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33 and 34 Cares
Come another way
Not to hate, love?
Bring Up side round
Abrupt King confined
Bound and kept
A moment’s breath is out of reach
Who tempts death doubt teach
To glance do less incline
A chance to blink no time
What clutters up sight?
Light glitters but shutters blind
Fight litter no butterflies find
The end that I deserve
Defend for I am disturbed
I circle this around
The miracle can’t be found
What if I gave it a rest?
To save a bit distress
I built myself “safe” ego
Will Self replace say so?
When I give up the excuse
To live, will it diffuse?
The basis of all of my worries
To face this deny the call hurry
The pain, I gather is deep
Insane would rather keep
Like a wheel we will circle around
And get lost till miracle found
We are spokes there is a hub
It’s no joke from It we rub
What draws me to anxiety?
Flaws deride me.
Rather than heed to the rust
We can gather the need to trust
The wheel of life has many charms
To feel it twice sound no alarms
On every shinny penny
Whine why or remember plenty
Smooth to generalize
Proof you realize
Steer Friend
From what offends
Behold the whole idea of fear
The cold, your soul is clear
Temptation comes and will arise
Exemption from ego surprises
The Holy Instant recognizes
How you react as it implies
The moment of conception
To glow or be in deception
To get out under the wheel
Beset thunder feel
You can fight or panhandle
Or choose to light your own candle
With all your might to disengage
Give up the fight to turn the page->

Lesson 35 You’re not deprived!
Aware therefore we’re not deprived
Somewhere brought forth though ego live (lies
Felt somehow need self protect
Lost the now to wealth defect
Of all the creatures in the land
We have the feature understand
And verily I say unto you
Do lessons for they too are true
For in each and every decision
Brings memory to reach you wisdom
The discovery of a certain fact
You’re not hurtin fear &/or lack
He’s not so very far
Than who and what You are
Consistency has a pattern
It’s not as you imagined
One of late called dedicate
It’s not how things come out
More about linger doubt
Identify L. 35
Complaining and bitchin
Abstain which won’t win
Be sane and go within
Please imagine as a God to
Ease imaginings, not hard too
A bet from In flows out
To get you out of doubt
Lesson 36, 37: when you’re whole
Holiness leavens
Under the fold
Takes All to Heaven
Enter into your decision
Centered, not of, but envision
To undo kinks, care not to latch
Undo links, snare of catch
Be ready to love with detachment
Rock steady without all the attachment
As to All, you recognize
Is Their call to Self realize
Favor to vibrate some waves
Love over hate comes and saves
Dim the switch and realign
Images Which are sublime
Wherefore there are no bargains
Therefore see no harm comes
The idea of sacrifice
Brings a tear you think twice
If in doubt you have to guess
Bring about through to bless
For your peace where it does rest
The least of You is Guest
Lesson 38: With discretion seal your fate
God instilled in You
Will, never through
It’s clever to reverse
Whatever’s deemed a curse
Not like the ways of the land
One pays, otherwise damned
Spirits utmost discretion
Plays host to all with this lesson
Problems done or buffer
Solve them so no one suffers
Holiness deals out the bliss
Its signed, sealed, in you exists

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