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Go back begin was but a thought

To factor in with what it brought

The more detect a Godly edge

To cause effect acknowledge it

In autumn peaks to fall a leaf

As One we teach what we believe

When leaves are gone the tree is bare

Relieve from harm we do our share

In present tense there is no fear

It represents what interferes

I must have got lost the sin I see

To trust a lot more begins with Me

We need to start to draw the line

Belief apart no more to find

To stop and quit calls in Solution

The opposite of all illusion

Pretension fails can tell who is free

Extend to all as well through Me

The ball can roll in right direction

What we call holy invites reflection

What comes from hate is more a trial

I can relate within your smile

Was two by two no doubt embarks

An Interview out from the dark

Within my task to budge and see

Begin to ask no judge in me

To see as One no doubt replaces

Freedom of Son outcome He faces

What’s separate now comes with a cost

Regrets is how the son got lost

There’s nothing new but you remain

If something grew to cut the pain

I can surmise begins with Thought

Was no surprise the winner caught

A look and see love’s reservation

What shook from Me a revelation

For I’m aware what comes from grace

The thoughts we share cannot replace

Won’t break apart in stillness grows

To take a part when will we know?

I’d rather know a wonder hold

To gather all, go under fold

I aim to find in you direction

A change in mind from new perspective

What cannot loose be here to find

I got to choose to clear my Mind

Within my task to face God’s creatures

I have to ask is faith a feature?

Then all things think reflect ideas

When on the brink detect no fear

I better know just what I am

To let it go trust that I can

To hear His voice so more can live

In this clear choice can I forgive?

I got to see of worth instead

Was not of Me to hurt yourself

For He that’s One has much to say

In freedom comes to us each day

Into the past how come reverse?

Who’s through at last now comes in first

So, take My hand the dance is free

I understand He answers me

With peace of mind no harm predicts

At least love find no contradiction

From what was taught on shaky ground

Come now a thought awaken found

A shame to see the sorrow in “sin”

 I aim to follow what came from Him

Last Judgment

Be not afraid of love my dear

Got to be brave enough from fear

To clear the harm somehow a sin

The fear is gone love now comes in

To budge and see I kind of halt

Is judgement free finding no fault

How tenderly the love I sense

I can see now above the fence

To sever too in blame hell comes

Forever truth remains welcome

The sin is bound it mentions free

In you I found what came from me

It is enough my lips will say

Comes from nothing slips away

Forgive the doubt it seems to me

To live it out so meaningfully

Can I curtail or trim it see?

It never fails what limits me

Will I embrace my sequel yet?

To fill the space the ego left

For I Am sure my worthiness

Does lie more than purposeless

As it’s expressed pretension free

A gift to bless extension see

Towards all would think love is found

Four walls put up bring them down

To show His power renders free

I know it now remembers me

Suppose I prove in arrogance

Opposes truth a narrow sense

I finally budge the pass is free

You’ll find at last no judge in me

I’m holding still to sever lie

Behold His Will never deny

Then am aware Power of Love

I do my share now with my Brother

Behold it there in sinlessness

To hold His care, begin with this

As holy is the Light in Us

If only I invite His love

In you is silence but does it keep?

Then through reliance go under seek

Must still be worthy, can I accept?

To trust His mercy will guide my steps

Lesson 308 This instant is the only time there is

With fervent heart the dance begins

The servant starts to answer Him

Without a death or power of fear

Can I accept what now is here?

To know or sense remain in kind

This moment that we gain in time

For my heart beats to hear His song

Where I was weak now clearly strong

Hid My appearance the love I stopped

Did I make clearance above the top?

Cause when I do get over hurdle

Sure in the truth the soil fertile

For each must find in kindness give

To reach past time to timelessness

Stuck in the middle one’s attitude

How much is little come Magnitude

To brag of sin then switch to save

A flag of faith from which they wave

Be careful friend perceive a lie

There’s no defense for either side

Who stands for reason beckons wise

 To ban the treason recognize

Would not agree to crucify

I got to see Lucifer lied

Some play the game of opposites

From what’s insane they lobby it

So used to lean or what was hollow

A muse can dream of love to follow

A piece of puzzle but do they fit?

