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Thinking and Destiny (Percival)

brink of doubt negating bought
emotional feeling that is flawed
motion calls what’s real is more
to think without creating thought

I strike out to stand again
in this detachment from object
my might shouts I can Amen
unattached befriends subject

chilling defeat wish suffice
to clearly think I realize
willingly meet conditions life
experience exteriorize

what obscures your obstacle
desire a control re train
what’s more knock to know
requires men let go remain

Blessed Be no more is sin
clear make room no harm intend
My destiny and origin
cheering gloom in confidence

decide enough and that is why
I am hardy the Link is Truth
outside nothing satisfies
not a body but a thinker doer

to bless I show my genius
I’m fond of what it bought
accessible I gleam of this
how honest are my thoughts?

His Essence percolates
get coffee and a filter
present life thoughts circulate
set to soften or to wilt Her

Elbows touch and then endow
letters set the dice I roll
what a rush I can bestow
better yet advice control

consistence not of wrath
I trim the cruelty
not a list but on a path
no limits but a duo

forgiveness rate wants better
yet know abounds One fact
figure eight haunted regrets
what goes round comes back

meet I should watch your back
but hid and balked on border
discreet could I wash of lack
did He walk on water?

ACIM: right mind

sight find within
what is his fear
right mind begin
dust dissappears

chilling bliss agrees
pleasant rate true
Willing this see
resonates for you

On creative levels
errors are healed
hate it dishevels
the terror is unreal

ego trips up
won’t be wrong
believe all hip but
doesn’t Light belong?

ahead I give
unbounded great
the negatives
unfounded hate

fudged a few the walls I built
I’ve blown and sent the sinful
this bud’s for you my call until
Atonement is the principle

useful form of denial
deny destructive potential
abused deforms a smile
constructive mends the lies

within a cry with you I get
maybe you need a little help
to simplify I do accept
saved me whittle my wealth

this body suit can not earn
devil queer the hate i find
by God renewed amen I learn
level here is creative mind

lower order of concerns
no slaughter of the burn
to grow a healthy soul
I know of self control

unreal how mess and worries
what defiles misdirection
healing now is necessary
all the while His correction

lessen harm

Inside don’t be selfish
To get a bit of attention
Need I merely mention
Lies of hell embellish

Toys of sin atone facing
Then the harm abates
A noise alone wasted
Can I just concentrate?

Sift to suffer sacrifice
Anyway to run your life?
Gift discover backing wise
Men His way sufficed

Forever try the wind blows
The lot is designed unique
Endeavor cries no sin sow
Seek not find outside Self

Angels bless Him sad abuse
not been had but blown a few
An angry investment bad excuse
When I Am glad than so are You!


Belief intention
Escape embark
Evil does mention
His faith is dark

Problem recognition
Ignoring it too fast
Solving next condition
Exploring you can last

won’t balk I curtsy
What I face not hard
I walk upon this Earth
But for grace of God

Memory come got hip
Can I read and right?
Everyone’s lot in life
What is clear insight

Know hope is deserving
And no longer hurting
Throw open the curtains
My worth in the serving

Then no reason to fear
I’m on fire discover
And in season real
What desire uncovers

Tool know everlasting
Comes with a price
Fool never dies
Is cool clever Guys

Rock does cry my Name
Preoccupied a shame
I know I’m found instead
What’s going round my head

Dreams be true call
Such is thought
Glean renewal
Much is taught

Love for all trust grew
but extreme the fear
Discover call renewal
What’s between my ears?

