ACIM Lesson 44 God is the Light in which I see

Hard was the night inflicted me

God is the Light in which I see

To favor wholeness can I attain?

A Savior knows His love remains

As to the guilt no lack of sin

I’ve gotten still won’t factor in

I am aware just when I’m weak

To show His care trust what I seek

I go within before come out

Let go of sin restore the Clout

Suppose a lie disordered me?

I close my eyes in order to see

Ending the prejudice stalls the outcome

Sending a new address: All no doubt One

When I accept everyone more

There is no debt memory restored

Ending the shadows falling behind

I know what matters All will then find

Taking the time knew of His Essence

With faith I find truly a present

Hidden in dark of night many are late

Within the Spark of Life can He create?

Who knew a blessing remains in kind?

Doing the lessons training my mind

Tend to regain in wholeness might

Ending the game, the Goal in sight

Hard was the night but if I’m free

God is the Light in which I see