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sense forgiveness

Altar of God
Orders ascend
Falter woe hard
Taught her offense

War yet projection
Solely find in you
More set perfection
Holy kind and true

Innocence God’s free
So close cannot fail
Sin sense part of me
I know got it nailed

Lonely needs some
Taught many things
Atoned deed of One
Thought he can link

Love asks how come
The liar is dull
Ashes now done
Desire full know

Given dream to master
Clear of mental abuse
Living greener pasture
The Spirit’s gentle use

On fire to be whole
Cry foul sin hides out
A spiral stairway rolls
Upside down inside out

I’m kept got hip to it
One’s effort then floats
The steps not separate
His comfort man’s coat

Afraid I am hurting
Discern hard way sent
Be saved kind certain
God’s way replacement

No punishment, repent
Attitude towards sin
But cherish she meant
Gratitude rewarding

Trick man to sender
I rendered the lies no
Depict their surrender
Remember survival

Meaningless hurts
Regret or Solution
As for menial work
Pass threat illusion

Aware tangle mess
Share tender Heart
Fair angels bless
Been there from start

And the many colors
I’m known before war
When she is a lover
sign grown see reward

trick the joke is
Calling a freebee
Eyes fix focus
All are sin free

At end temporary pass
Last too boot appeal
Pretend to worry as if
Past or future real

Until I’m harmless
A cry attempted shove
My Will His Promise
Inside I can be loved

Hid unknown to play
Frighten can’t understand
The lid got blown away
with thunder lightening can

Fears see how darken
FF rewind clever trust
Clear now be my heart when
Pass know never too much

Hints of fear defensive
Rust desire sin sense
Live to clear amendment
Just a quiet innocence

Mirror back I recognize
Cast a flaw appearances
Queer that I beckon why
Asking more a tear rinses

Middle of harm sense
On brink why bother?
Little consequence
I thank you Father

more lives in forgiveness

A look invite knew all may her
Can words unsure adrift ignore?
She took a bite through all layers
His worth restored a gift ensure

She shook the nightfall all of day
what’s not occurred is what I sense
It was her fright got in the way
But lot of so viva difference

He knows how I shattered dream
ashamed me find subversive girl
Be flow a value matter supreme
change in mind the purpose world

Box square me in it’s just a thought
Now love us cause to gain unwind
How dare does sinful but is taught
The buzz above a change in mind

Born in denial I pull out nails
I cast decide let go man made
Thorn inside I know about fail
Last show yet a lie can fade

vain desire grows guilty plea
a lie aloof got me no where
the game of life wont kilter me
an eye for truth lot see aware

Accomplishment of her
To prove but go so far
A calm wish sent you sir
The truth know what you are

Kept always devoted yet
Missing hurts bring broom
Swept away notes forget
Whistle works sing tune

Fasten growth beyond journey
Rewind his ways an angel bless
Last to know free harm’s burning
Friend always untangled guest

inclination to forgive

To quit or fight
Been done before
Equip with Light
Then won the war

Been through lies
Mistook the cry
I knew not why
His look is mine

the snow tapers
and then the thaw
to know hate her
a friend is more

Not working out
One thought I’m in
The hurting doubt
Comfort of skin

Unwinding fear
Like you I’ve been
Confined me here
Sigh knew Amen

Feeling frustrated
lies, rest devices
Kneeling trust rated
wise bless advises

Layers of clouds
Unclear unsure
brave I am proud
My fear no more

Usher know Cause
It took divine
To suffer no loss
A hook the line

Reside temptation
Be skunk I smell
Inside I’m stationed
Debunk as well

Tis but denial
eschew I’m wrong
Gives up a smile
the shrewd belong

past I bury
tears knew more
last of worry
Idea explored

Pompous admit
In haste define
Chomping at bit
A waste of time

More or less
Lines grew thin
is sure coalesce
Divine knew Him

Watches your back
Up against the wall
March of attack
Offense the call

Rebate a deal
His daughter lift
See hate unreal
Disorder adrift

God be trusted
Liar move on
Hardly flustered
Required calm

Body bones cluster
I knew in parts
Hardly known rusted
I grew in heart

Let go overrated
Ignore illusion
Yet know love fated
Assured Solution

Trimming it find
What ages me?
Limited divine
The sage is free

Presence full is
A look belief in
Mistook heathen

Understand innocence
What matters define
command beneficence
But gladder divine

Savior knew light
More give receive
May Her invite
No war deceives

Incensed least
Fight forget you
Instant of release
Light let through

I live entitled
Fake was a bluff
I give up idols
Mistaken enough

Defeat proves
Another will
To greet truth
Uncover still

What’s real applaud
To sever rejection
And kneel my Lord
So clever corrects

Lays down a dream
Is flaw disguised
Way found esteem
I draw blue skies

The door greet could
walk through to profit
Before feet of truth
A Prophet talks to you

A bluff weak blind
Exchange blessings
Nothing keep find
Arrange the message

The co dependency
Proclaim is false
to no pretender me
Claim your Source

holding her hand
I ask His wish
behold understand
my task cherish

He ends journey
was never begun
Pretense burns me
Forever be One

She’s great
He beams inviolate
mistaken dream
desires quit

Arrangement fine
wellness lives
I change my mind
It’s relative

Perching hover
Wholeness kind
Search be over
Soul is mine

Forgotten some
Grace waits right?
Begotten Son
Face great heights

Lift His Might
Treat is mine
Gift is Light
Sweet incline

Love and affection

calling through the heart
love hovers till release
all of you are Part
discover will increase

withdrawal rejection
unreal love the least
Her love and affection
One yield to His peace

