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ACIM Chapter 25 Sinlessness

Just blue and mend a lot when
I died to live more laughter
Trust grew when I hit bottom
can give you what you’re after

Fear rebate attack his harm
against a friend doubt care
Merely hate and lack goes on
to sense the sin out there

In way my fright does bite
Defeat unfounded, I escaped
to call Light rays my sight
My feet on ground I’m safe

Rest up in grief and hurt
yet know my purpose bring
in you I bless deed works
let go the worthless things

darkest corner cost of Light
Of what is built tear down
A mark reborn soften might
No buts his guilt fear found

Somehow blend no specialness
when on the brink let go
Come now depend vessel bless
don’t do a thing yet know

Trick stop looking careful know
Holy knows the beam loves bliss
A clock is ticking where to go
Holding goals is meaningless

Laid down lack the enemy
grip of hate call failed
Way found back end I see
Ship of fate all sail

punishment confirms the sin
in other free find I am
one wish sent returns again
discovery mine Amen

days shame sin sinking boat
afraid of love nothing to fear
A rainbow increasingly remote
Savior come bring Him here

Show illusion look upon
Hate is sin cold and cruel
No confusion mistook harm
Fate begins a golden rule

test the other discernment said
eyes are closed will the fear
rest discover return the dead
I suppose for I’m still here

learning through the darkest night
His separateness is my denial
returning due embark unite
adept at this required

Teach to learn and then I share
Returning the gift received
Each to earn again His care
We learn to lift Belief

In a sense cease play own
Robber is hate depriving boy
Innocence peace Way known
Job punctuate survival Joy

condemned by you one killing
anointed lasts acknowledge
a Friend is true come willing
appointed task what God Is

Sequel thank renewed
With power I believe
Equal strength in two
Gift of now achieved

Blaming sent a senseless shriek
Tainted all his fight is mine
Shame I meant pretense reaps
Plaintive call insight design

Useless to wait condemn and blue
Pain of doubt from hell can dam
Used to bliss attention grew
Shame to tell without understand

Start with this folding desire
to please him I’m deeming this
Heart’s sinless holding higher
Sin’s reason perceive meaningless

The body

trouble awaits me in the body
impermanence decay n crumble
double safety then hardly
burns intense freeway humble

hurt draws near defense desert
my will says reliance denied
reverts fear offense won’t work
stillness always silence wide

what’s ailing me or so it seems
here today I’m gone tomorrow
nails come free was but a dream
clear the way from harm hollow

doubt and fear I have been there
just passing by is love or sad
clouds disappear as if thin air
trust last is why discover glad

reality can be remembered
my wings stall I set them free
grew out of me as if intended
I bring and call things to me

stop the kill I work so hard
in pretense then an ode to sin
job be still hurt acknowledge
extend a hand the road with Him

insanity to lose my soul
am blind pursuit is hell
can I see and choose be whole
assigned to you I’m suited well

old song is sin who could be prey?
was scared I screamed or ran away
long road within shouldn’t we pray?
aware the dream is so won’t stay

what’s bitter sifts burns in hell
forgive the hate illusion spent
I sit with her in turn know well
to live create solution sent

still clever yet no to bluff
a compromise is only a swap
will never get close enough
unto wise lonely at the top

body obeys mood I sense
to feel can’t understand
Godly stays behooves amen
is real and at my command

ACIM Lesson 250’s

invest competes then make worst
sin’s ration of doubt a flaw
Interest deplete energy disperse
my inspiration is out the door

mingle worry hollow worst
harm pick buried holes again
with single solitary purpose
contradictory goals a sin

double sided back to bite
ignore the sin power of now
trouble why a lack of Light
Assured win endowed is how

literally in my hands surmise
Fear and hate can be ignored
riddle be demands compromise
Clear the gate amend the flaw

a house divided then I die
Sin destroys rejects health
if mouse invited who Am I?
Enjoyment respect my Self

Twice bitten I bleed enough
all the things I used to seek
Life with Him needs a bluff
Call bring the cues I greet

Where will I be? Follow Way
How with Him superb swell
Careful see tomorrow stays
Power Decision serve me well

Not of me the proof, agree?
helping weak then to be strong
God loves truth but no degrees
Myself seek when We belong

grieve wonder how come
I live a frozen dream
No need under the Son
forgives the chosen means

confused the law conflict
extreme the cost disgrace
one used to flaws or fix
a meaningful host embrace

Remember saved no sin
let go the evil fought
Ember waves end begin
next know belief thought

drag my feet know a lot
rate repeat automatic
habits weak show n stop
great I seek portal back

task behoove Will Be more
let every voice be still
ask for Truth until sure
Memory Choice fulfilled

Cruelty behaves disguised
Why bother to be sinful?
Ruler cravings recognize
My Father in You Will

many needs defeat despair
WHat’s denied is really Lord
Then I seek complete aware
yet renewed feeling affords

Exposed require take a look
the sentinels falling down
suppose desire fake mistook
and mention Calling found

Am I just passing through?
no surprise seems pointless
What loves passion in You
Steam bubbles rise anointed

Inattainable defeat
find untrue robbed is he
Sin a shame know deplete
blind us to the obvious

278 If I am bound my Father is not free

Within body prison disguise
Untrue than nails be done
No sin hardly wisdom cries
who am I to jail His Son?

