Monthly Archives: May 2016


one roll suffice
or on right track
control your life
no harm fight back

we all have troubles
we’d rather abort
my call is humble
I have support

when will I enjoy
to gain I seek
I will not avoid
the pain and grief

patterns temptations
habitual crimes
I’d rather await Him
equipped is divine

knowing discover
sensing all angels
tethered together
intense but no danger

let go restrictions
song is my billing
next know depiction
belong fulfilling

fear at large in me
know lack love shun
ideal as priority
look back overcome

lies fall through
pass the test
rise to calling
at last I rest

open the window
bow to the Light
Hope the wind blows
come now invite

chest is expanding
violate fight
blessing then I can
vibrate the Light

lift love need mention
least effort backing
gift of intention
peace factor In

in for long haul
doesn’t belong
sinful wrong call
wasn’t she strong?

within without

belief in now you wait
hope begin no fear since
Value in the Seed Faith
an opening for experience

chilling can I know
Will use constructively
be willing then to grow
abusing is destructive

physical result of mind
fear cuts like a knife
whimsical occult Love’s blind
Spirit discuss Is Life

Indivisible hate no one
gifting tomorrow harmoniously
Invisible is the Co Creation
lifting shadows anonymously

illusion resulting from doubt
Solution ultimately shouts
With blood saved do go on
Flood waves then the calm

With one choice tell equip
frustration is a hit or miss
still small voice well equip
trust aided with His assist

behind me the danger signs
next fearing regret awaits
is kindly now arrange divine
experience effects of faith

blind I am to danger signs
yet fearing Him sin awaits
Unwinding now Angel’s align
experience effects of faith

behold a tool is in my hand
to exercise no sin of doubt
the golden rule I understand
I recognize within without

to know I walk on high ledge
with dignity my rest depends
suppose I talk no lies instead
He lives in me suggestion can

dear in sense degree of faith
depiction name let go complex
in a clear lens seeing’s great
picture frame or it’s context

reason for the stumbling block
my projection but a shadow
in season will I humbly knock
cries perfection to the marrow

whittle bring and understand
to learn to give is better
little things will expand
affirm it with my letters

forgive alarm a tic unreal
do hold on still serve Lord
to give of alms i pick ideal
a golden bowl a silver cord

fear sensed is his of hate
false evidence then appears
appearances will dissipate
Heaven sense Cause is clear

proof in you is meek okay
merely taught in patterns
seeker of truth knew way
the fear I thought imagined

depiction command belief restore
behoove my charm at last I trust
to pick a mansion achieve more
I move beyond the ashes dust