Monthly Archives: December 2015

tear smile

come back to fact impact
In deference to God
attack and lack distract
the preference is hard

as to order timelines
a dream it can suffice
pass disorder fine mine
to mean I want advice

tough it articulates
stalling the higher
nothing particular
all that I desire

moments of worry
accelerate shame
glow went buried
hell rate abstain

carefully born
reliance bound
awareness form
Sound silent

certain lack is sin
I search more
hurt factor In
my work bore

many forms all same
never find the wave
than at dawn call came
clever find I’m saved

I hid when my decision
decided long ago
bid a cry His Wisdom
invited song slow

deceived I drift defense
won’t grieve the difference
believe a gift that send
receive the lift at end

to mean I lug one question
what am I living for?
stream of His suggestions
but I can give It more

new is there from beyond
go get begin I sense
through my care free harm
protect the innocent

years how come denial
fearful one beguile
tears become a smile
miracles the miles

lies perturbance bull incite
in persistence see the signs
my persuasion full invite
His assistance realign

attitude rust difficult
why I get so frustrated?
gratitude love adjusted
vying yet know trust waited

but ugly there’s no joy
what bugs see I destroy
to lug free I know hoy
I dug the key to boy

worship please the narrow know
does lead to sane approach
were hip to Jesus’ parable
a seed insane reproach

center of the story
begin await the end
enter in glory
sin makes no sense

good or bad I sense
is hard if I’m taught
should be glad depends
it started with thought

Hats off to you
And often true
Not lost review
God’s host renew

Two capture

turn a story called sin
enrapture is Her game
I burn in glory All win
Two capture blissful aim

sad the dream ill fear
not me a denial
glad esteem still near
sees me in His smile

to give receive need nothing
I live to heed enough of
judgment free aware of Him
to budge and see companion

truth gain assisted Man
sacrifice be finish then
act is wise relinquishment
proof the same or different

no specialness solution
hell then is illusion
left clever ball n chain
never bereft call sane

I live ahead no limit
the ill in Him fallgirl
give instead of trim It
Be still a harmful world

ACIM Authority Problem

created In His Thought
conception blesses back
hate I send then sought
perception rests on lack

In the light I follow
releasing the dishearten
an image of like quality
through peace I can impart

see how you live hollowly
judgments loss of peace
evaluative quality
sudden cost of beast

broad the implications
heaviness bruise too
Road of sin fixation
levy is your loot

cancel the desire
fear ignore the boo
answer from a higher
clear I draw Him too

from far see solving
free a lot of hater
authority problem
we are not Creator

Root of all evil
one role sin I sense
Root of call Legal
controls inheritance

ACIM Foundation of thought

Tree knowledge belief
decision to usurp creation
See a collage of weeds
division her salvation

fearing loves a devil
deceive is separation
clearing oF the evil
belief in reparation

a weapon bound this nation
can I close my eyes?
perception his foundation
dam I know I lied

dumb offense I till
to protect “reality”
come defenses built
reject Who out of Me

maintain steady state
future past the same
insane until I’m ready
suit of pasture aim

Fear of destruction
who invented thought
clear of Rock One
to He mentions taught

you’re anointed kept
still the deep amended
toward the point of death
will I keep defending

sadly my buts losses
until I found the answer
gladly cut off branches
rebuild the ground to cancel

kept in park misperceptions
death in darkness is a stipend

end in all who’s frozen
night it shuts the day
many call few chosen
Light of Life My Way

healed perception

question the illusion
not the miracle’s glow
blessing One solution
got the fear to go

as long as some doubt
division punctuate
song last come out
Is in Him function rate

see weakness in purpose
deceive is a weapon
to think is too surface
cleave to a perception

She in You relating
knowledge requires nothing
renewal creative
hollow desire bluffing

healed perception miracle
state of mind and health
feel a weapon fearing it
Fate I find myself

about love in you I see
comes clear perception
out of ambiguity
One is near regret sin

truth overcomes error
light cancels darkness
proof loves One mirror
fight cancer mark His

fear is vague awareness
questions more than answers
dear is a savior’s wish
blessing saw a dancer

deceive a lot many think
brute in you is boss
need not counter anything
truth is true not false

body doesnt stand a chance
where in is your power
God in me commandment stance
caring is endowed

