Monthly Archives: November 2016

trying to do good

Though born in captivity
Forlorn is inactivity
Men shout know they could
Went about doing good

Finding there still to show
What’s more forever try
Mind repair Will to know
Or moreover why

To balk a frown on empty
Irate in many orders
The gate had plenty water
I walk and found an entry

Entrance to the city
Water was first rate
Attention is within
Why order a worst fate

I fail again defensive
With walls and the fences
Pick grace and the amenities
Mixed race among the entity

To gain uncover veil
Two to one be your share
Maintain where others failed
Attain the unity there

In sin a savior stands
A shame the stuff of lies
Begin the native land
To gain because he tries

I may not get the answers
To stay a red-hot dance is
Pause in view to see
Is plausible agree

order out of chaos

In vanity remains denied
She claps then burns free
Insanity a claim to hide
Perhaps just learn to see

IN memory often missed
Go after to please us
A heavy shoulder to lift
The Master is Jesus

Drawing upon great I AM
Glow of Light to generate
Ensure charm rate I can
Know of Love venerate

Prayer meditation
His Trust endures
Aware of temptation
Discusts are flawed

Adverse thoughts retard
No evil then here
Reverse taught of God
Deceitful is fear

Look girl there rubble
To stand clear the way of
Took a world of trouble
Command here pray love

As I pick tender Truth
It’s in the mix and menu
Now point the Way out for us
Bring order out of chaos


Heart of the matter now in review
Starting in me gladder in you
Perspective of harm suspend
Reflective of the consequence

Not a lot clear when ripped in hell
How I got here the chips just fell?
Lost again son often at cost
Host of One who is my Source?

Just when something not right
Trust that one brings the light
rap sheet burner lever is shut
A happy learner never gives up

Sinful blind the hell you send
Criminal mind telling expends
Soon you are at last again
Moon n star do pass as friends


God’s mercy is forgiveness
To soften awareness
I curtsy to live in bliss
but I’m often careless

I learn in fact I know it
How easy we forget
Returning back fast forward
Now please begin to set

I’m trying to attempt
what’s latent with desire
not dieing to exempt
of late again required

At One is His position
Decree I am in grace
A sunny disposition
I see I can embrace

takes effort

Wealth in Him deed your home
myself interests need atoned
possess myself insane is anger
bless my health come back tamer
soften with Light sincere efforts
often invite wont fear leopard
what is your first reaction selfish impulses
but I reverse impact from health wish in us
Angle through His Joy gives out
stranger to destroy the doubt
Frogs hop over never go wrong
Logs knock over forever strong
Consider your Source of supply
One with Her mostly know why
With a proper mental attitude
Rock you pension gladder dude
Matters proof practice fine
Attitude inacts is mine
Bended knee Love of Self
Attend to me Mother helps


With consistency we reform
With Him wish and see reborn
Not finding fault I hesitate
Divine in thought pleasant rate

Have to greet succor assistance
Proof procession I decree
I help meet secure conditions
Through confession I’m at peace

I follow God along the ledge
Through with hate and the abuse
Not hollow hard again acknowledge
Repudiate what is not useful

Lies will wise up I’ll not falter
Of what is dead to show undone
The fire will rise up from altar
For I am led to know Of One

Divine in thought pleasant rate
Would he agree to perfection
Not finding fault I hesitate
Could this be projection

Offer sanctuary from conviction
Cry to wake up comes a calling
Often yearning I am with Him
I will break up what’s appalling

Prince of Peace (Edgar Cayce)

When we fall or loose our being
Many called few chose to listen
Sadder soothe or wanted Bliss
Gladder mood -> creativeness

The lonely never yet is through
I only want to get with you
Forsaken what amends this girl
Waking up to end this world

When I’m standing on the ledge
Could not breath the air was thin
Of commandment what was said
Would not leave the care within

All into order wanted to do
Fall abort the harm is through
Pain in my back threw out pearls
Insane is lack max factor Girl

By defeat sore know of pain
My relief Lord knew His Name
I break free think more at ease
Truth awaken link Of Peace

Days of life did what was right
When I failed I hid from Light
Failed to lift the hurt through care
Talents and the gifts were there

Acknowledge God she trusted lots
Dodge the bullet or just got hot
Of the threats what I see there
A neglected matter cares

I mention hugs and then I bet
A gentle tug again I stretch
Since I agree with Love follow
Prince of Peace faith not hollow

decide Peace

Soul of giver caring waits
Holy to live aware of faith
Will that matters at least
Still I gather talk of peace

Use what I know accept One
Useful but I show exceptions
I am gladder realize at least
That he matters decide peace

Neat how I’ve yet to live
Hosting the next condition
Sweet now that I’m a giver
Not lost to recognition

Palace of kings or a circus
Power I bring I work this
To cleave in what is royal
Even during turmoil

Warnings were writ on the wall
Was sworn in won’t quit or fall
Then we should just understand
Doing good much wonder can

Return to start begin think
To burn in dark is sin on brink
Would wager I think He is brilliant
Savior could bring on the talent

Would I trust worthy is more
Could I just curtsy and ignore
Love to bathe in light now sin
Colors fade then bright again

find as I think (Cayce)

Not a loss to the moment
Sin a bungle to reverse
The cause of my Atonement
Inner humble I review

I instill and understand
My will is at my command
Produce fruit glad to see
Won’t seduce you flattery

His occupation in fear ignores
Yells and fights as he protests
Misapplication spiritual laws
Hell might find manifest

Health now taught a tool to use
Self go by in thought and mood
Body and the mind connect
Kinder and I’m hardy yet

Through unity He wept denial
Attunement see accept decide
Second sight a super sensation
Recognize recoup Our Nation

The clouds or sun I can forecast
How fast become at last is One
A dream vision worth more about
To deem decision word of mouth


Clear as the sky but hollow is sin
Here now know why I follow Him
Seeing my vision outside the box
Free of derision I can out fox

Seek a safe harbor love is relief
Meek can escape horror and grief
Care that I leaven accept I am kept
Stairway to heaven is step by step

Won’t be so hard fellow acknowledge
A proper concept or stepping-stone
Hard-boiled yellow I follow lead
Only a robber quits accept unknown

Sprit selfishness a show clown is sin
Within well wishes go round again
It’s not hard to acknowledge sin
But is Of God I’m following Him