Monthly Archives: January 2016


His Will surface comfort won’t lose
I’m not hollow forsaken or unreal
I feel purpose sometimes the clues
to find follow break in Ideal

At large Flow sense to Inner Well
Pay no price collective inclusive
An aha moment innocence upheld
Way Of Christ elect sin loses

I know I can but teach what why
Reliance doubt worst end of world
My Fellow reach command up high
Silence outburst pearls send

On brink no rush defies above
The door but a free Way
Link of Us my Love’s abuzz
The Lord and what He says

Lots of Him say to last One
To find let go won’t spoil
Closet pray hidden passion
Divine Net grows I’m loyal


Lead a friend to well
End instead of hell
Clear the gate of Love
Fear negate foretell

Gift a snap in means
Blossoms in the snow
Live the happy dream
It’s possible to know

When the fun stops
To the wolves cry
Can the bunny hop
It behooves why

Resolving the lie
I bother One know
Absolving Truth I
My Father Son go

Clear the gate Love
Fear negate foretell
End instead of hell
Lead A friend to Well

Old battle

win the blessing proof gives
me in heaven save your soul
in your essence truth lives
be as leaven raise the whole

Like the wind do we travel
with His wisdom do I trust
fight the sin see unraveled
sift decision the lies rust

flesh to flesh fear unclear
lost approves suffering
Guest to bless Spirit near
Host of Truth buffering

as creation dream One brave
worthy follow cherish join
pass the hating gleam save
birdie swallow a wish coin

weighing dope can I deal
when unearth coo-coo bird
Way of hope then is real
mention nerve truth is heard

fight of Old wasting sin
hurting after in my Soul
sight of Goal hastening
serving laughter I am whole

mother nature

there lives a big brown tree
once hid among the weak
care gives unbounded free
my mother she did speak

went up look on mountain
the rain began to fall
at brook founded cleansing
to gain the plan of All

I climbed to meet the sun
Black bear I met up there
inclined to greet was fun
he cared and didn’t scare

How dear hold me deer
to see the red fox run
now clear unfolded fear
agree the box undone

winding through n dances
playing in an open field
finding new the answers
Way of Hope and I yield

God’s promise

crooked depraved reorder understand
strong n courageous never terrified
hooked I behave no ordinary man
belong through ages error justified

Lord be with you belief sure made
obey know for sure roster suggest
adored see me through never forsaken
says Law of Moses prosper successful

see the glow and brightness dawn
covers were thick disappear
darkest of night shining in awe
lovers depict play no fear

Glory arises in me and you
seize moment light Is divine
story alive sinless unto
Forest just might sight I find

Ark’s Covenant consecrated amazes
Exalted in Zion I could miss
mark of love then harm abates saved
halted, rely on the God’s Goodness

hints of His way Award ahead
I acknowledge the promise
distance away at water’s edge
knows why and that God is harmless

remain adored far in reverse
plant seed of faith miracle
agree man waits tears do fall
blameless pure stars universe


A circle depends Passion in Him
Themes motives With Me go There
Dream know gives literally cares
Miracle friends As was tradition

Diversion sin won’t find me
Harm possible projection
First version in the nineties
John’s Gospel perfection

Begin with Word know if U can
Of all synoptic no reproduction
Divinity service motif I am
Love calls symbolic production

predicated teach me vital
Sin harm debate unreal discuss
Lead in faith each with a title
Incarnate God reveal Father Us

Say please accept Conception Me
Trust truth than bother wary
Way peace he kept exception free
Just who am I? Martha or Mary

First Word Narratives residence
Reorder Divine Christ find One
Reverse to serve ahead I give
Water to wine life’s abundance

Sin sender free transforming works
thief kill destroy disorder fear
In memory of Me Reborn then serve
Weep Willow Joy the water clear

Accept the Word no man seen God
Flesh digestible drink His Blood
Except third eye esteem not hard
suggestion fills I think I would

Heaven divine blessed be His Name
Lazarus remembered Go wake soon
In seven signs the Guest remains
Magic of eleven can make room

Bragging a pattern taught less see
Grace brought forth erase delete
Dragons imagined Fortress fee
Placemat Cloth face greet

Rewritten then It Is All clear
Magnificence some hallowed In
I See with Him end call of fear
Labyrinths come and follow Him

What I give see I earn
Descendant Of but stoned
Do not cling He returns
Ascended above atoned

In deference

is of no substance
thread pull unravel
to rub I wept hence
lead will I travel

embark on ship
lift a release
in the dark mist
is a gift of Peace

one with me
brother guest
fun to see
The Love fest

the flames on fire
my aim is true
a game desire
Light came a due

in the background
the camp does fade
sin it won’t factor
light a lampshade

what is outgrown
effort I rinse
but then doubt found
my preferences

rebuttal of guest
can I please Him?
but subtle suggest
then I ease In

A squeeze suggest
my show demands
to please request
the Glow command

infinite patience
immediate result
definite wait one
I deem perfect

I tap n see the
flow a spicket
a taperstry
know thickens

must smother fear
come up thin air
trust loves me dear
One but I care

what is real to Us
versus preferences
but I feel bless
reverse effervesced

to see is deep
Is sweet agree
I seek to tweak
what’s free I keep

know runaway train
sight dumb rebuttal
One who stays remains
Light at end tunnel

things out galore
there’s more blank space
bring out some more
I thank Lord’s grace

then optimal
no temptation
and two got call
go on vacation

unreal to fight
doubting is sown
does it feel right?
with clout I’m known

see the dark holes
or dig them out
embark free Soul
living does shout

war is too often
haunted from lack
wanted it back
saw lost new come

showing taunted
please notice me
I will flaunt it
least show for free

hollow rebutal
I have one question
follow do cuddle
saved One’s blessing

falls from above
no distinction
calls for love
show instinct One

an order called
and flow did come
the water falls
I know I’m One

Hats off to you
As often true
Not lost but new
God’s host renewed


living my call must be true
save sinner’s equanimity
give it all up just for you
brave free fall affinity

sin is an old thief in you
offense bent on this
Inner’s bold belief renew
Independence is gentle

welcome signs somewhere go
conduit truth: a sage
bell chimes careful know
harmless cuz knew brave

clear connection do I seek
no conditions lift the beat
Next to Him I clearly keep
transition Is swift and sweet

tricking me? imposter no!
take action lifting harm!
quickly as is possible!
impact from gift promised

halting ulterior motive
bolt I will not swallow
devil’s solution’s shameful
revolution, change successful!

fearless be centered gravity
supersede doubting
clearly mentions avidly
You do Seed reality!

freezing glow with harm debate
I sniff squeeze sin desire
free the Flow preponderance
Gift is pleasing as required

one does earn blind haunted
cycles through n back again
unconcerned I’m undaunted
might He knew lack as sin

follow guilt bounds a nation
Sight of losses enter why?
solidly I build foundation
A cautious enterprise

coining know no sin sense
the nerve! my memory sings!
joining lowly innocence
As I do further everything!

loss can be full in renewal
lower bar have no standards
possible all things be new
known from afar brave man could!

I get advise from others when
seen a challenge, persevere!
I accept then dice discover
A talent to serve what’s dear

why hasten a catastrophe?
willfully I have no force
chastening at last I’m free
chill fully saved my Source

while awaiting I log bliss
gift within sought His power
have patience with progress
sift of sin could have bought flowers!

I am lost when chasing and
zap denotes the demands
my exhaustion facing ends
deceitful of harm are

gentle wind in the wood
rapid growth expansion
centering a gift could
fully hope next man come

no conditions but
bow Holy Spirit
my recognition
wholly now fear quits