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System of thinking (Percival)

mighty and menial
adored then despised
Light in or deceivable
at war is a lie

soon in thy wealth
borrowed is enough
dooming my self
sorrow is to suffer

depends on season
stranger to yourself
the end of reason
to gain or to shelf

you can be known
with Him is wisdom
who’s on the throne
hidden from vision

aligned or at least
pitfalls trust remains
divine or a beast
its all just the same

as to my senses
body to mind
what represents
largely to find

feeling so alone
on brink can be taught
I really can atone to
think without a thought

bound into nature
pretense is to snatch
fond can await truth
then I can detach

with clouded thoughts
then how can I reckon
now can’t be bought
but I can beckon

what makes me crazy
bleeding to death
not fake or lazy
need to disconnect

sin often guest
leading to burn
in my distress
believe I can learn

beginning with joy
end of my trouble
in sin I destroy
dependent on rubble

in persecution
or greatest joy
see Her solution
fate of this boy

wrong in the slavery
show them the Way
longing for bravery
knowing I’m okay

when I clutch
doubt I’m fluent
just how much
outside influence

aimless in turmoil
sin remembers me
as gain is to royal
in serenity

what you can build
can also come down
not until
let go understand

reborn now see
steadfast and true
formed in fallacy
lead fastens too

got unique command
blowing in the wind
not completely random
I know I can win

desire begin to know
depends on my order
fires that kindle
send in the water

Seven Seals

First on the white horse
Bent on my conquest
Bursting Of Light Cause
Rendered to bless
Really fear how come
Endeavor behoove
Sealing in now One
Forever is Truth
Hard work perseverance
Essence finds Grace
Got to serve clearing
Patience time space

Second agree Peace
Wave a Red Flag
Reckon to free least
Savior can brag
Buffering belongs
Neptune is mystic
suffering She’s strong
attuned equipped
I fought disorder
Collateral damage
One fourth can order
attitude can manage

Third on a black horse
Await Faithful fellow
Words come back of course
Grateful is mellow (yellow)
Sad why in acts this
Danger about me
Bad diet practices
Anger immorality
When I Am humble knock
Manna from heaven
End of the stumbling blocks
Manner is pleasant

Fourth in one quarter
Why bliss is perfect
More when I order
Thymus detects
daring I can’t see
moot call of worth
To care with charity
fruitful to serve
Thorn in my thick skin
of the hate shun
Born of no fiction
Creator’s Son
Think of One smarter
Thy Will be done
linking love martyrs
Until I’m one

Shock of a gift mine
better to purge
Chakra in fifth line
Letters to Word
Finding on high voice
when I am blue
Behind my Thyroid
Ending in You
Waking I may fill
Loving look cries
Shaking I stay still
The Book of Life

Pillar of lot serve
6th Center grows up
bull of a mocking bird
to enter no one shuts
With golden Indigo
Friendly Pineal Gland
I told the sin to go
its appeal won’t stand
Previously called trial
bothering my psyche
Cleave us all the while
Father does invite me

Heaven’s real the violets
Inside you hence Her
Seventh seal don’t violate
Provides  Golden Censor
See with my third eye
His Will rely on
Free as a bird I
sit still in Silence
to rumble asked why
service for His sake
Peels thunder flashes sky
On Earth an earthquake


lama is a sage
in full spectrum
harming does age

centering reliance
agility master
enter into Silence
ability Im after

not mysterious
dead weight some
gotten fearless

known I face
rusted I quit
throne of grace
just who can sit

thought Of Christ
offers protection
ought to suffice
soften detection

open the door
thy kingdom come
hoping for sure
I’m linked to One

see I got brave
tweaking behavior
I’m not afraid
seeking Savior

hate is a liar
cold as a stone
take in desire
control my own


truthfulness honesty
desires to do right
proof call harm free
inquire of the Light

learn from errors past
at most fear is mental
burn come terror fast
atmosphere sentimental

service good will
more of it answers
surface stood still
moral advances

lost on the brink
allurements are weak
I am forced to think
assured meant I seek

a thought must be balanced
encumbrance won’t interfere
it brought in my talents
less of a number is my fear

supplied I acknowledge
end the attachments
applying knowledge
mending I patch men

fond of impact
strength in a purpose
confidence in action
thankfully will surface

deceivable a measure
showing is enough
hedonist of pleasure
lets go when its rough

a quitter is preoccupied
so please volunteer
but with Her knock I cry
to ease doubt end fear

ready to roll no lack his
belief royal render me
steady control practice
seed soil tenderly

is mental a portal
I make a claim
a temple immortal
trial abstain

both side now

what makes me sick
May I remember
but was my pick
may I surrender

relegate strife
insanity trials
celebrate Life
vanity’s denial

sinks like stone
I lay to rest
pink I’ve atoned
say I am blessed

to kid won’t accept
all linger you know
what little is left
all things must grow

Soul is apart
who left Who?
Holy my heart
You’re kept too

harm on menu
In you I clear
gone then is through
the sin is fear

blown in the breeze
where do I start
known sin to cease
careful with heart

deepest hurt ounce of lack
a bluff to see a battle
seek His worth bounce back
enough to be in the saddle

match factor

knowing my shadow
ending some fear
bows and the arrows
men will come here

and in the mean time
tough breaks the doubt
sending a lean kind
what makes me fat?

showing the nerve
broken his staff
knowing to serve
hoping I laugh

tool be a blessing
God fond of this
cruel is oppression
hard bondage is

Guest of tomorrow
captive they were
rest from the sorrow
rapture day here