
He wills to squeeze and cover with grace
It’s hard to know ourselves we hide
God wants to show but is denied
The meaningless will be outlived
As deemed, brought out, in stillness gives
No longer seen as what used for
That lies between monger and whore
You seek the child inside adore
With meek and mild resides allure
What’s solid stands and blocks your head
Bans knowledge, locked, that can’t be read
Two eyes faked out what’s in the cold
True eye takes all under the fold
To all you know you generate
The call to show appreciate
No hints, abstain, from what you wish
To gain a glimpse comes more to cherish
Lesson 30
Lesson 30, nothing hurts me
Once upon a time we were not blind
Upon Earth we felt confined
As if left somehow behind
So to protect where we do hurt
Ego detects and makes it worst
Projection of lack with tactic attack
Senses “harm” and sounds alarms
Then we bring a million things
To end “fear” our nonsense sings
Let’s be clear and hold It near
Your mind’s from God, was His idea
The story of creation replaced with our
History of separation is in disgrace
God never left
While we slept and every tear we have wept
He cleverly kept and will heal
Seek not to divide but to kneel
Inside an inner altar
You cannot falter
From out of the Horizon
You’re realizing the best part
Rises up to your heart
So surmise you take notice
The lotus survives out of you
Each petal real, you give to others
To find what’s real, in You discover
Hide not in “harm” or dreams
To recognize beyond unseen
Unless U go on to Lesson 32

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