Monthly Archives: April 2016

ebb and flow

A giver clever knows
Impossible to hold
River ebb and flows
Two blossom to unfold

Sin dimmers of the Light
Now with U in all weather
Begin with Love invite
Powerful two together

His retreat a face to greet
I am free a happy learner
No defeat it leads to grief
End the crappy burner

The numbers soon align
At first it’s choreographic
The summer moon and stars
Pass through again to shine

The work sure in a basket
At first it’s choreographic
Desert ignore won’t last
Rehearse sure to grasp

According to my thrill
Say never mind to this
The Lord He fits the bill
Forever in His kindness

A rose that we’re sharing
Cries out to all my habits
Knows why again caring
Way signs can I nab it?

In the scheme of things
To pass now I mean give
End extreme screening this
At last shout the queen lives

ASFG Mind as the Builder

No harm across the board
Must we discuss the fall?
I go on no loss allowed
Trust Be in Us All

Reverse quit to serve equip
By two they did embark
The purpose love worship
With You I hit my Mark

Proof mind fulfills the builder
Link Truth Cause of His smile
Mindful of Truth Wills Her
I think through loss denial

Can my body feel a storm?
Sin’s influence hard on me
Then why hardy real reborn
In confluence got to see

Harm it ended bull unintended
Bring me to my knees or ridge
Mental concepts are dependable
Thinking I’m indeed a bridge

Barren when I find soiled
Can it be so as I designed?
Comparing then again toil
Ending see I throw a line

In a corner mention get
Truth I find and muster love
Be reborn mental concept
In the mind trust the builder

To feel deserted in a bubble
My appeal dependent from
Is it really worth the trouble?
What is real I end in Him

Free of harm Love last shouts
To serve me know whenever
No alarms shove pass about
The birdies of a Feather

The fuzz of sin I’ve fallen blind
The passing of poof I generate
Knew it was in you all the time
To grasp Truth I do venerate


Skin my knees and fallen flat
to rise again and show come now
It’s in belief I’m calling that
surmising then I know somehow

Will flow abuzz you know free
can acknowledge just who am I
Till it shows up in you n me
man of God trust Truth Amen

pledge a promise lives unlocked
Edge of God gives won’t be mocked
Novena of Queen Is strong
Phenomena deem belongs

audacity for me to waste
on the brink task to care
capacity are you in Grace
what to think Am I aware?

deliver know sweet to smile
to my growth favor borrowed
At river flow deep is mild
why do I grope beg sorrow?

sharing in perfection
I’m endowed self know
caring too elective
empowering is helpful

reward in wonder can
broaden understanding
giving glad I got
living sad I’m not

a fable till I find and face
enabled by His Will of Grace
Jubilee or drawn to blood
YOu and me dawn two I could

ASFG Cause

Newly anointed pray for help
Who approves development?
View appointed Way to self
Do I soothe envelope Him?

By the standard that I would
End deceitful or the patterns
What I bar no matter could
There’s relief I can imagine

But Of Gold Her protection
Took learning cause is mental
What I hold is perfection
Book turn in was a rental

Hands untied won’t fasten fast
Fellow brave know one with Her
Dam why cry the future’s past
Hello saved flow with Wonder

In no strife belongs cooperation
Do fall night of separate parts
I survive strong operation
Newly invited kept His Heart


Harms offense alarming
In Him I sense rest Is
Consonance is charming
His innocence precious

In belly of the beast
Our Savior is Lord
Pray tell love the least
Your neighbor is adored

To lather rinse repeat
It lifts up one’s marks
To gather since is sweet
Gift comes to some spark

Teach memory from
Begin wish acknowledge
Each and every One
The finisher is God

The patterns of care begin
Aware forms material plane
Imagined awareness within
To find tear torn His shame

Assignment remarkable
In my backyard
The diamonds sparkle
Sin cries lack would

Patience peace I find
Distracting is my fear
Stationed least in mind
Exacting His Idea

No robbers or thief
Won’t miss disguise
To lobby belief
I’ll kiss your eyes

Finding the Door

tight around the collar
pain so dark and deep
fighting with My Father
Aim the mark I keep

letting out the steam
lies condition knife
better now esteem
I am One with Christ

will i play in traffic
blinded by the cars?
still I stay enrapture
find the truth I bar

trust discuss is real
tweaking me but loyal
must the rusted wheel
squeaking what is oiled

Stuck again recycle
gutteral insightful
how eschew from me
or bowing to the knee

Ask invite could get
making up for wrath
passing light footstep
straighen up my path

color blind green brown
Still I can await Son
love is found deem sign
building our foundation

If only I can waken
sweet to wonder’s hug
not alone forsaken
sweep it under rug

every crook and cranny
end the dirt is dust
memory took can see
sending words I trust

clearly brink of fall
see the danger signs
really i am thankful
Free the angels mine

tend to grace I rush
magnified the Lord
end my face is flush
past the lies a door