39 no hurt thee find

Wherefore are thou sin and where do I begin?
To suffer from harm should I go beyond?
Thoughts that I think
Thoughts that I bought
Interfere directly
Dearly suffer for naught
No matter how we try
No matter how much we disagree
Chatter how who we can’t be
Separated begun in unity
From the same cloth
Come the same tree
So go we forth
North, South, East, West
Least brought to best
Differences honor us
Care you to discuss
His perfectness you cannot know
Her fix it less this I do bestow
What good to argue with many or few
Could mark you and plenty too
Put to task, would you ask
What is my function here?
Unction would be clear
Why place my bets
In being upset
Or gain to be seen in your pain
To reek this
In secrets the stain is a shame
Detect you, discover bliss
To gleam from, Love does remain
Disheveled harmful surface
New levels move on purpose
Need to anticipate elation
Generation to heed greatness
There’s no need to use our mind
To find fault or discern a thing
Behind assault is earn to bring
Regrets, doubts don’t come out nice
From bet as to going to get out of life
There’s no need for me to correct you
Only to detect when I am blue
For He or She is boss and can correct anything
Twinkling of an eye
if only I
would not deny or defy my greatness
discover related in You
Love can come through and be true
When I heed to It needs
Heart strings bleed
bring all that I need to know
When I go with in
I can win all my problems and solve them
Its only then that I connect with you
a natural process
You pal patch losses

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