Monthly Archives: February 2017


Bit by bit learn to know
But tripped up it burns ego
Then by noon is acceptance
Won’t assume an exception
All the while His direction
What defiles needs correction
But to grow a healthy soul
What I know of self-control
Light is on but no one home
Might I grow and then atone
Get boxed in can I face it
A disgrace the sin is toxic
Lower orders of no concern
No disorder one can learn
Could approve hold ever after
Would remove old disasters
Maybe see the poor choices
And be saved by the Lord voices
Doubt binds come to halt
Not without finding fault
A giant leap I can do
Seek reliance in you


I negate and know through wise
Captivate in you know why
Wont adulterate fall fair
Groom adult in us aware

Stay at home not on the streets
Weigh the power of my belief
At every corner that might lurk
Remember form of just deserts

Of my kinsman still a daughter
Love is willing really aught to
Ignore buts as is measured
Storing up is my treasure

Haughty eyes lying tongue
Naughty lies am I among
A correction his to win
Does direct or discipline

Got to keep in apple eye
God’s belief in clapping I
Acceptance in all seek
It kept Him in call meek


Where wrath meets decision stall
Where paths seek wisdom of all
In that understanding a virtue
One does stand end the curfew

Biting fingernails object know
Light it lingers tablet stone
But I’m kind and not meager
What I find does it linger

At the entrance gate I sit
By reentry groom my faith
From a savior got rebuttals
Son the way forth not seductive

Being soon know doubt of sin
Venus Full Moon outside window
Her persuasive way perturbs
Are pervasive words of hate?

A Savior awaits invite let in
Day was fading night set in
End in twilight girl or boy
That is why Light brings joy

Rose is grown light is aware
Close to home I’ll be right there
He is loud she is defiant
Be a crowd if we abide in Him

Understanding is your wisdom
Wonder in Him flaw derision
You are gladder see the dimples
Through a lattice being simple


I’m not hurting I can live
Brought forth work then I give
What you motion living on earth
Under an ocean given to birth

Sinful buts show up in you
In my gut know what to do
What Love took did I serve
None then crooked or perverse

It brought mess hate did begin
Thoughtless behavior is a sin
Listen worthy thinking clear
Wishing to serve link draw near

Raise my voice fall blind
Stay by choice sailing kind
I know to pick with care
A wicked man ensnares

Resting won’t sleep knowing may
Blessed those who keep my ways
With joy know ways to be pleasant
Rejoicing always in His presence

Decide to narrow and simplify
Pride and arrogance sinful cries
Sending messages clear affords
End in discretion fear the Lord

Death not keep me still alive
Keeper seeker will survive
Waiting watching won’t ignore
Faithful knocking with you more

Seeing mental should you aim
Being simple gaining prudence
When you’re foolish shameful wonder
Gain a cool wish understanding

By choice gather instead of silver
Boisterous saddens lead of Her
On the heights along the way
What is right strong to say

what is virtuous can It grow
In His wisdom and knowledge
like a birch tree lives it knows
Is decision that I follow

Conceive waves tend to speech
Cleave a savior gift bequeath
Understanding counsel now
Wonder can espouse the power

What is worthy can I govern
but to serve thee my brethren
Cruel fake flaws my disgust
Rules make laws that are just

More a pleasure can I leaven
Storing treasures up in heaven
Brute to letter unkind cold
Fruit is better than find gold

Showing peak through still above
Those who seek will you love
Since I’m noble I deserve
Being global rule the earth

What still remains then amounts to
Before the hills became a mountain
He surely knows deeds of old
The more I hold onto belief

To you power sinful to burn
Enter the now It Is eternal
Bestowing wealth those I love
I know of health bestow above

But my belief know I bring
What I yield flows like spring
Setting heaven marking in place
What I can leaven spark with grace

On the horizon facing deep
Show is surprising place I keep
Fixed securely sea is boundary
I pick more see I am found free!

Peaking through the Light
Seekers know what’s right
Working with no weapons
Hers is circumspection

develop Faith

The antics sin of hate
Why must you be so cruel
Dynamics of my faith
and with your trust I rule

In Faith clearly wait
A friendly smile in sight
Mistaken fear negate
To end the miles Light

To serve thee in the trying
Is worthy I’m not lying
Mistake is only an idea
His faith to know ideal

Too little approve the wise
No bitter the root surprise
What is my affliction?
But a cry is fiction

Discipline unpleasant
With Him is my essence
Clever who starts a suit
Never lose heart rebuke

I throw off detangle
My show Host an angle
Now depict the harmless
Fix your eyes on promise

Call conditions that I find
All are with Him not blind
When can I say a prayer
Again amen aware

Now free will come choice
How to be still one voice
Certain laws in motion
Surf to shore an ocean

Impact with Light to hold
And actually I’m quite old
My substance lives in faith
The love I give is great

And natural to my faith
I patch in full or wait
A mountain full of doubt
A Fountain runs come out

Hardly going through the motion
My body is flowing in an ocean
To serve I bought the now in full
Words and thoughts are powerful