In peace no struggle, what two are hip?

We snap them in to be complete

What’s happening is what you seek

A hymn of hate yet shows defiance

The sin abates it knows reliance

Will not persist when recognized

Still make a list then check it twice

See innocence yet know are saved

Be in a sense let go are brave

Begin to worry got in my Way

When in a hurry, a lot will stay

I better know, in stillness pass

To let it go it will not last

To sever blame facing the fear

From ever changing based ideas

Whenever harmed calling the bluff

I never wanted all that stuff

My soul invites a different view

The goal in sight when I’m with you

To suit at last my task to clear

No future past at last I’m here

In deference do we gain and find

With reference to a change your mind

More that I give this yet do I see

Forgiveness lives to set me free

Won’t stop the link the way to bless

To stop and think, may I suggest?

See round the bend end of the block

He’s found a friend, tends to the flock

To get my way still I’ve lost touch

Regrets will stay till down a notch

Averse to sin won’t blame the past

The first to win this game was last

Stronger are them who end the doubt

No longer tend to send it out

Then can I clear with love or not?

When I stand here above the crop

To learn again, it’s in the signs

The journey’s end begins to find

Is worth the power understands

We work with now, it is at hand

ACIM Lesson 307 Conflicting wishes cannot be my will

Why pick a lie the Son can see

I recognize what comes from me

Won’t seek to judge another weak 

Go deep in mud uncover feet

Defenses claim myself abandoned

Resentment came or so I fathomed 

Was senseless but did cause me pain

What represents no more to gain 

I can concede it boils down

To plant a seed in soil ground 

We’re sitting still now at the Table

As by Our Will how Its enabled

To the degree atonement of

Then I agree that I’ve known love

I comprehend, I can begin

Would not condemn or see a “sin” 

I do not give to get a thing

I want to live and yet it brings

I’m on the brink of innocence

The way I think from inner sense

What’s sacred there yet know It brought

Embrace the care let go of naught 

To clearly look I can go on

In fear mistook a sense of harm

The word forgive begins with for 

I heard we live in sin no more 

To serve the Lord dependent lives

The word forgive it ends with give

I know in meekness signs are sure

Let go of weakness to find the door

I reckon then a state of mind

To beckon when we wait in kind 

Before I die need mention more 

The more I cry the tension sure 

What’s clearly perfect matters know

She does collect the tears that flow

Than I am whole can tell I’m hip

It’s in the bowl well in the mix 

Without a doubt depicting more

From out of conflict we can be sure 

I will acknowledge the truth I seek

More than a body is soothing me

Some pick from lists has got to see

Conflicting wishes are not from me 

I am aware reliance see

Within this prayer so silently 

 Be one with God and in the peace

It is not hard, the sin does cease 

Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ

Her weapons drawn in face of attack 

Perception flawed based not on fact 

For most is built out comes the lie 

What comes from guilt of no surprise

Belief comes to market so enter it right

To leads us from darkness and into the Light 

It’s in Love’s extension I’m folding in kind

Know sin’s pretension I’m holding the line 

From our discrete bodies who is rejected?

Come now a God we greet to connect

Some of it guilt but still is disguised

Come what is built on a hill of lies

I made it still, yet know inside

To fade it will, let go, decide 

Her weapons feared were never fact 

Perception clear forever no lack 

To find the favor there might add

A sign of forgiveness, waving white flag

If I’m to give, come, wait and find

I can forgive from a state of mind 

Till I am sure now of my Vision

Will I ignore power of decision? 

Detection cares the Son I love

Reflect it there from One above

Forgiveness must be Way to go

You give this just by saying so

There’s more to life than lie’s detection 

I am going in a wise direction

No fear for it denies discuss

To clear the air or bite the dust

Belief in One to mark It right 

To lead me from the dark to Light