32 blesses you

Get to know what’s it all about by going in to win

32 blesses you with nothing new when you change less
Effects you get you cause nothing more, nothing less
While winds of change you can claim
And the sins of world will remain
Heads you win, tales you spin fail
Spirit see all to Holy Grail
What you made will fade
Idols show up you know
And go when you say
Follow your heart
It’s not hollow
A good start
With Grace
Go In to win
You Who reside
Are denied outside
For plenty hide there
But it doesn’t compare
Beyond time and space
In no harm, find you grace
But a split mind goes two-phase
So don’t quit but practice His ways:
Look at the world you see with eyes
Find the one in your mind that flies by
Imagine your wealth yourself as only true
As for the rest made up as requested by you.
Images dim as you’re no longer imagining them
You’ll be on fire as you allow higher desires through

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