Monthly Archives: December 2016

ASFG: Faith

Help unbelief gleaming more
Self cries relief to be sure
Derision miserable now I review
A vision visible out of the blue

How my doubting be in past
Now a fountain flowing fast
Vicissitude to see know wonder
Did He remove did you go under

Behaved with sanity adored see
To save His family more for me
Earning peace unkind is war
Earnestly seek to find reward

No doubt trusted free of fear
Was just about to see the clear
mental limitations are pointed out
Tenderly stationed anointed shouts

Help unbelief I sounded sure
What I achieve have found in Lord
To lift occult peace will clear
Is difficult at least still here

A shield of faith but love is real
Too evil hate of what’s concealed
I may not know where I am going but
A lot shows up with careful growing

ASFG Ideals

Abba Father then I’m Son
In His harbor just begun
Truth to call but a standard
Stupor falls but will landed

Would remove represents
Last one that matters stand
Could it be an improvement
Come to pass at command

Not so much with what I do
Has to do with motivation
Love is tough never through
Passing through no to hating

It suddenly becomes obvious
Smug you know a snob in us
To fiddle free the riddle care
A little here a little there

Farthest one rolls the most
The Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Time, space; finding patience
Kind is grace mind awakens

ASFG Know thyself

remember wicked no
stumbling block
members particular
humbly knock

truth deserves memory
then enough with doubt
brute perturbs energy
just shut your mouth

how come hardly ghost
Conceptualize Spirit
Now One Body in Host
To actualize healing

As for physical body
Is whimsical God frees
To dance is the question
You answer or bless Him

Truth be said can be true
Who I am and what I do
To the letter I’m thankful
Who is better then acquainted

know of worth

Among the stars and planets
What you and I are can’t quit
Dream there now take a look
Gleam my share of a skyhook

Can not hurt you wonder can
See it from a different view
Like a virtue understanding
Freedom of a sense renewal

In Him kept since I accept
What is now greet on earth
An inch by inch a step by step
How to grow sweet to serve

Stationed if I come to face
Know of worth no to sin
With patience run the race
Like a turtle goes I’m in

I am strong wise will buffer
For a song why do I suffer?
But in a snap I can forbear
Whatever happens I’m aware

What I give I get right back
Live it up with you in fact
Sun could rise or after dawn
Come surprise laughter forms

Till I give to you I earn
Still regrets do I discern
Amounts to more insight when
Count on it for righteousness

a trying time

Wealth in Him deed your home
myself interests need atoned
possess myself insane is anger
bless my health come back tamer

Golden bridges mention near
Holding grudges interferes
Is great knowing why instill
Through Faith always try my will

Matters proof practice fine
What I build or knock down
Attitude in acts is mine
I can humbly knock clear the frown

growth is good

Inner nature love our future
Ever gracious is His presence
In salvation now will suit you
Clever faces sin no sense is

Once aware Hope It should
In His care again embrace
Nothing else growth is good
What is staring me in face?

Wishing ever after gain
Inner sit He through out time
Missing laughter cry shame
In you pity too a crime

Does defeat agree amend
Why can’t I ever get it right?
Up a tree repeat again
Wise yet morever Light

benefit from experience

I will profit from mistake
Last of it know won’t quit
Dawn of my experience
Undo next fear I rinse

Why can’t ever get it right?
In the end repeat again
Realize yet know of Light
Is it sweet agree attend

Call of one am I willing
My belief amend to gain
All to come I’m brilliant
Cries relief from the pain

Is it worthy can I serve?
Lessons learned does it last
Blessings earn come to pass
So deserving is the Word

Not a loss I am aware
To the crosses we all bear
Wait on Him I make room
Is my patience opportune?

Next fear rinse I know why
My test is now be well
How blessed can I tell
Experiences too will fly