Lesson 27 Above all else I want to see

To love myself no harm in Me

Above all else I want to see

Inside know why when I’m upset

Prioritize then no regrets

No fear of loss would I insist

It clearly costs should I persist?

The threat I see when torn react

Is better for me won’t form attack

 At present rate what I found out

Won’t hesitate on grounds of doubt

With open mind, have no idea

If hope is mine the Savior clears

Seek Higher Self I got to care

Weak by itself, it is not there

In action wise the task’s in view

No sacrifice is asked of you

But never late with Spirit’s help

Forever waits won’t fear my Self

If I’m in doubt lost to degree

Without a cost I got to see

In trust I ask to find His grace

Is just a task in time and space

One way suggests through walls of fear

Come say to Guest to call it clear

When stillness found no doubt explore

What will fall down without a cause

I could have budged relied on Help

Why would I judge this by myself?

It takes commitment not one without

What’s latent within to come about

The gift I sent does mention free

To lift again, attention, see

Still clearly helps to comfort Son

Will save myself years effort from

Harming myself no harm in Me

Above all else I want to see