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forsaken cries doom then see
no abandonment persecution
more I make room a remedy
then to dam Her in seclusion

quiet mist turmoil division
life I now know tag is free
requiring His Royal decision
disciples follow no agony

plan arrogance or merely remind
least belongs resignation hard
My stand now know clearly divine
peace is strong resonates God

holding mans worth thankful
caring example like Jesus name
wholeness can work strength
sharing lamp light eases shame

shift the hurting by undoing
render unto God that I am saved
lift the burden one knew Him
Sender acknowledge what He gave

past lives attention seekers
hour love yet ashes come alive
last dig defensive weaker
power I get passion survives

fearful egotistic guilt is why
release the hate and residue
cheerful mystic filter lies
In peace God created You

built corruptive rust destroys
fear divisive sin is lack
guilt disruptive trust His joy
clearly invites Love is back

punish mitigate only enhances
forms of magic or illness
one wish sin negate own senses
dawn imagined willingness

hold the fear it parted view
turning cheek selective denial
Holy Spirit heart renewed
yearning keep elective smile

untouched by time and place
causelessness interferes
so much to find His Grace
more of this sin is fear

pure innocence the men at war
snapping sense content unsure
truth esteem did it serve me
happy dream intent worthy

not a figure but an Author
consequences and the means
got to dig Her stand to order
harm senses end extreme

last fear image daring why
crying regrets worry me
pass scrimmage there abide
denying affects memory

sin loses when I tarry
sent at least sad you faking
inclusiveness I’m married
present peace glad awakening

establish causation take me higher
to find condemnation no witness
circle of creation miracle on fire
blind comprehension knows equip

another look

Why do I tarry?
Contort my body
I fought my God
But He did carry

Such love did seek
Trust you remain
Judgment of weak
Just who to blame

Brute discerning
Surrounded cries
Truth that I learn
I found out why

Belief I’ve atoned
No condemnation
Seed sown is grown
Relief I have known

Blind to hate/sinful
more reckon Sum Is
Find faith so simple
Sure second coming

Kind that Love took
Belief conjure His
Time another look
Deceived injurious

7.3 billion known
Flawed poor cause
Heavenly Will own
A Lord does more

Disengage from past
Effectual gets
This Sage at last
Regrets forget

Reborn bless when
Sin’s story wrong
Forms then resting
In Glory strong

Some illness lives
Mistook his harm
The Will to give
His Look upon

Before forgiveness
Know fear is suffering
Adored more lives
Show clear rush bring

A fable gone distorted
Senseless cause of pain
Enabled found Is Thought
His presence why abstain?

Sin chooses blind to Silence
Improves on what generates
Who wins loses find guidance
To soothe as I do venerate

Insistence sees we get
Stranger deaf n dumb
Persistence free accept
Angels Death undone

What’s going round instead?
We learn that we are free
But know unbounded lead
Return your sanity

On a battleground
Protecting sin I sense
Saddle Crown renewed
Regretting’s innocence

Conditions are restored
Whenever show daylight
One Wish then free sure
Or never known My Might

Rate only instant world
Negate free harm improves
My Faith atoned this Girl
I think beyond behooves

reckon this second (ACIM 300-310)

Lonely the sin sent I’ve know for sure Only this instant does world endure L 300. And yet no regrets Christ renews, be blessed true In His Essence. Adored, adorned; nice reborn; sub-surround your Crown; Silence abounds. Help sought Welcome taught that becomes Self taught. Trust who You are; must move far, scars proved no harm. Rest in His Presence maybe more saved for sure. Do budge now, know the judge in you is through. Situations change or so they seem. Perfect for the smallest job why hesitate when call it hard? No problem! He waits until you pleasant rate to cycle through inviting you. With Godly eyes in dreams you thrive. Desires and blockages release on own in peace then stay silent Now keep knocking.

Hollow harm predicts a dictator what follows but conflicts of me as hater (another coincidence?) Pounce on the Sounds of Silence! You are meant to go through and through till you see yourself renewed. The Holy Truth will remain just to prove You sane. Copy Christ on mountain by fountain or in closet; allow no robber or job quit. Move beyond harm, prove by not responding! Flip the rips in vision, all lies will fall as realized All. My Soul suffice not torn you see the holy Christ is born in me Cycle just a little while; whittle out and see God Smile. The Gift will cause a shift: priorities shift as goals fail. Trust renewed must be real, see sequel, overcome ego jams; know how come AND to your lovely eyes you will get a big surprise: end of conflicts and demise. See it depicted as you surmise! See power of Decision now that You are with Him. With His Vision get to know thySelf. Choose to use so as not to abuse Your Self.

