Monthly Archives: September 2015

face it

Truth of One torn a rib is
Guest lists girl free adoption
Proof’s won swore forgiveness
Bless this world see option

No matter distress fear hints of
Intent to deform sin’s message
Be gladder now rest appearances
Content reborn Him guest lives

Harden from illusions a snob
On highway the robbery sent
Pardon Solution is obvious
If my way nods agreement

mean disaster knock on wood
Rid the weapons bruise grief
greener pasture hopping could
Bid acceptance chose relief

rust shows where sum lack
tears flow so let it rip
must go there to come back
In Spirit no magic trick

Problems faced order hence
Hot under hood see hate Of
Solved grace a water cleanse
Why not love what God creates

spare me

No secret code a sign of might
Speed the silence find Infinity
The leaks n holes find the Light
Deed’s reliance bind sin in me

Hope believing too no lack
Blind invisible He moves walls
no open season through attack
Find envision full approves all

Forsaken torture constant approval
Hurt regrettable abhors a lot
Mistaken taught you want removal
Words impeccable a door unlock

Stubborn people fake mature
Sin in her head acts with lack
Rub me equal awake for sure
Win instead access to practice

Sacrifice a sac of lies
In freedom two folds twice
Pack with life One Fact suffice
and He comes soon Solstice

No sin or doubt defensive need
Ailing you next toll collector
From in go out offensive bleed
unfailing true extol Corrector

Harm ages girl defeat a prison
Last declaration second rate
Bondage to world or seek wisdom
Passage awaits won reckon great

Role of jailer my identity
unsure of shadows see fearful
Show of nails why there’s plenty
affords somehow now be cheerful

Miles free vicious afraid
insane hate track treason
Smile He wishes I’m saved
ordained faith back reason

The war or grief nod waste to
just leave the battleground
Restore belief God created you
reprieve no babel found


My full condition ever earn
faking offends his anointed
cycling tuition never learn
taken again disappointment

bruises downer play
but appeals we share
choose and found Way
what is real she care

holes bigger pits abound
lose rather dream haunted
Soul’s a giver wit is found
choose gather gleam want

my sin Spanish go without
what’s appropriately name
begin banish show of doubt
hate cut ropes chains free

ditch expectation strong
search and do not find
which perception wrong
a work in you got mind

drive away when door’s open
wild horses why I’m chasing
survive Ok the more hoping
child’s voices cry face them

when hard to break habits
heart’s pound forgiveness
In God’s wake Is lap sit
Charter found to lift His

One of Bliss learns

Gain inclined I’ve known request
Weightless know kind Is Grace
A change in mind is not death
Faith rests in no time space

Lover sees lot why really
Might found cut free fuzz
Uncovered me I got healing
Downside up a bee’s a buzz

May her trick trust allowed
Saw illusions knew manmade
Layers thick just be clouds
Flaws he’s used too can fade

More Of lasts love reward
Lays down dream mentions
Ignored past knows for sure
Way found clean attention

No matter how big honor saves
through the parts differences
Gladder dig now unafraid
renewed in heart lift senses

Love creating I’m free
what persists returns
Was mistaken you agree
One of bliss she learn

Lesson 254 Let every voice be still in me

A rose to die
Then blossom full
Suppose inside

holding me back
got me nowhere
folding impact
Lot see we share

eye for tooth
to dam I fought
Then I for truth
no random thought

A Land at war
the toll accept
Commandment Lord
Holiness wept

Loose leaf wither
To keep give away
choose keep giver
live deep to say

Echo of ego
desires he finds
Let go deceitful
a higher design

I ran got caught
Oppressed in box
Demands I’m taught
To rest the fox

Mistaken mean
Who fights girl
Is fake a dream
Truth lights world

temptation lead
a disappointment
Attempt instead
consist anointed

Roll called lack
Grief we find
totally step back
Belief sublime

Seeker reach truth
Hallowed is One
Speaker teach prove
Narrowed wisdom

Perfected in fact
Untangled from
Directed his act
Some Angels come

I lift His Might
is sweet incline
The gift is Light
His treat is mine

Let every voice
be still in me
Remember choice
I will be free

Lesson 251 I am in need of nothing but the truth

Deeming bull imagined weak
manmade fall strife worthless
Meaningful patterns peak
can save all life’s purpose

Love denied warm reception
Seek solution with Him saved
Override ego arms weapon
Weak illusion sinful flavor

Littleness prey to evil
how to peak what comes
did this day I keep full
Now truth seek but One

The tension a disguise
Fear lied blames again
Comprehension realize
Mirror wide frame thin

Under control of my mind
last soon morals rest
Wonderful Soul love find
path groomed soil test

Not to think only act
Instrument returns body
Got to link shown in fact
With use learn God’s free

Sinner hurts cries haunted
What defiles feel no more
inner works I wisely want
But was denial really Lord

And when I think unbounded cared
Conceived a bluff goes poof within
through many things I found despair
Deceived enough a spoof is sin

to say I mean untangled release
It lead on high Savior’s relief
Touché a dream thankful for peace
I recognized I have no needs

why do I sin??

