Monthly Archives: February 2016

Stars Of Strength

Flexible find He is your brother
Giving useful Way that I’m found
Exit Divine End In discover
Pig and a rooster they come around

Far often brilliant freedoms the Truth
Thanking Our vibrancy Life is endowed
Stars will I follow see me come through
Strength then behind me abiding Power

Await I could One Will agree
Suited our passion desire Of Nation
The greater good soothes Ability
Mutual attraction n admiration

We turn Decision into Potential
I understand when I do pause
Return His Wisdom mentioning All
And clap my hands end in applause

glad or sad

my Father gives permission
to follow know I aught to
why bother truth lives wisdom
acknowledge I’m His daughter

force of blow sin’s sadness
deceivably never stops
Source I know in gladness
to live free clever got

flaws we get or harmful sense
when we negate what’s sane
Cause Effect or consequence
related not be changed

Forgive removes the obstacle
as genuine the Choice
live to no impossible
sin ends and has no voice

back judgment bites to sin
to judge condemns bull evil
Fact was sent invite Him in
a sludge attends deceivable

sin’s sadness fades
in death a life
in gladness brave
for kept is nice


Tool seems I’m hardly for
Piece of desire wanted is sin
Cool beams not hot any more
Haunted required Peace again

Routine hold begin accept
Damages you so sinner ditch
Between noted in each Breath
Imagine Clue an Inner Switch

Attend His Way black to white
Way denote useful to dig
Pendant for gray in fact Light
Stay afloat rooster a pig

Reverse curse behind onto
Lots of prefix sending care
To serve Purpose reminded you
Got a suffix blended Air

Much to offer Sparks fly out
Brave the Girl A Sage renewed
Tough is softer marks no doubt
Saved from world it ages you

alittle birdie told me

A bird’s logo with joy can choose
Reflections ahead I’m reckoning
I heard to grow avoid you lose
He gets to Her She’s lead to Him

Mistakenly I reach to earn
Decades Rosary devil deny
No late fee I teach to learn
Flow yet level reach to High

He gets One beckon to say
Gain to give many sought All
Regret that comes second’s delay
Same as any One living water

No sacrificial unction rate why
Manner of question marking perfect
In Acts official I punctuate
Manifestation of the Architect

serve Rehearsal in a dream coy
bursting at seams winner of joy
better know Of waiting rest
letter true Love do I bless Him

12 for Supper

Deficient envy lack unknown
Gladly found me Will I hum
Sufficient Factor to take home
Mani Padme until He’s Om

Reliance I’m at your back
Gone is sin I choose accept
Why sin after Fact of Truth
I am winded lose my Depth

say a dream but spinning dust
Cheers to Blessing then on Fire
Way to gleam Inner must
Iridescence in a sapphire

Heard no doubt again I know
Answers instead of sin i sense
Words come out are then shown
A last chance at the evidence

Esteem everlasting 12 for supper
finest hour is when I help
Gleam in passing wellness subtle
Shined in Shower clever Host


Suggestions knack I’m shown
But harmful the way I’m toast
To bless Him Way back Home
With confidence I Am Host

Good Will you know got message
Foot free still loose not at large
Took my hand that I might dance
Shook the Answer alas Light

Soothe the thunder Mothering
Her Wish open not on phone
Transmuted under Father’s Wing
Cherish hoping Lot I own

Two planets Earth folding Sense
A Rocker I’m wanted sure
Knew plan indulgences serve
I‘m knocking on Heaven’s Door

To log Accomplishment
Progress then habits sieve
In Acts my manner gives
Magic my Luck does live