My MRI will tell you why my aches pains forsaken bones. I don’t feel a thing Self in Me is so healthy. I don’t deserve this deep strong reserve but come what may doesn’t disturb me! Death, where’s your victory for when you are free, need I digress: what is, Is Changeless! All from Faith and Hope; It waited while I “coped” (in vanity which is really insanity: someone help me (come now Self save free then brave))! Required Great to feel Faith is real. God take me higher. The best in Me is my Destiny attending my own prison growing dim as I disown then know of Him. Cause of deception from minor flaws perception obscures Him no more. I’m excited by the Might of Her Sight! Words do not serve to explain or contain but I am certain signs left behind were not part of His design but now uplifted, sublime; when all is said and done, All ahead are One.

There is no comparison to being God’s Son. Nope and I can throw rope round anyone’s boat n change them if they just show Hope. Know to crack window if lack is sin! Show Hope begin. Redeemed, take hold of what’s amiss; no more situational politics taking to get that’s fake and yet people still fall; Come Now ya’ll! In sequel We’re All equal. Compromise is harmful guys. Being lost in dreams from what seems is even more insane, fire up a new desire. Squeeze a peaceful thought at ease Our Will in secret starts. Free the Soundless Sense while being grounded for solid Friends. It all starts with a Thought, Faith is real. Give this precious Gift to exponentially expand. The Love you’ve longed for “ever since” can only be brought in temperance (not discovered in another.) It lends ItSelf to challenges to meet goals of the Soul.

Be patient, it takes a while to accustom into Ancient. Rest comes when You bless someone. Memory will return, we need not discern. Allow the world you made in the background to fade. Be meek to see clear, don’t endear the self to fear. Set Intentions everywhere, from Own reflective Heartfelt Prayers as it cannot be overstated what the Mind finds generates designs. Accept/detect recognize lift gifts to you and pass to make it all the more true. No longer based on lack but Power to attract: To hold and hear what is most dear, you must be clear and bold to draw near. Blend in again while you ascend, for you are One, His blessed Man. Endeavor just Cause from the heart forever to start. Remain sane in game of change. Be limit free sane snob no sin see (Simplicity same Cosmos city:)

In deference: Chapter 26

packed with lies
wonder why
thunder cries

fake forgotten fades
the mouse abandoned
made a lot mistakes
House of Man is One

strike a bargain
about compromise
night of harm come
spout harmful why

n u n i blame
suffer the cost
that you or I gain
buffer is lost

attributes many
when we call come
matters of Truth
All are in One

thorns and nails
aches I say
forms I fail
break a Way

to loose my trust in you
what’s over complicated
or choose what must be true
the love of One Creator

alternatives or choice
cries lust implicitly
return Altar His Voice
love justice simplicity

no hindrance from me
a great Way hope then
the sin went come free
and Gateways they open

All deep holding
nothing in between
ball keeps rolling
anointed His dream

show when seeker
your corrections
chosen teacher
two directions

lost but to time
the way nowhere
no cost behind
okay shows Care

discernment passover
release time forgives
I learn past is over
Peace find more lives

instead alarm worry
echoes yet no last
is dead gone buried
let go of my past

Resurrection replace
sin’s preference
measure yet know Grace
in deference

ACIM Ch 26.IV Where Sin Has Left

Enough boundless loving
Then high understand
A bluff found sin
End reliance on man

Rotten cover sin
The occasion nab it
Gotten over discipline
Supplication habits

A leaf needs forgiveness?
This I sense when Called
Indeed Belief lives more
His innocence to All!

Sad ill flaws fear
Turn a story deceiving
Glad to draw You near
Burn Glory Belief In

More lives in a dimple
Than gripe and groan
Forgiveness is simple
When ripe I’m known

To defend I’ve defected
In Other find friend Of
In the End unaffected
A bother be offended

Charity I give this world
Simply Us remember laughter
His care lives in me girl
Justice in full ever after

Left the devil mean
Got the Gate to open
Kept no ego dream
Not too late Hoping

A sieve know lack
Ahead it limits
I give Flow back
Instead of trim It

Equivalent to bliss
In heaven no leaven
Forgiven meant miss
Sin seven x seven

In Fact One live think
Belief Of sure Is
To actually give something
Need nothing to forgive