Of more fated longs to lives
what matters knew certainty
Love for hate song forgives
I grew out the hurt in me

Supposing now kept His Wisdom
His Law not mine blossom full
Opposing power death’s decision
A lot more find is possible

To bitch before I find my place
Behind the lines of war I’m safe
I ditched the sure design I face
Aligned adored Divine is Grace

Taught to rule my mind kingdom
In midst of hurt consists guilt
Thoughts a duel sublime bring on
One wish worth I just deserve

With time a small space
We’re not apart separate
A Fiddle fine calls Grace
In God’s Heart depth rate

bother me till gift found
What’s shared goes on on
Father not free if bound
But in Her care no harm

His Cause Thought Effect
then sacrifice impossible
I’m taught Truth perfects
Impacts my life in full

Curtsy Spirit come quickly
I can never be taken away
Mercy clearly Son depict me
Forever free great will stay

how could mere hurt see
without the lies amended
now would fear certainty
if doubt defies condemns

Unity all things wish One
Did I measure what is sown?
You and Me call link fun
Little treasure that I own

Vengeance somehow fear
the crap of nothingness
sin I sensed clears
enrapture loveliness

Conceive other choices
Is to relegate attack
One Seed Love voices
Hell negates this Fact

Behoove in Him sense
Never through attack
To prove innocence
Clever knew no lack

to sacrifice identity
through projection
pack with lies many
you know and then some

Door carefully protected
She mentions of us all
more aware freely corrected
The Sentinels will fall

no such sin terror a vice
tainted grief unreal too
show touch an error suffice
ancient bequeath sealed You

Thy Will not split in two
Can there be compromise?
My body still miss you
free from harmful wise

Lesson 277 Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made

In time unsure wanted to be right
Unkind are laws I have been wrong
Unwind I’m more honored by Light
I find A door comes saved belongs

Magic of my youth gifts Wisdom
Guest lives sure man’s fear falls
Imagine the Proof with His come
Message gives more than a miracle

Man is adored shining Example
not afraid of love this day
Can Our Lord find a Temple?
Got saved LOve’s blissful Way

See Light’s discussion aim be
Work’s enough what is taught
The repercussions blamefree
Hurt by nothing but thought

Truth deceive just little?
Or suited with compromise?
Approve must leave the middle
Behooval the harm’s disguise

Do I hem you interminable
than clear Her perfection
Genuine in turn you know
Full mirror’s reflection

insane untrue (aim is true)

Question ask Answer same
could fulfill thinking Truth
Blessing lasts inside gain
Good Link till bullet poof

To linger in or walk in haste
Decide be found so let it rip
To sing begin chalk dust erase
Middle ground knows yet equip

Where you go heed my home
Feeling good I nip appalled
There to grow Seed is sown
Really should chips can fall

Harkens Ghost I stump myself
reclaim belief in You as One
Mark most high All pumped up
Insane needs untrue be done

Wish follow low bridge rise
Filling in the gap to show
Intuition edge surprise
Will I grasp until I know

Come Himself Of no doubt
N with care rock on sweet
From sin shelf then go out
Dare we go opposites meet

What becomes truth rests
Adored can cope only blue
See the fun soothing Guest
Lord my hope shown in You

Where Source is He knows
Or regain hope Aim is true
There’s no loss Seed grows
Door waits open framing you


sift sin and doubt
carelessness bane
I drift in and out
awareness is sane

On His lap sit faith
delivery show wise
gone the habits break
A giver knows Son rise

sure man lives free
next Guest to give to
more than delivery
message gets through

knock on God’s grace
In grew free harm
rock from hard place
sin through eons

oblivious place time
brag Him fit many come
live us free grace divine
a drag to limit anyone

A fall or new twice
constrain destroys
the call for new life
One gain His Joy


hurt it lingers
legal survives
dirty fingers
my ego drives

cries for help
all shapes sizes
lies or wealth
escape surprises

warring doubt box
resting next why
more In out fox
blessing recognize

nerve urges are
Word cherish It
serve furthest star
perturbance ditch

not in wrapping
float the message
thunder cracking
denotes Guest lives

While no lacking
consist come out
Smile new track In
to twist and shout

plethora miss you
test found within
confuse the issues
rest down lift sin

show war if fickle
ball and chain sin
don’t order dificult
all the same with Him

forsaken I’m a gonor
Broach’s mental mess
I break in some honor
Approach w gentleness


Depict awareness of heart
Carried through I should
sick where does it start?
I married the two in blood

many years I sift pretend
my sin a real strong virus
when He clears a gift amen
Again feel stronge survivor

how dare within my heart
took present in my home
out there sin does start
shook resonance my bones

Sight orders a disguise
My folly it deceives
Like water crystal eye
and Holly is the leaves

Perspective I got God
remembrance is stigmata
Acceptance is not hard
resemblance a lot matters

profanity might curse
ropes tie my host down
is vanity in reverse?
I grope lost and found

somehow sin did rot
it settled in my bones
come now quit/forgot
The medal gift atoned

reborn I have a stake in
and sinful come to rest
at dawn son is breaking
the simple lesson bless

sick but will not look
I reckon hurry shame
thickened till I shook
with secondary gains

to tempt me is offense
grief my stand is cold
empty through depends
belief my hand He holds

the cause of my virus
my bottom is my top
law of love survives
I’ve gotten thru enough