Dire weighs me down
need is really green
desires play of power
greed is feeling mean

flowers into bramble
trapped in disarray
Hour now we scramble
zapped we cannot play

blossom strains to open
sunlight tries to play
stop to gain some hope in
Ones right you might say

Gifts of God are fragile
held in hands of men
If it’s hard we battle
welded then we dam

Bless a guest indeed
To show God cherish
a precipice belief
To grow acknowledge

trail leads to paradise
we soon lose our way
fail belief error wise
tune we choose to say

doling fear it can bite
voice to make It more
Holy Spirit invite
choice is sacred door

giving and receiving
selfless think are one
living and believing
Help His kingdom come

Unconditional endows
More embrace to grow
Fruition of His power
Door of grace won’t close

not to preach or learn
laws undue remember
got to reach you earn
Sure of love surrender

Clearly save so choose
to suffer from a loss
Fear’s afraid of losing
enough the sum of cost

We turn but to each other
share the love that cares
To burn it is to smother
Thin air discover there

The talk of wrath is never
Beseech thee no discerner
A teacher is a learner
We walk the path together

look round compassionately
achieve the forfeit bleed
took ground sin’s ration
believe the corporate need

doors embrace and close
Illusion is control
Your disgrace I blow
Solution is love hold

fruition of His power
“let go” says a wise one
Conditional is now
Yet know a surprise comes

Fancy yourself free
Yield in gentleness
Answers come for free
Field of mental mess

keep the heart open
no matter the pain
Gladden when broken
Sadder insane

“go find another”
is the beaten cry
Know find discover
Defeat is unkind

Wounds that are open
bleeding troubled eyes
Soon matters hoping
Deceiving rubble cry

Shame guilt anger
His hurting of
Claim built danger
To serve One love

give it all regardless
of how it used to be
Live the call or Godless
Power use decreed

Madness grieves defense full
If doubt afraid then know
sadness leaves her temple
without a sacred bow

what keeps love unspoken
do you really care?
so deeply broken
truly feel me there

withdrawal and rejection
a false and drowning fate
with morals her perfection
of Cause a crowning rate


Through the nails a fight
succumb to sin time’s fad
did I fail to invite?
One with Him I’m glad

Betray my trust dim
Sit silently and wait
He says I must go in
reliance be my fate

Apocryphal is bull
do not rely on man
a prophesy fulfill
with God on high I can

I hid got blown away
lapse in time will tell
I did not know the way
my grasp I kind of fell

Tainted harm is hell
but no real effects
ancient promise held
Gut I feel you bet

Bother none I know host
for fill the truth I ask
The Father Son Holy Ghost
My Will with You at last

Care is there bar few
so close I couldn’t tell
where oh where are you?
my nose it wouldn’t smell

What is amiss I search for
a waste on what is hollow
but is bliss deserves more
to chase and so to follow

Will to keep created us
Glimmer of the glow sent
till I greet she rated trust
to shimmer in this moment

With practice grown perfect
deeds sown believe not hard
in acts is known Her pick
need only God to call

Into clear with patience
feel His love a prayer
disappear temptations
real above I care

Healing (ACIM Chapter 26)

every wish to hurt is sin
sin regrettable done separation
memory ditch, dessert again?
Begin to know One salvation

not what I made undo work friend
time divided faith in fences
Got God be brave undo hurt ends
Find united then face intention

cause effect consequence
sworn again endeavor
war regrets harm’s defense
born again remember

hidden from awareness
clouds a thin layer
with Him or be careless
proud of the sin slayer

the fear it got me lost
free harm’s detection sin
idea leaves not their source
I found correction In

guilt ask for punishment
then his quest is answered
from silk ashes crumbs sent
bequeath to rest dam less

apart from time truth’s law
bruise of war impossible
A heart divine soothes all
used to call no obstacle

sin leads to sickness
ball stuff surround tight
in my needs depict this
call enough found Might

seek not a senseless wish
bluff in place of truth
peace got to mentions this
enough forsaken proof

ask for what is true
and with genuine voice
to pass all things new
no sin on menu choice

some illusion value?
feel you no effects
done elusive now go
don’t you feel rejected

ephemeral is valueless
On whole it is deceiving
now you know how to bless
extol unto belief

come dance to the call
You live the terror gone
one answer for the fall
forgive the error harm

Done with separation
deciding not to die
Come the gift salvation
residing I’m on high

forgive negates

Restore a sage voice negates
To bury fear a treason’s cry
Choice hate distorts image
Very clear the reasons why

Sense need give you get
Sins of heathen lift!
Is His freedom a Gift?
Does innocence regret?

Condemn prisoner subjugate
Thicken frame body sense
Attend wisdom love negate
Picture sane godly hence

Consistently a war fearful
A birdie see free flight
One with Him be more cheerful
For certainly she’s high!

Dreams I cry deem imposter
Confused bewilder consider this
Redeem on high esteem possible
Amused until her wonder bliss

Given His name great homage
Passes in deed common clause
Living you escape harm bondage
Master needs harmful flaws

Mercy’s reason duty His
Forgiveness hold understand
Curtsy pleasing booty bliss
Give this gold from His hand