Corruption hate
Heart Soul we share
Show up one waits
Poles apart see fair

frightened see
I followed guilt
Enlightened be
What’s hollow built

Hell won’t ruin him
Except some persist
Well is congruence
No separateness

Wrath too soon
Madness dreams
Lapse marooned
Sad when seen

steaming bubbles
rise to surface
dream of trouble
lies no purpose

sharp words
tracking dead
Harp heard
led impact

A hit man
soon escape
commit stand
wounded safe

Guilty party
in the room
Will hardly
be in tune

tripped find
uncertain steps
slipped mind
Of worth kept

Not the only one
Been there before
God atones Son
Care restores

conflict affords
regret warlock
charmed I’m sure
forget me not

heavy with doubt
thunder of man
levy gives out

the house divided
where does it stand
A mouse is invited
careful Love can

needful goals
I’m filling hurt
conceived whole
instilled works

snoop find holes
strange distorted
A loop blind goals
blame retorted

demands punish
the suffering
stand one wish
the buffering

By God anointed
stirring in grace
Was not pointless
courage embrace


did it seem sin could
define mirage or matter
hidden in the woods
find at large I gather

perturbed I sense chaos
ignore the war white lies
disturbance see no way trust
Assured I am life line

ulterior conceptions
resulting in a pattern
cult of fear is tragic
ultimately imagined

adversity sin’s doom
The tears I flow He wept
mercy me an inner room
this fear I won’t accept

the jealousy insane
madness heathen comes
hell to see in blame
glad that we are One

sin’s cover lies his harm
didn’t mean chase rabbits
in other lives his karma
within a dream break habit

finder’s fee regret some
uprooted I am armless
kind of see no weapons
brutal truth is harmless

rapture sees a blessing
careful signs to tell
capturing the message
there defined you well

while I wait I laugh
kid to know unwind some
defile hate and wrath
quid pro quo I find none

lies persist or pasture
sin wages that I burn
cries assisted laughter
a sage goes in return

frighten mental mess
sacred found the Cause
Light then gentleness
break it down no force

hell then folly calls
discerning all a lie
melancholy stalls
yearning free advise

hands tied interminable
the cost it fulfills
deny the germ sinful
forfeiting the bill

forgiveness is empty
unless corrected why
more lives attempt see
The Guest I recognize

care unwinds reverence
ahead beyond manmade
bear in mind relevance
In head the harm can fade

let go good things come
a treat you will discover
yet know I could bring love
discreet I will not smother

Completely sin uncover
beneath a blessing see
meet me in the other
I greet my destiny

loss is deceitful
substantial content
forces of evil
does cancel conflict

Staring at the seashore
some travel in the waves
caring that I leave more
unravel sin I’m saved


Showing you the end
Yet know recommends
showing you defense
Let go recompense

wicked be departed
blundering of sin
sickness see we start
under you my skin

Last rush dumb to toil
hurt brings harm come dirt
Grass push from the soil
Birds sing on some chirp

Give in, more forgiving
Saved me from my fault
To ensure more living
Grave before assault

Rusting through mere mettle
A bruise the nails abort
Dust too clearly settles
to lose I fail support

Sending you my smile
wholesome find grace
spend a little while
some know holy place

Mission now her kneel
Quitting temporary
Hidden power revealed
Written in my memory

offer sanctuary

when out of blue skies fall
to deem self Is discuss
then doubt grew appalled
is being healthy trust?

Sin remain yet be outgrown
Was too busy label me
Winds of change overblown
Dizzy body fable see

Waves that swept it all away
muddled through but only fear
Savior kept the call to stay
Huddle grew what’s only clear

Repent in full lies after hate
mistaken then I have been wrong
Am I too dull mental masturbate
forsaken grace when I belong

loosely clear I’m pissed again
dumb and deafness but to truth
choose to hear why listen in
One acceptance what does soothe

Settled dust madness clears
Shoulder chip then softens
better trust sad to cheer
older hip when often

tears that fall open wide
behind me reject the fall
miracle when hope decides
be blind except your call

hurt come but enough of this
Was the best thing I confess
Tend to work up nothingness
truth to rest in when I bless

Rope strings grab after them
I caught them far beyond
hope springs laughter when
thoughts I bar are gone

Well this might decision born
Reflective of above in you
develop sight vision transform
perfective love depends on two

divine or doubt conception
give it proof or is he free
hold out a minor exception
living truth or misery

seek to teach undo I can
find I left a ruthless call
reach to peak in you amen
sign accept approves one all

plot until a fool disguise
hide me not afar hardly
cannot pull the wool his eyes
private thoughts scar body

pass manmade what He binds
seek a claim undo you can
can it fade but is guilt
reach reclaim renew again

sin’s ante fee face reason
healthy strong know Him fully
insanity disgrace is treason
Self belongs no sinful me

on fire be hot to call
desire free monkey mind
entirely or not at all
required me comfort find

compromise draw in doubt
reason Source love idea
one is wise door is out
treason loss is of fear

My Solution man’s salvation
fair and kind lasts wisdom
retire illusion damnation
bear in mind past decisions

sin I sense ever lost
no bargaining of the ego
innocence never force
no harm love the evil

law of guilt know he hate
condemn arms thankless worry
flaws that wilt negotiate
attend harm’s sanctuary

identify core belief
to leave God homeless
what is of more relief
grief card or atone this