Monthly Archives: October 2020

Lesson 293 All fear is past and only love is here

At last with grace there stands to clear

My past mistakes were based on fear

When we address the lack of light

Then we can bless in fact invite

No harm in me, invite the truth

I want to see the light in you

To serve One Cause as I go on

No further cause for the alarm

I take a leap for His sake embark

What made me weak? Embrace the dark

Think to invite and do my share

Bring in the Light to show you care

What was of hate somehow the fear

At present rate one now has cleared

He draws a line to show a sign

The flaws I find are only mine

I can outlast my worry sure

Now that I am past primary cause

There is no sin can we remain

Care to begin ending the blame

The fear will pass we learn at last

So we can grasp eternal tasks

For we are One begin to sense

 Or see what comes from innocence

 Can I accept what I call to Mind?

He guides my steps so fall behind

Behold the Light within you shows

Was cold the night you didn’t know

What comes from love tends to appear

From God above pending the fear

Lesson 278 If I am bound, my Father is not free

If Son is bound then Father not free

What I have found you got to see

For in this message or its content

There’s a blessing when no harm sensed

Afraid instead of love know why?

I made my bed from one of lies

Now to embrace the Light that clears

Won’t cower in the face of fear

Be blind to sin it clears somehow

To find again the here and now

I’ve noticed too how cool it’d be

The body a tool; could we be free?

Still to fall in sin’s direction

Will I call in His protection?

To forgive myself and others too

Would give of Self to uncover truth

I am saved in Him, invite

Darkness, sin fades to light

Supposing now I kept His Wisdom

Opposing Power is death’s decision

Is my body a prison in disguise?

Then hardly living, realize

Could I balk at the lies found?

Want to walk on higher ground

The call to be whole invites reflection

Will the ball roll in the right direction?

Then some have found to the degree

What comes around you too will see

Then who am I to jail His Son?

When you and I won’t fail as One

What’s in your heart the depth of rate

What comes apart is not separate

Reverse direction comes to find

Was first a reflection in My Mind?

It never fails then my behavior

To be a jailer or may be Savior?

 A sieve the fear; if lonely why?

What lives appears to only die

And sad the rap of ill reports

Perhaps they lack the will/support

Forsaken truth I think it through

What makes me do the things I do?

But still I ache the link to Truth

I will not fake but think it through

A shame the way this girl ignores

Maintain the laws the world obeys

The link unbounded should be a lift

To think she could have found this gift

Tis fake the hook attend to Wise

To take a look at Book of Life

Be still I quit realizing there’s more

My Will not split the healing sure

No sacrifice to share His love

Know action wise the bearing of

My vote to trust and aims whenever

For both of us to gain together

In stillness cause affect the truth

I will explore the best in you

When I accept then come one fact

A step ahead but some step back

Next door you find is open yet

His laws not mine in hope we get

Let go somehow I often budge

I now know how I’m lost as judge

In midst of guilt her wish fulfilled

A wish to hurt persists until

I go within with One Idea

Let go of sin reject the fear

Designed to break up how I feel

Divine or made up now it’s real

To ache for truth, regret its loss

What takes two yet has no cost

To the degree of holiness

I want to see my role in this

Then will I bow to Holy Spirit?

I know somehow, I will not fear it

Fear and anger lead to madness

You’re endangered heed to sadness

I will snap a rubber band each time

Still come back to understand mine

To fear one’s certainty is foolish

Clear some hurt in me a cool wish

To live this then my life comes back

Forgiveness deprives the attack

To undo effects of loneliness

With you I’m set to atone for this

He will give me all the means

Still I live beyond the dream

I can answer now He begs of me

Comes a chance at our own legacy

Not in pieces if no longer falling

A lot increases with this strong calling

I am alive with love I’ve found

Can I survive above the ground?

With God I’m One no longer fear it

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I can will this link someone

In the stillness Kingdom come

See in you what’s always there

I know you too have fair share

Saying no to hollow sin

Way to go I’m following

I invite you out of the cold

With the Light no doubt, We hold

Call to link up two to clear

Walls I put up interfere

There’s no noise inside my head

I am poised to think instead

Perfect protection link up required

Work at perfection could I be quieter?

All the pieces thought were broken

Call on peace with words unspoken

It’s in my memory lasting truth

Allowing energy to pass through

If kept inside it’s bottled up

I step aside the throttle shuts

Be enlightened by the Gift I hold

What is frightening it can get old

Show the love that covers me

From above discover free

What flourishes from just One seed

To cherish it we must believe

In the circle of life someone has found it

The miracle suffices but comes unbounded

Older now and strong with wisdom

No longer would I hold Him prisoner

With no buts I trust it’s found

What was up must come down