Monthly Archives: January 2021

Where is God?

God gave me eyes I want to see

It may be described as contrary

Got caught on hook to doubt His care

I thought if I could look “out there”

With any luck of hope to find

But many stuck-on ropes, the lines

A danger where? Can tell attack

Entangled there it held me back

In legal terms no rest, it shook

The ego steered as best it could

Built walls of fear to hide behind

To call it clear decide decline

In separateness the attributes

He wept at this ineptitude

Whoever said I should be sad?

For never was it good or bad

A poor design mistook the sin

There’s more to find a look within

To finally say that I am more

A kinder way can I ensure

Restore the light forgiveness bids

There’s more to life I hid from this

To rest from harm in peacefulness

A blessing calms the least of Us

Still could discover love will stay

For good of others uncover Way

Unbounded where there’s unity

I found God there in You and Me

God gave me two eyes I want to see

What saved me disguised alarmingly

Lesson 27 Above all else I want to see

To love myself no harm in Me

Above all else I want to see

Inside know why when I’m upset

Prioritize then no regrets

No fear of loss would I insist

It clearly costs should I persist?

The threat I see when torn react

Is better for me won’t form attack

 At present rate what I found out

Won’t hesitate on grounds of doubt

With open mind, have no idea

If hope is mine the Savior clears

Seek Higher Self I got to care

Weak by itself, it is not there

In action wise the task’s in view

No sacrifice is asked of you

But never late with Spirit’s help

Forever waits won’t fear my Self

If I’m in doubt lost to degree

Without a cost I got to see

In trust I ask to find His grace

Is just a task in time and space

One way suggests through walls of fear

Come say to Guest to call it clear

When stillness found no doubt explore

What will fall down without a cause

I could have budged relied on Help

Why would I judge this by myself?

It takes commitment not one without

What’s latent within to come about

The gift I sent does mention free

To lift again, attention, see

Still clearly helps to comfort Son

Will save myself years effort from

Harming myself no harm in Me

Above all else I want to see

Lesson 26 My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability

To live it up no lack of thought

I’m giving up attack it brought

A shroud the sin to park within

Out loud begin no darkening

Know exact code of my Spirit

In attack mode shows I fear It

Sinful hardly feeling halts

Is the body really at fault?

Another look inside my head

Discover book of lies instead

In anger she persists in fight

It dangerously dismisses Light

Yet I’m free to realize yet

Regrettably denies eclipse

She hides in fear to pass the time

Decide to clear at last divine

A mess to keep the sin of blame

In restless sleep I think it came

Once awake to light depends

For my sake en-Lightening

Or suspicious of what I want

More to wish for be no harm

Sweeping up the dust of lies

We can trust and see disguise

When I seek those things on high

Won’t in weakness link a lie

Still no point lamenting world

Will anoint the dents and pearls

Now My song of care begins

I belong where there’s no sin

To look at ALL the Son suggests

Who took the fall for One’s distress?

Hardly missing out to find

Bodiless no doubt divine

Some can earn still hour save

One concern willpower aide

A living but a lack of thought

I’m giving up attack it brought

Sin a sieve to cease the game

In forgiveness peace we gain

Now unreal to want so much

How I feel no harm His touch

In my actions really get

Who attacks unreal the threat?

Looking at the face in mirror

It took grace no sin or fear of

To see the trapdoor cries escape

Agree adapt more lies my fate

Next time that I get upset

Better find with no regrets

One could ask to cope with harm

Comes to pass with hope is gone

To practice then the Son is clear

In acts that come from One Idea

With no disguise in me to question

I close my eyes to see the blessing

ACIM Lesson 22 What I see is a form of vengeance

If I hate you seals in treason

Not too late to really reason

One whose torn believes in lack

Comes to form the deed attack

Packed with lies a bluff does stand

Sacrifice the Stuff that can

Trust the tension identify Cause

Just to mention when it is flawed

Sin of hate no reason sure

In the wait to squeeze in more

With One appeal begins a lot

The grief unreal a sinner’s knot

Was it fake? I called it but

Did I make it all up?

Can we see ahead of learn?

Fantasy a better term

Get to know what soon replaces

To let go makes room for grace

In acceptance pending sure

Once was separate ends in more

When will you see that this is so?

Then still agree what’s missing know

Is it your wish that truth be true?

Then who is missing? is it you?