Protection (Ephesians 3 Phillipians 6)

Covered lead know I’m save
I promise Heart’s belief
Overhead savior waves
somber hard deceit

One in heart Word It swells
know yet come faith healed
vulnerable parts girded well
protection of great shield

biting in attack I’m ill
acknowledge fear then quit
inviting back One Will
Word of God is Spirit

vice crude sin posse no
lonely come abate harm
Slice up truth impossible
lovely concentrate on

find in hate once I thought
press toward goal past mistakes
blind in faith sought captive
Guest lay hold Fasten faith

unto Me You I say
mountain fall the lies
On to see through I may
counting all for Christ

Heaven on Earth

opposition dare I bat
to overcome attack
knock wisdom care is back
love knows of One fact

demands seek control
the fear mine then
commands arrogance
I’m merely reminded

desirous I learn foil
war is division
quiet midst of turmoil
more of His decision

Peace healing strong
a vote then of more worth
Each really belongs
devotion heaven on earth


fearful egotistic
to the hilt dare cry
cheerful show a mystic
Use of guilt clarified

release the hate residue
lies the rust destroys
peace creates blessed you
trust surprise His joy

forsaken cries doom’s remedy
Fear divisive tilt is but
break in door with room to see
near inviting guilt disrupts

lacking love so is sin
forms of magic illness
backing Of I know begin
dawn imagined Will is His

insane I built
one wish negate
maintained by guilt
punish mitigate

what I made ego queer
last shut call budge meant
will fade free flow clear
pass up all judgment


fear hidden part of you
earning love I seek
clear within heart renew
turning other cheek

Elective smile more you bet
wholeness can not hurt
Selective denial I forget
hold bliss and man’s worth

like a lampstand mantle know
strength sharing Jesus Name
my example dependable
thank caring peace us gain

lift the burden by undoing
shift the hurting by One new Him

not hard remember live to save
Render unto God you gave
duty free you rest
In the beauty bless

See Hawk

Are you attracted?
Tuned in I mean
Knew One Fact Of
The Room to dream

Made me One
Black or blue
Saved see come
Back to You

Some do broadcast
Stay under radar
One Lord at last
Way of the true star

Fearing I’m still no
Freedom of choice
Tears on my pillow
Hear comes my Voice

Hawks boats thin air
Over the sea tides
Walk floating in care
Clover three realize

Further come
When solely host
Father Son and
Holy Ghost

Well living sow keep
Took Levee saved why
Rich Elegance and deep
Look w Bett Davis Eye

Patch I’ve sewn free
Bolster this affect
Matrimony own Be
Roster Bliss detect

Weakness kept
Burn the nation
Deeper breath

Captivity careless
Nails hold doubt
Nativity awareness
Exhale hold out

Yes to today
No secret stays
Yesterday gone
Creep quit OK

Life commitments
Flowing a Way
Suffice with Him
Knowing to stay

Brave in hail storm
Commandment got
Saved Sailor at dawn
Know random not

Blessed Manifest
Can only guess
Her in Me more

Ask to receive
Way Atoned
Past deceit
Stay at home

Is bless no evil say
Habits ward thunder free
Can guess either way
Have it more abundantly

Shepherd the flock
W Equal authority
Kept Her I knock
Sequel God frees

Rusted life
Lest you cease
Trust in Christ
Rest in Peace

But a dream
Fantasy fiction
What I mean
Dance free picture

Other list Sir
Never lost robe
Brother Sister
Clever Host hold

Groom far
Beseeching Of
Moon stars
Teach Me Love

Plot a course
Learn to save U
Not a loss
Sojourn a wager

She always
Saves the best
And knows ways
Brave can rest

Detangle lack
Never play fool
Angelic backs
Ever say cool

Incite divisionary
Push pull ever know
Invite revisionary
Persist Ebb n Flow