Lesson 351 My sinless brother my guide to peace

Begin discover decide to see

My sinless brother my guide to peace

I’m thinking harder about the One

To link my Father won’t doubt the Son

Now when its hard maybe it’s hollow

How then with God is wise to follow?

Is worth it see will flow again

In perfect peace still know I can

When I outgrew from fear’s confinement

Then no doubt knew of clear assignment

Down on my knees a healthy bet

Founded my pleas; not guilty yet

Alone and friendless no wonder see

Amend, Atonement goes under Me

I bless my brother deciding no shame

The rest discover, know I’m to gain

Believe tomorrow His power grooms

Through seeds of sorrow now in full bloom

Can I trust you to cope this hour?

Just then it grew the growth of flower

To let it go could be my passion

I better know He would not ration

Or free the harm in all of us

For we go on don’t stall the bus

To welcome love; outcome is free

Can tell it comes in doubt won’t see

More that I give about to find

Sure to forgive, no doubt is mine

Trust now in fear to say no more

Just how to clear my Way secure

Through many colors begin to see

You can discover divinity

To link my Father; too late to quit

I’m thinking harder: relationships

Sure to forgive, to save me find

More that I give, it may be mine