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ASFG p. 102 Knowledge of His Presence

The more I am willing
Rewards my diligence
To swap the love divine
Who watches my behind?

In freedom become aware
That She will come to care
Truth commands the ages
Who will take advantage?

Accept I’m lead to find
As step by step designed
A sin the doubt and liar be
Within without anxiety

What matters can behold
The attitudes we hold
Self realize reviews
Health feel wise renew

And might be poised within
The ivy doesn’t poison
In Light you know belief
Invite to show clean leaf

Chase Light glow will stay
Grace might then show the Way
In the quiet of His presence
Is required send a blessing

What I mean God cares
So study and be brave
Got to see who you are
By His blood I Am saved

Not obscure so simplify
God loves more sin defies
Defy the harmful nerve
Rely upon His Word

Parched in sin is shameful
See the arches and rainbow
Are the Angels’ teddy bears
Detangled ready to share

Ended answers to the questions
But a dance I knew to bless Him
And by God I’m hardy fine
So alive in body mind

With care then come to pass
In the variation vast
To doubt I did not know
Come out and tell me so!


Forgive this moment Oneness Now
To sniff I know or sense aglow
It’s In A Play I know to wait
And day by day I grow my Faith

Begin to sense okay aware
His innocence or say a Prayer
basking dear to snap in Bliss
At last the Spirit of Happiness


New Year’s Resolution

Now great Is Light restore Faith to Life
Apollo I sought Energy follows Thought
A Duo We’ll thrive some sit in Unity
Will fuel our drives comfort with Beauty

Peace making skills the art of the deal
Awakened to Will One Heart is Ideal
hollow is extinct follow your instincts

Holes in subjective no value
Goals and objectives know how to
Will rest in God Am I Host?
Blessed try harder than most

Sense of humor spice of life
Hence attunement Light sufficed
I’m complete and whole
With concrete goals

I’m now among his blessed Guest
Power over tongue give it a rest
Communication to show and tell
With unification I know I am well

Mind His opportunity belong still
Kindness generosity strong Will
Worth the wait will suit you
Words of Faith over future

Reasonable purpose meaning all while confidant
In season work this gleaming smiling competent

ASFG: faith too

Blessed wait no dire find
Tested Faith I’m trying mine
Find I found ahead await One
I slow down in meditation

At peace is my Soul and finally
Pieces are whole no finders fee
A shame I doubted in the past
It came about was truth to grasp

Found my faith does It anoint
Not too late to wait on joint
My Eye open gleaming more
Wise and hopeful being sure

Due come clear got the loving
In some areas but not others
Help from beyond achieves
Freeing harm health is Belief

To say we can move mountains
The Way to live it counts then
With faith’s prescription on fire
Is Grace addictive purified

Tested faith a trying time
Blessed wait a sign to find
Slowing down in meditation
I belong no hesitation

An attitude can’t be kidding
His latitude and I am sitting
How useful I could then
be fruitful is pudding