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Edgar Cayce: King David

What else is new and then goes wrong?
Our wealth approves I can go on
Accept I’m shown I humbly knock
A stepping-stone or stumbling block
My soul on purpose clever to Son
I sow or make worst whatever comes
A lie arrested but I am saved
I’m tried and tested by faith
Vcissitude and then I’m free
Do you approve or do you see?
Suffice begin with Love agree
The Christ within discovery

Third Color Yellow

What I ask I dream
Learning of the Law
Lasting love I gleam
I’ve eternal Cause

Ever after honey
Infinity itself
Ever lasting bunny
Inner see my wealth

Answering the now
I have work to do
Hands to the plow
Won’t desert Truth

Begin to experience
I will call my task
And the sin you rinse
I wont fall on my ass

I go round again
Swirling like before
And no frown amen
Girl’s insight explore

Passing through yet
Seeing what’s above
As to the effects
I agree with Love

I’m okay next dream
Of the Word love fellow
Out of chaos gleam
Her third color yellow


Explore and thank Him embark
Got in my way but I go one
Draw a blank within the dark
Shades of gray brought nuance

Kept green light aught to know
Sinner harm sub consciousness
Seen left to right a port of call
Inner charm love’s harmlessness

Affirmative to bless and wait
To learn belief why hesitate
Through faith become priority
It’s great among variety

Seeking Truth get it lots
A can do acknowledge more
Peeking through connect dots
Loving you I follow Lord

Second wise no thought
Time in your hands find
Recognize now taught
Kindly understand signs

In His arms Faith from
Strong gratitude discover
Promise wait come
Wrong attitude smothers

In Her care Meditation
Till in you The Way
Inner prayers dedication
Will I do as I say?


In Him can I remove hate?
To sanction the love of man
What’s hidden illuminate
I’m thankful to understand

A sin sense or hesitate
The hour we all agree
To influence I meditate
What’s ours is victory

Each step can be measured
Ending sin or I curtsy
He kept what’s my treasure
Conditions cry for mercy

Might bring one intention
Foundation of splendor
Town Nation extender
A kingdom resplendent

12 pairs of cranial nerves
Tell how fair remain to serve
A Tree of Life with 22 paths
Agreee the light lift plenty wrath

heard it through the prophets

One bread body solemnly swear
Be lead by God no qualms here
Stay with Hope’s influence
Way is open in knowing

Caught on fences harm is through
Thoughts and senses honest true
In 5 races Crown is king
No disgrace in what I bring

Free falling you are saved
In acceptance experience
He’s calling you be brave
Sin neglect fear you rinse

Belief can impart the Way
Will guide you into Heaven
Feeding Lambs as God says
I won’t hide from brethren

Not to shelf seeker’s rather
So the Word in you can profit
Show Of Self meekness gladder
and I heard it through the prophets

Bless Thought

A blessed thought worry reverses
Stress be put sincerity of purpose
Sore what perturbs irrevocably
For what to serve clearly notable
To look I budge and kept the vow
Mistook I judge accept the now
One’s free of nerve mild become
Come see I serve the child a son
A tapestry worldly can’t fit
I clap n see earlier myth
Of what is solemn now bash
But was a column bow rash
Of love I’m zealous have faith
I’m over jealous now wait
The knot is strong a sting of lack
I got it wrong can bring it back
Gifted cares It can connote
I lift a prayer and I have hope

A Sticky Post

When can I boast glad I Am saved
And up to date I think of One
Not what I lost but as I gave
I meditate Thy Kingdom come

A pick me up embark I know
I fill the Cup dark matter know
Will stop hate A Search for God Is
It populates the work acknowledge

A trick not lost His ship appears
Will breaking in attend to Peace
Equip of Cause invite worship
Still waking then Amen increase

I bail the snow a door shut opens
It lifts the fear so Light can surface
Won’t fail to know assured hope brings
On sticky posts write with purpose