What am I?

Who are worthy? Some do find

How to serve you comes to mind

Why to bother you’ve begun

See the Father through the Son

Now to live or call a dream

How to give it all it seems

Will accept just who I am

In His trust still know I can

My Intention some do ask

In dimensions comes to pass

Do I bring enough of Self?

Everything or nothing else

Knowing more of the ideal

To explore the love, I feel

God’s at stake unreal the cold

To forsake why? Really hold!

Still know how to break the spell

His Will Now what’s fake can tell

Whose suggestion is a lie?

Choose the blessing in disguise

I am merely reminded of

In no fear will find his love

Rusted door is hard to open

Trust restored to God has hope

In reverse begin to know

What was once so personal

Never minds or takes a toll

Forever kind, awaken Soul

Must we bail in doubt come now?

Rusted nails come out somehow

I might accept and let go fear

The rites of death won’t echo here

Intention bound the sin atone

Redemption found in Him alone

The blame to lift will free His gift

To change a bit still sees the shift

Invite His trust to free bar none

Insight discuss to see we’re one

Attend to Me to see on high

Identity can be denied

No sight or sound still deep in fear

The Light is found will keep you clear

Soon remembers to make room

Whose Agenda? Take up soon

For I have found through all the dust

That I am bound to You in trust

No harmful state but gladder lives

Goes unto Stage no matter gives

Is what one seeks then really old?

I am complete when feeling whole

You too deserve with love is how

Our use for words is over now