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Crown Of Life

One Will survive cross to bear
Found A Life Her Cause aware
In tribulation afford to say
Sin’s situational adored Way
Through cry when dickering
Knew why She’s picked to win
Service worthy ignore blame
His to serve Me In His Name
The years I couldn’t accept
Were tears you can detect
Proof is set rewind
Truth beget be kind
Be frank with Belief
Forsaken deceived
Stall fake found
Walls break down
on roof tops shouts
who’s aloof about
Attuned peaceful Call
True Present survive
At noon least Of All
Knew Essence Is alive
So Shake off your rust
The Light understand
Takes all Your Trust
Invite Wonder Of Man
Opportune definitive
Knock make room Faith lives
Two walk among this Earth
To talk I don’t deserve It
Break old defensive
Take hold Cleansing
In every Word the Climate
Memory serves when I find It
Hurt acknowledge tender result
The Search For God end of revolt
This detection is Correction
Two discover through parts come
His perfection resurrected
Knew Our Father who’s Art One

The Coronation

Ask for more lock in
Pause to abort sin
Last door I’m knocking
Cause I Thought wins

Reckon sin no wrath
In Us A Song agree
Recognizing My grasp
Hushed along tenderly

Hints Love eternal approves
Glimpses return all Of Truth
Retire knots of trouble times
In tired hearts rubble blind

No matter young or old
Bailed through Essence
Be glad done war is cold
In daily Life A Present

Short cuts invite constantly
Green meadows lush are found
Lift Light unto Lord then see
The extreme settles rush down

The Word is cleverly alluring
Reduction sees sane response
To serve whenever warrants
Seduction free claim Expanse

As to warning why on edge
Clarify my Charm God lead
Last to know it Faith in All
Fast forward too I’m called

Uncross me

Acknowledging my sin
Revolt is but a dream
I trod with God begin
The ultimate supreme
What’s old somehow
No hard cement
My Soul is Now
God’s atonement
Pause to abort sin
Cause you a short win
Atoned asks more lock in
Alone last door knocking
Death hell in the grave
In Alliance I accept
Kept well I am saved
The Silence intercepts
Narrow attitude locus
Knows what Is His Call
Now knows to focus
Shows up with the ball
Habits that compel
A rabbit She can tell
That which has been
Pass you switch Item
The strategy of carnal
Imagine full go on now
Impelling as it seems
Then dim unto the lies
In Fullness Is A Queen
In Him I’m crucified

Sad to say the Admiral knows
Forsaken be the fear of loss
Fads that fade are admirable
More great I clear Love’s Cause
The Ridge I had to cross
You bridge what’s been lost
Be proactive not on sideline
He In Fact lives for alignment
Her perfection resurrected
Its detection is Correction
Beckoning My Path
In Us a Song amended
Recognizing grasp
Hush along tenderly
Light of One then
Word is pleasing
Sight understanding
Serve do squeeze in
Fate to mention
What goes around
A great potential
Flow is found
Savior Jesus Christ
Of what IS indeed
Favored free sufficed
Love But Is Belief
Imagine the Ideal
In Him and You I see
Patterns Of no fear
No sin but unity


Somehow become last One suffice
Come now as Son Passion of Christ

He taught A Way and I thought twice
For forty days and forty nights

To give why bother know not you do
Forgive them Father Way Home got Two

A rooster crows then dies for All
But Who’s suppose to end denial

Opposed afraid then I got upset
Enclosed in cave could not be kept

They spit at Me and split my Flesh
Equip agree then hip Two bless

From under buttercups the Rock shouts
Ad hoc in Thunder in Brussels sprout

I get back up to fall back down
Through lack the buts I got a frown

To scourge and pierce yet knew why
The nerve of fear I got through lie

Tied hands unto I got across
I am in tuned I have no loss

Did He rebuild in just Three Days
The Hills and Trees were in the Shade

ASFG clean living

Ok to be in sorrow
Professor does equip
Way know when You follow
Professing with our lips

The ball and chain defeat
Its all the same agree
But better he enjoys
The Letter She employs

The variation lasts
To doubt I did not know
But careful Nation vast
Come out and tell me so!

live the song in question
I do the least for All
Won’t give wrong impression
The beast before the fall

A seeker can elude
Survival in this world
The Teacher He approves
Arrival of this Girl

