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It’s really sad to doubt what helps

When feeling bad about yourself

Go back begin what comes across

To factor in what some have lost

Begins to end the sin I sense

I can attend to innocence

Way past the call to shake a stick

My task for all awakens it

Not worth it now the hurt is gone

I’m certain how with love goes on

The end in sight the bubble pops

Depends on Light the trouble stops

To mention why our love won’t lie

The tension high now is disguised

Was fake mistook but if I’m free

Will make us look so differently

To show again my care of Friend

You know would end aware depends

From what is cruel then will you see?

There are no rules when you are free

As One we march as two invites

What once was dark in you is light

The one way found no more a lie

The sun lays down before it rises

Still being One no doubt We three

The dream will come about you see

The ball can roll in right direction

What I call whole invites reflection

It’s really sad to doubt what helps

If feeling bad could hurt yourself  

The hurt is gone when it does cease

A certain bond does give me peace

For who’s in charge will follow Him

The fool’s at large still hollow sin

To show I give from what I have

I know I live the son is saved

Then sin a choice to know a dream

An inner voice shows self esteem

To call on Him won’t be in vain

We all begin to “see” the same

And if I need a word of help

Send in beliefs to serve myself

Believe in task remember bring

I need but ask for everything

From one of fear to linking love

Comes the idea I’m thinking of

I am aware that you belong

And If I am fair can do no wrong

But if its pain so steep with fear

It won’t remain to keep you here

For He decides with care you know

But if I’m hiding where’d you go?

Was really sad to doubt what helps

Now feeling glad about myself

In sin it brings the loss you know

With Him all things are possible

Aware it comes as you reflect

The care not done what do I get?

From what I give you always have

I want to live to know you’re saved

But if I’m hurting no dream can tell

The end is certain the means as well

I’m still aware that He depends

Will I “go there” to see the end?

Lesson 351 My sinless brother my guide to peace

Begin discover decide to see

My sinless brother my guide to peace

I’m thinking harder about the One

To link my Father won’t doubt the Son

Now when its hard maybe it’s hollow

How then with God is wise to follow?

Is worth it see will flow again

In perfect peace still know I can

When I outgrew from fear’s confinement

Then no doubt knew of clear assignment

Down on my knees a healthy bet

Founded my pleas; not guilty yet

Alone and friendless no wonder see

Amend, Atonement goes under Me

I bless my brother deciding no shame

The rest discover, know I’m to gain

Believe tomorrow His power grooms

Through seeds of sorrow now in full bloom

Can I trust you to cope this hour?

Just then it grew the growth of flower

To let it go could be my passion

I better know He would not ration

Or free the harm in all of us

For we go on don’t stall the bus

To welcome love; outcome is free

Can tell it comes in doubt won’t see

More that I give about to find

Sure to forgive, no doubt is mine

Trust now in fear to say no more

Just how to clear my Way secure

Through many colors begin to see

You can discover divinity

To link my Father; too late to quit

I’m thinking harder: relationships

Sure to forgive, to save me find

More that I give, it may be mine

What am I?

Who are worthy? Some do find

How to serve you comes to mind

Why to bother you’ve begun

See the Father through the Son

Now to live or call a dream

How to give it all it seems

Will accept just who I am

In His trust still know I can

My Intention some do ask

In dimensions comes to pass

Do I bring enough of Self?

Everything or nothing else

Knowing more of the ideal

To explore the love, I feel

God’s at stake unreal the cold

To forsake why? Really hold!

Still know how to break the spell

His Will Now what’s fake can tell

Whose suggestion is a lie?

Choose the blessing in disguise

I am merely reminded of

In no fear will find his love

Rusted door is hard to open

Trust restored to God has hope

In reverse begin to know

What was once so personal

Never minds or takes a toll

Forever kind, awaken Soul

Must we bail in doubt come now?

Rusted nails come out somehow

I might accept and let go fear

The rites of death won’t echo here

Intention bound the sin atone

Redemption found in Him alone

The blame to lift will free His gift

To change a bit still sees the shift

Invite His trust to free bar none

Insight discuss to see we’re one

Attend to Me to see on high

Identity can be denied

No sight or sound still deep in fear

The Light is found will keep you clear

Soon remembers to make room

Whose Agenda? Take up soon

For I have found through all the dust

That I am bound to You in trust

No harmful state but gladder lives

Goes unto Stage no matter gives

Is what one seeks then really old?

I am complete when feeling whole

You too deserve with love is how

Our use for words is over now

Lesson 344 Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me

Won’t fear the flaw or foster more

I’m clearly sure not lost to Cause

To the extreme you want to live

Within a dream can you forgive?

To ban the sin or can direction

I’m standing in a man’s correction

If packed with lies somehow it quits

No sacrifice; come now equip

 Remember bring someone who’s free

Then everything can come to me

It must be through Belief in It

My trust in you, receive this Gift

With One appeal hereafter known

Is what I’m really after gone?

