ACIM Lesson 66 My Happiness and function are One

Sin’s a battle can I clear it?

In the saddle is My Spirit

Never fails the call forgive

Ever the Alternative

In the gladness that I find

Sin is madness I’m divine

Come to dream of His condition

From the meaningless we hid in

To establish more does motion

End old habits or it’s portion

On the border would I bring this:

There’s no order to His goodness

When I accept my role in this

Then I have kept His Holiness

Love goes on to mention free

Move from harm intention see

From a lie or in the middle of it

Comes disguised my willingness

Will I be exposed if free?

Still, I close my eyes to see

Can I link what really happened?

Was I thinking feeling happy?

See that there is more to this

Through the door can I forgive?

Awareness of His care begins

Where I begin there is no sin

Was not hard to end the fear

Tend to follow God’s Idea

If I’m with Him no conditions

Hidden talents known from within