Detangled ready share
My pace is so red hot
The Angels teddy bears
An Ace can see the Lot

Park sin the shameful no
The Ivy doesn’t poison
See Arches Of The Rainbow
Required I’m poised begin

It bites you know deem thief
Self realize no loose ends
Invite the show clean living
Health healing wise choose Cause

Through trials and temptation
Unwind I want to chill her
The mind’s a meditation
To find unwind the Builder

His ever Presence about
So worthy when I’m with Him
It’s never when in doubt
to serve the Holy Instant

Noted He’s a lover
The Gold Cup passes real
Denote the many colors
I hold up as ideal

ASFG p 102

Seemingly unaware
Got me to freely care
Truth is my commandment
Who can take advantage?

But I’m free of the hate
Study I too meditate
With gratitude got hold
What attitude we hold?

Passing out my anxiety
At last come shout find Me
A sin to bank on hard
Begin my thanks to God

Love is more sin defies
Of is sure begin know why
Complexity fear is sin
One next to me clearly begin

Require I see for sure
In quiet no fear or war
Who is It that calls Thunder?
Truth gives it all the Wonder

Ache is old stall to rust
Who watches my Behind?
Take hold of All and Trust
Swapping in call Divine

Kiss of death tense think
Little accept can shrink
living to seek my worth
digging in deep I serve

Inviting You this Day
long as we disentangle
Light of truth show Way
Song of a blissful Angel

To magnify do more
Reliance on His Word
Who drags a lie can fall
Defy the harmful nerve

A higher quietness
knowing I will endure
requires that I bless
when I am still do more

So close to home couldn’t see
pulling the booth doors open
Suppose atoned would be free
Unto the proof elope

Blinded returned somehow
Finding eternal Now
Following in His Footsteps
Knowledge I would be kept

His lap I sit sublime
Sinful regrets unkind
Begin reset aligned
step by step by design

Acknowledge Christ’s presence
Can I break bread with You?
His knowledge is my blessing
what’s then ahead renews

ASFG p. 101

Him who we worship
not hollow consciousness
Sinful and worst yet
to follow harm persists

Last of fear since is
past through experience
Hope In Grace understand
Time n space motion can

High five handshake yet
What is quite simple
Man makes quite complex
Don’t invite sinful

Leak design mope again
bothered my mind’s health
Seek and find opening
Farther In find Self

Lingering hurt could
Had to grow not at large
Work of all things good
Glad knowing God’s in charge

March 23 Eclipse in Libra

Plenty serve my work fun
The Way last seeker knock
Twenty third of third month
Four days past Equinox

Advice He earns when still
In Pisces burns One Will
I’m taking the day off
To make my way North

A daring surprise from
See Aries a wise Man
My living in you yet
In giving I do get

See how star by Moon
Be Venus to the core
In Libra now attuned
To gleam again more

Eclipse there in the know
Equips Care if suppose
The gold knew where to find
Behold renewed rewind

The hurt I had to follow
In desert wasn’t hollow
Next toll no finder’s fee
Extol Design decreed

Harm kept sin of doubt
Concept of in and out
Let darkness depart me
Embark my heart is free

call a friend I sense again
You make room that’s ideal
won’t fall in codependence
the breakthrough glad is real

Intention to move forward
I mention soon you know It
The letters and my Word
do better when I’m heard

make Way

my right to Love is beautiful
A trail comes called freedom
invite discover include all
what ails you stalls heathen

stubborn people who unsure
I didn’t go to college
rub me equal all the more
But Within acknowledge

Aloof reach a wailing wall
Brute fears it is a waste
Proof Each a Calling scores
A Spirit’s Fruit do taste

designer lies a real loss
arrested then defiled
Christ dying can I feel crossed
Truth’s blessing I Am required

Better come third day
gather you impart leaven
Letter of One heard may
Father Who Art in Heaven


hurt regrettable bottlenecks
perturb sense the glow went
words impeccable bubbles get
A Moment of convergence

unraveled find at variance
patience equips Race
time travel where to begin
Nation hip to Grace

Leak is there to creep is old
offensive when I bleed
I seek to care no secret code
Intention can soften needs

Divergent a cool movie?
what else is to escape?
Worthy of Him My Ruler Be
Is swell the blissful wait

spinning wheels lost control
misleading is his fiction
begin to feel Host Of Will
The Greeting Love’s depiction