It’s really sad to doubt what helps

When feeling bad about yourself

Go back begin what comes across

To factor in what some have lost

Begins to end the sin I sense

I can attend to innocence

Way past the call to shake a stick

My task for all awakens it

Not worth it now the hurt is gone

I’m certain how with love goes on

The end in sight the bubble pops

Depends on Light the trouble stops

To mention why our love won’t lie

The tension high now is disguised

Was fake mistook but if I’m free

Will make us look so differently

To show again my care of Friend

You know would end aware depends

From what is cruel then will you see?

There are no rules when you are free

As One we march as two invites

What once was dark in you is light

The one way found no more a lie

The sun lays down before it rises

Still being One no doubt We three

The dream will come about you see

The ball can roll in right direction

What I call whole invites reflection

It’s really sad to doubt what helps

If feeling bad could hurt yourself  

The hurt is gone when it does cease

A certain bond does give me peace

For who’s in charge will follow Him

The fool’s at large still hollow sin

To show I give from what I have

I know I live the son is saved

Then sin a choice to know a dream

An inner voice shows self esteem

To call on Him won’t be in vain

We all begin to “see” the same

And if I need a word of help

Send in beliefs to serve myself

Believe in task remember bring

I need but ask for everything

From one of fear to linking love

Comes the idea I’m thinking of

I am aware that you belong

And If I am fair can do no wrong

But if its pain so steep with fear

It won’t remain to keep you here

For He decides with care you know

But if I’m hiding where’d you go?

Was really sad to doubt what helps

Now feeling glad about myself

In sin it brings the loss you know

With Him all things are possible

Aware it comes as you reflect

The care not done what do I get?

From what I give you always have

I want to live to know you’re saved

But if I’m hurting no dream can tell

The end is certain the means as well

I’m still aware that He depends

Will I “go there” to see the end?