Lesson 344 Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me

Won’t fear the flaw or foster more

I’m clearly sure not lost to Cause

To the extreme you want to live

Within a dream can you forgive?

To ban the sin or can direction

I’m standing in a man’s correction

If packed with lies somehow it quits

No sacrifice; come now equip

 Remember bring someone who’s free

Then everything can come to me

It must be through Belief in It

My trust in you, receive this Gift

With One appeal hereafter known

Is what I’m really after gone?

To live in bliss was tough the war

Forgiveness lives to know much more

 Mercy kind at least acknowledge

Worthy find the peace of God Is

Attempt with grace the stuff of love

An empty place where nothing was

Know with hope crown mental dream

Row a boat down gentle stream

Worry free cause we belong

Merrily we roll along