To live in bliss was tough the war

Forgiveness lives to know much more

 Mercy kind at least acknowledge

Worthy find the peace of God Is

Attempt with grace the stuff of love

An empty place where nothing was

Know with hope crown mental dream

Row a boat down gentle stream

Worry free cause we belong

Merrily we roll along

Lesson 345 I offer only miracles today, for I would have them return to me

Fee fie foe fun!

Under this spell that’s just begun

Who’s still alive will go ahead

Truth from a lie will show instead

Am I worthy action starts?

On my journey back to God

Heaven is the place for me

Can I have His grace for free?

Found the lie but one can clear

Downside up from one of fear

On earth the fall of sin attacks

To serve you all begin with Fact

Least of all in meekness starts

Peace the call for seeking hearts

Not to measure glad to keep

Got the treasure that you seek

Somehow I learn that I AM free

From what I give returns to me

Giant steps with grace I found

Why I’m kept so safe and sound

Going faster in reverse

Who was last now comes in first

 Still a blessing say required

Who will rest this day is hired

Would not tarry in confusion

Could I carry the Solution?

But of old to feel the harm

What is cold is really warm

From the start won’t justify

What comes apart is just a lie

Merely should reflect it there

Could perfection clear the air?

Might improve love cannot falter

Light it soothes above the Altar

From the start to feel at home

What comes apart is really whole

Whatever needs to come is here

Will never bleed nor welcome fear

With love we can remain so free

The colors of the rainbow see

Might welcome in the rest of world

The light has come to bless this girl

ACIM Lesson 342. I let forgiveness rest upon all things, For thus forgiveness is given to me

A test the harm can I forgive?

I rest upon so more can live

A sin no more with love impact

A window door above can crack

Without the rush I thought of hope

I’m pushing forth the envelope

To free the gate the entry sure

Agree to wait to empty more

Was old imagined end of dreams

A holding pattern dependent seems

To yet ensure someone who’s free

A metaphor it comes to me

In nakedness I step right through

Embracing this acceptance too

But still, I’m free to reach the Door

When will you see the teaching sure?

To pave the Way can tell will fade

To save me from the hell I made

Still slowing down or comes to stop

I know is found the Son can knock

If more awake can cope this hour

The dawn is breaking open now

My angle dares to see much more

The Angels there they be at door

One step above the Threshold see

Accepting love, the blessing free

Love never hard, can’t ever falter

Forever God stands there at Altar

A sin no more with love impact

A window door above can crack

A test the harm can I forgive?

I rest upon so more can live

ACIM Lesson 341 I can attack but my own sinlessness, and it is only that which keeps me safe

To embrace begin with this

Keeps me safe in sinlessness

Clearly choice remember bring

Hear His Voice in everything

Comes as cross or say a crown

What was lost the way it’s found

Come and take me higher aim

I won’t ache desire pain

I know how to assist more

Careful now what I wish for

AS the clouds do dissipate

I won’t doubt you would I hate?

Walk together we are found

Talk of whether free or bound

When I’m with Him know much more

What was hidden shows up more

I am he on whom You smile

What I see in You required

Tenderness so dear and deep

Tend to this to clearly keep

Gift discover one does seek

Sister, brother is complete

To embrace begin with this

Keeps me safe in sinlessness

What is the ego (I too forget)

Some insight believes in kind

From the Light we leave behind

Choose to give then you will see

Who’s forgiven?  U n Me

Know that ego shuts the door

Shows what’s evil but no more

Is imagined clearly sense

In the patterns experienced

Impact of sin is one mistake

To factor in what comes with grace

Quick to bless acquittal clear

Littleness did disappear

To regret when will we see?

I do forget too frequently

Of certain worth to search My Mind

Love reverses the hurt in time

Whatever grew a lot of faith?

Is never through and not too late

 If Light I lack the Way remember

I won’t fight back this day surrender

But of course, what comes from Me

Cut your losses one is free

Unbounded grace at my command

Has found its place as something grand

When still the truth will never break

I will undo whatever’s fake

I am affected with but a thought

Go in direction of what it brought

On borrowed time I have no fear

The sorrow mine I am to clear

For we are One no separateness

In freedom some accept this Gift

But still I judge a hollow sense

When will I budge in tolerance?

Be not a fool to hymn of hate

We got a tool communicate

At last, we’re known in fellowship

Each task we own is well equip

To understand and choose to live

 Was in my hand to loosely give

For still the truth will never break

I will undo whatever’s fake

Scared no more of Wise Correction

Aware of Cause love cries perfection

Way of kindness knew of peace

May I find in you release

If I’m lonely heed to tension

What is Holy? Needs redemption

At the Altar Shrine of life

Cannot falter find the Light

To see we get what we decree

Do we forget so easily?

Conflict free and undisturbed

Come pick me I want to serve

To still believe and never guess

I will receive what I request