ACIM Lesson 22 What I see is a form of vengeance

If I hate you seals in treason

Not too late to really reason

One whose torn believes in lack

Comes to form the deed attack

Packed with lies a bluff does stand

Sacrifice the Stuff that can

Trust the tension identify Cause

Just to mention when it is flawed

Sin of hate no reason sure

In the wait to squeeze in more

With One appeal begins a lot

The grief unreal a sinner’s knot

Was it fake? I called it but

Did I make it all up?

Can we see ahead of learn?

Fantasy a better term

Get to know what soon replaces

To let go makes room for grace

In acceptance pending sure

Once was separate ends in more

When will you see that this is so?

Then still agree what’s missing know

Is it your wish that truth be true?

Then who is missing? is it you?