Bodies still you are great
In weakness knows his sin
God’s Free Will waits
Seek to grow from within

Faith Love Trust

One Voice Now knew
I take out the garbage
Come choice face value
Your faith acknowledge

Fall to ground rise again
The Spirit of What Ever
All the lies bounded sin
No fear begun endeavor

some of lies regret
Just what is pleasure
Son rise sunset
Trusting in is measured

To imprint I polish
Great to know a smile
In you hints acknowledge
Eight road all the miles


A dabble won’t start
He’s clever, increase
Establish His Heart
Forever won’t cease

Will Of All boy Of least
Fill up call Joy and Peace
on the Ground elope Above
I have found Hope and Love

Hour that I love the most
Awaiting consolation
Power of the Holy Ghost
Patience His elation

Know why My Belief
supply every need
Is hip He means aplenty
Phillipians 4:20

last call Wonder Man
riches in Glory
pass all understanding
what hitch? Joy is free

preserving Us from evil
desert or believe fall
Even Steven never sure
Believing in Ever more

Adored and You know why
door to Truth not hard
like minded glorified
Sight find Ever I

multiplied to show
face call a pleasing Life
A bolt applies I know
Grace Lord Jesus Christ

Dance directions
One to stay
Advance directive
come His Way


turning other cheek
love’s intercession
earning Love I seek
discover a blessing

what’s situational
next fear you rinse
again the gate unfolds

Claimer persistance
in the precarious
flame of existence
sin is vicarious

benediction has meaning
discover you’re kept Son
better than fiction deceiving
recovery Of no weapons

can we just agree
than in trust I see
One is sent

sitting in agreement rank
Sure when We can vote
hitting a degree I thank
and I end on high note

i do believe
help my unbelief
no iota of doubt
comes about i loose connection
some shout choose next to him


in for long haul
doesn’t He belong
sinful wrong call
wasn’t She strong?

brink of grief
hating untrue
Link I heed
waiting for You

no loss inside
no force inscribe
I restart by
partnering up

lift Love need mention
least effort backing
Lift up Intention
Peace Factor In

Chest is expanding
violation fight
Blessing when I can
Vibrate The Light


silver and gold divine we grow
Will that we hold kindly free flow
hollow adversity is a choke
harm senses weapon’s of brutes
follow reverse and see growth
consciousness perception of truth

negate forsaken blind
find reasons be joyful
await fate assigned
forlorn it ages look

a treason then is null
the hate I cannot find
in season boy is full
await fate assigned

Thumper hops you know
something nice or nothing
overcome obstacles
come bring ever something

forlorn ages look
find reason be joyful
torn pages from Book
in season a boy’s full
to bump obstacles
Thumper hops u know

the Promise I’m holding
what’s harmless is golden
let’s protect innocents
yet perfect inner sense
(the proof in the pudding
aloof who you kidding)

at last freedom come
opportunity knock more
to grasp we are One
rocking I Am soon restored

not long in Jericho
walls tumble down
belong whether we know
All on humble Ground

a tool to find
I rule my mind
assignment is no bother
unbounded Love Of Father
hate a sin my sorrow
awaiting Him I’m borrowed

abiding in His presence
not just I’m feeling down
deciding free in Essence
what’s real must be found

I lift to move a finger
decide I must be Host
A Gift inside to linger
Inside the Holy Ghost

water into Wine
but know best
Order we’re divine
inner Gut confess

sin side might marvel
wasteful soon extreme
Light add unto parcel
W/ Grace fold A Dream

prudent worth whenever
Who then works together
Numbers and the cense
humble gives percent

A Story that I wonder
adored Thy Kingdom come
His Glory in the thunder
The Lord thy God is One

In time space patience
link hurt know kept
Find Grace elation
Her worth perfect

must discuss with Him
fill blank on a line
who to trust within
thankful I’m divine

panel of admiration
of no significance
channel cooperation
know dig you seek Him

Vibhuti like Ashes
insight my Glory
debut might ask
I like that story


Sun rise some sit down
in capture enrapture
that won’t let you down
Take captive my thoughts

won’t compare to death
No sorrow Care shows
I am aware and accept
What’s borrowed there goes

The Courtesy when weak
My Heart is equipped
To curtsy then she seeks
I start and won’t quit

Deceivable existence
Close lids of eyes
Viva Love’s Assistance
My bid then my cry

With Luck ahead
of competition
I tuck you in bed
Love knows I’m with Him