Yeah I still mess up
Know His Care enrapture
In Guest you yet love
Always there to capture

To tug jello pudding
Love to melt or bake
A hug hello could he
Discover well or fake

Light night His Word
No little hindrance
Like flightless bird
A Riddle Him sense

Own mistake forgives
Pure Son of God lead
Known fake or lives
You’re One acknowledge

Self condemnation
Precious my worth
Health charm await One
Zest lives deserves

Been through a hot mess
shows but a dream
Unto a lot less
know what I mean

no space sin for
approve agreed
His Face adored
the Truth in me

once sin was believed
Now Love of His Girl
Son In Love achieved
tower above this world

live it up

I live when I believe
Evaluation destroys
To give then I receive
I want for Him His Joy

A dream was not existence
Behind I budge exceptions
To mean I got Assistance
Final Judgment acceptance

Comparisons dust belief
Same was never different
Aware of sin must bleed
Returns he learns if sent (sensed)

Ball and chain
Clever of course
To fall a shame
Never was lost

tell with this
Voice of Solution
Choice of Illusion

I live but yup
A birdie told me
Do give it up
Whatever’s worthy

To know conflict
But never was true
To no harm pick
Whatever renews

Trust but Two heed
Miracle unfolds when
Just what you need
Tears go fine golden

Think wish sent
In acts is wise
Of sacrifice

280’s Lessons

Existing Station
Entitled Link
In midst temptation
Idols shrink

When we welcome
steady or invite
Then no hell come
ready for more light

shame imposter shows
suffering of mankind
A pain is impossible
give it up than find

We greet acceptance
God I trust fulfills
repeat I get a sense
a body must be still

rote calls dreaming
give enough esteemed
Boat rows downstream
river rough then clean

Sentinels they fell
sin ceasing replete
Mention All well
Increasing Belief

Like a veil lifted
curtain it rose then
I cannot fail gifted
My worth Is chosen

More living in release
negativity shows doubt
forgiveness believes peace
give freely I know clout

Hoping really lifts
set table pull chair
Open to Healing Gift
enabled full aware

subversive lies denote
representing old behavior
reversing sin on high note
He’s present behold Savior

perception of lack lies
disguised the war projects
Exceptions of or sacrifice
wish why when You’re perfect

be open doesn’t do a thing
come no hate towards Self
Hoping some Measure bring
congratulate your health

End journey hence
Deserves Everything
learning diligence
Serve memory think

consider more seriously means
Nothing but the whole Truth
I’m with Her superior Queen
enough of what is old rule

To serve instead plenty find
partly true shows reservations
No hurt instead she finds Love
Heart renewed Guest is waiting

Defeat sin sent hate destroy
Losses unreal exchange the dream
Complete innocence creates Joy
Process feelings better means

Determine meant show in fact
pick I reckon worry shame
Permanent no going back
sick of secondary gains

No zoning out when alone
grief too soon harm sense
home doubt know sin sown
Seek New Moon Consequence

Sure to find Me at every corner
Remember Way cannot get lost again
Flawed offends divine memory reborn
Member stays acknowledge cost of sin


trust to serve I give receive
live let go proceed on edge
just deserve to live belief
give yet sow no need ahead

inside worry before the storm
hurt destroys is his offense
sin hides buried or his qualm
worth His joy I’m ignorant

resourceful looks freedom cheers
dignifies the door breakthrough
Source mistook sin heathen fear
he did not lie or forsake you

rocky hills my fear and wrath
I recognize love came to know
the obstacles I clear my laugh
next beckon wide above rainbow

ill defined the sickness false
knots separate between a space
Will aligned to pick His Cause
Lot generate supreme is grace

born to seek a shame hush love
my fear a tool know harmful wise
warm my cheeks reclaim rush blood
why tears do cool no compromise

clouded vision but disguise
hurt I’m feeling old is lost
allow wisdom shut your eyes
worth I’m really golden boast

bursting those clouds of doubt
dim from comprehending lies
universe knows its all about
shimmer gently through the sky

light a socket found the wire
would He have me and to marry
fright a rocket bound desire
could She save me then to carry

built intention hip to task
face the basics freedom truth
guilt’s convention a whip lash
Grace replacing he comes through

fear I find projection doubt
denial cease show what I mean
idea of mind perfection clout
abide in peace to go a dream

detect the flaw my steam depends
where is my safety perish until
effectual cause a means to end
carefully place me cherish my will