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ASFG V:1 Understanding

A dollar down
or a few pennies
On common ground
I knew Of many

Live let Be
Beyond Reason
Forgive set free
Free harm treason

Mystery Of Life
Creative Forces
History sufficed
Rebate losses

Craziness complex
butt I’m on the fly
Laziness come fix
what do I apply?

Sending pretenses
Conceive all instead
Mending the fences
A needle with thread

Emotional conflict
Aware interferes
Ocean is calm fix
Sharing Ideas

Ending war Peace
Again cooperation
Tenon and mortise
Attend Operation

Rehearsal renew
Cursing a barrier
Lies escape dark pit
God’s great Market

Tool Am I gleaming?
Inch here work this
Cool but a dream
Sincere purpose

Prayerful upright
Careful cut fight
Wonder can then
Some understand

I birth myself

My unique gift
Unearth wealth
I seek to lift
I birth myself
Desires from
Emotions go
I hire One
An Ocean flows

A hook unto a line
Clever what I bury
Mistook unkind
Ever AM worthy
In grief I learn
Any of the problems
I’m pleased to learn
That He can solve them
Can lift the weight
Shoulder relief
A Gift of Faith
Hold unto Belief
I missed His face
Let go fear Of
Amiss disgraced
Next know dear Love

I can enjoy
More of Cosmos
Am I annoyed?
Or a snob know?
what is hard
I saw God through
be more reward
that I got too
Wellness find
I did attend
the hell I bind
a bid to cleanse
Hot and bothered
Send in meekness
I got my Father
I can seek Bliss
To air a panel
what matters weigh
Through Care a Channel
I’m glad I’ll stay

I Come to Life

Foster Influence
Clearly God sees
Spirit of my body
But I bar Link
Will establish
Of Mars first think
Stillness of habits
Deceiving a sin
against the clouds
Breathing with Wind
Enough Allowance

Sinful to blame Love
Trouble no surprise but
In and of the changes
Bubbles they rise up
I hang in there
My way back home
The language cares
Weigh impact known
Speaking of the mouth
comes in comes out
Leak or sprout
the sin of doubt
Carefully attuned
In patience great
How dare dung doom
In tribulation wait
Crappy when I grope
In time with patience
Wrapping in a cloak
I find my Faith comes

Consumption in fire
hid I did not know
Assumptions or desires
A lid unto the Flow

but a wheel the patterns
Live in Center know
What is real imagined
A River gently flows
A Piece of the Whole
who is the better
Peaceful behold
end the regrets
do the cross well
Behavior endowed
The losses compel
A Savior now know
Clear His mission
The Savior within
Fearful or with Him
the wages of sin

My Mark in you and some reflect
whenever free or some disguise
the darkness through I can reject
Remembering Me I come to Life

Edgar Cayce Lessons from our Past

Straying or saving can I choose?
Spiritual Aspect higher develop
Having my own way am I confused?
Clearly outlast Fire envelopes

Kindness fills and doubts no one
Time standstill may be outcome
Will call choice my Spirit speaks
Still small voice I hear when meek

Think of talents end insulting
Sinful to dam hardness condemns
Link up challenge how to bolster
Impulse to go in as God commands

What’s up to date do I dedicate?
Separateness which part of Whole?
And with no buts will I meditate?
Try to repair stitch up the holes

Longing to know what can I bring
A stepping-stone or stumbling block
Accept atonement I humbly knock
Song won’t quote it but I can sing

As to your gifts move on condition
Mistook a few and then I Am hot
Passing in the stiff competition
Wont’ look in you for what I got

Here on Earth learn of emotion
With a frown I now have a scar
Clearly serve to earn promotion
Sit down now and have a cigar!

Ending drama soul free remember
After God’s heart is girl’s pick
And with great honor Holy render
Not a part of a world that’s sick

Wool of my sweater lonely selfish
Hard headed can’t get anywhere
Pulling together can I assist?
God lead Him and She cares

Freeing harm tuck in worry
Add to what is won’t undermine
Beauty or harmony is a luxury
Lasting bliss wonderful find

Truth at what cost
but finding his girl
Proof in the Host
I’m blind to world

Madness a problem a lost cause
Really let go know it can pass
can He solve them cost of war
Serious yet know I can laugh

oversensitive then do I question
End the hurry that bands direction
Then with love can give a blessing
When I’m buried I can’t correct it

Known above there’s no losers
Trustful aware that I’m okay
Of your Love won’t be a user
Justice loves the fair play

Charming One could I be glad
Till I find It or what’s unreal
Karma comes with good and bad
A silver lining loves the Ideal

But agree my task as heroine
What to gain a coincidence
Comes to past the error sin
What’s to gain or influence

Am I lame or have hell wish
cold and cynical is callous
But insane to be selfish
Folding simple do allow Us

Gleam of light glow Of match
Overdone can be outdone
Being right let go attach
Love of One agreement Son