Where is God?

God gave me eyes I want to see

It may be described as contrary

Got caught on hook to doubt His care

I thought if I could look “out there”

With any luck of hope to find

But many stuck-on ropes, the lines

A danger where? Can tell attack

Entangled there it held me back

In legal terms no rest, it shook

The ego steered as best it could

Built walls of fear to hide behind

To call it clear decide decline

In separateness the attributes

He wept at this ineptitude

Whoever said I should be sad?

For never was it good or bad

A poor design mistook the sin

There’s more to find a look within

To finally say that I am more

A kinder way can I ensure

Restore the light forgiveness bids

There’s more to life I hid from this

To rest from harm in peacefulness

A blessing calms the least of Us

Still could discover love will stay

For good of others uncover Way

Unbounded where there’s unity

I found God there in You and Me

God gave me two eyes I want to see

What saved me disguised alarmingly