Monthly Archives: March 2017

ASFG BK2 p.68 Destiny

A door seeking clearly sense
More I’m peaking experience
Once aware I found His grace
I prepare a time and place

Rather picture Being approves
Manner in which do I choose
The sin of doubt relief I can
Within without no evil then

Next question am I whole
An expression of my soul
What I channel am I active
Love panel and in acts give

Destined free end at home
Blessed see men atone
Negate loss know you’re great
Creative forces motivates

No fight in me be one wish
Invite know and be equip
Glows perfected sin is few
So connected into view

ASFG BK2 p. 13 Day and Night

Say we might say we do
Day and night stay in view
Well we give to creation
Relative in relation

Who should enjoy as equal
Choosing good avoid evil
Shadows of the truth I give
Matters by my fruit I live

Hints I sense from outer spear
Difference no doubt or fear
Hidden when I seek the sinful
Figures of my speech as symbols

Spark a kiss all kids invite
Darkness that He did call Light
Say I’m through being foolish
Stay with you be a cool wish


Insults ignore might regret fight
Results of the law like begets like
Picture a heap of insults
Recently mixed reap results
No hope is deceivable
Elope be an eagle see
Haunted end is sadder
I won’t take advantage of
To rocket opportunity
Unlock I make room in me
To live in the now
I give I know how
Dependent explore
A friend lives next door
To think never passing
The link is ever lasting
A mirror wonder can then
Is spiritual understanding
Give birth to manifestation
Live worth in your imagination