Monthly Archives: September 2020

ACIM Lesson 254 Let Every Voice but God’s be still

To fear the “sin” what evil brought

I can’t hear Him through ego thoughts

Something to blame dependent on

Come think of gain ending the harm

Supposed to make room still possible then

What rose from hate dies; to blossom again

Behold the beauty without the thorns

It is my duty no doubt I’m torn

To realize I drink from cup

Is no surprise what I think up

To sense the split, the great divide

What’s dense is thick, forsake the lie

An ancient fight still knew you would

Fresh paint of white will do you good

To earn His trust now better know

You learn just how to let them go

The hour now has come to pass

For I’m endowed it will not last

I will obey the simple law

Put on display no sinful flaw

How I have sought and found despair

Now with a thought, unbounded there

To go inside and fend off fear

I close my eyes… and then my ears

I keep relying on the truth

In deepest silence come to You

It is our task to see more Light

The more we ask for; free advice

An ancient fight still you knew would

Fresh paint of White will do you good

To earn His trust now better know

You learn just how to let them go

In quietness I close the book

Requires that I take a look

What I found out presented here

It got drowned out when sensing fear

So does it help or does it hurt?

To love myself to know my worth

And through it all I can remember

Just Who to call? I am a Member

Remember choice is one of Will

Let every voice but God’s be still

ACIM Lesson 249 Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss

Begin the test or pass the time

What sinful gone at last I know

I care for more to send the gift

To find the door as I forgive

But more from that is the content

What comes to bat did I arm it?

I want to save and live in truth

From what I have I give to you

Won’t fear the Light for I am free

The Holy Spirit comes to me

From who to save many can say

When afraid come do it anyway

Where once I did see attack

I’ve now begun to take it back

And torn apart it made no sense

Did it start when I was tense?

I’m sure the way of love will bring

No more display the suffering

Was the fear so paralyzing?

I am clearly realizing it

Did I hurry my place in line?

Hid in worry a waste of time

Prayerful I’ve made request of Him

Careful now with suggestion

Come to Son’s mind to trust more

From the One Mind Your Just Cause

Why bother to learn the Truth?

Father I return to You