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Love covers multitude of sins

Love to choose
where is strength?
cover the truth
caring I thank!

channel hate
a fence built
panel dictates
offense kills

believe call advises
find must unravel
leaving all devices
time dust of travel

body is vehicle
physical burns
hardy fulfills the
whimsical journey

hate shrinks from
a tag of loneliness
fate thinks One
Be magnanimous

soothing One dear
All of God is lead
illusion from fear
false acknowledge

the loose connection
bring Great Light
choose protection
Wings take flight

means to salvation

conceptual flaws
extreme defense
effectual cause
means to an end

a wish fulfilled
“sin” many forms
cherish the bull
defend his thorn

the fear I find
know yet w doubt
idea of mind
projected out

a sigh overlooks
to fault is blind
on high love took
and taught in kind

denial cease
only a dream
abide in peace
and be the means

perturbed worse
a rusted cry
serve purpose
is justified

to prove case
hence live
in truth grace

in We I see
no space
show grace

what do you want?
sit still why think
but through a bond
with Will I link

Lesson 195 Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

safe to say
paves way

cease rivals
Peace arrival

let go weapons
release world
no exceptions
please a pearl

awareness decide
at last linger
comparisons aside
grasping finger

no hurting dream
all pain is healed
but certain means
is sane then deal

instead hold her
bless and smile
head to shoulder
rest awhile

black despair bitter
door deliverance
back his care w her
more I give sense

rather tarry me
say should hoping
gather clarity
Way could open

God’s Will

God’s Will Is One
not split in two
harder to kill
got hit and run

death’s decision
teach harm girl
kept His Wisdom
reach beyond world

Hell negates fact
lost, closed mind
relegate attack
accost will find

body separate
can sin be real?
hardly accepted
dim when feel

thoughts a duel
dependent men
taught to rule
love or vengeance

consists built
terror not nice
in mist of guilt
an error suffice

I ditch desert
beliefs unreal
my wish to hurt
bequeth I feel

opposing power
conceives of choices
suppose to Now
believes Love’s voices

in line devil’s state
proof bleeds offense
design Heaven’s Gate
truth needs no defense

Love but know
next “condition”
an obstacle

in memory
ancient name
no sin when we
ain’t insane

unity all things
wishes One
u n me calling
cherish Son

little time
small space
fiddle find
call grace

God’s heart
depth rate
not apart

fear come
hurt in me
clear One

Lesson 181 Trust my brother One with me

Son’s decree
joining minds
One with me
joy she finds

Must discover
thinking serve
trust my brother
linking word

I kept my bliss
sublime love call
the separateness
dub kind of fall

I’m all alone
mistake shadows
the call atone
His fate now know

Symbols world
man degraded
Sins of a girl

Lies surface
Sin ever no
Eyes of Christ

Sin mention
To dam
You can

Rate to ponder
Gain peace
Escape bondage
Sane release

Space till
Grace fills
Entry bless

Week sin sense
past or future
Seek innocence
lasting suit you

closes door
knock I try
suppose more

Cause remember
Claim abounds
Sure surrender
Angels surround

One With Him
no scatter goals
Commitment pro
Matters whole

Hiding surprises
laughing stock
Widen horizons
fasting shock

Sin narrow
Fear know
In now go

Freehold accord
Vision shifts
Behold the Lord
Wisdom’s gift

Game a hocus
strife destroy
Change focus
His life joy

This Moment

You are to bow or curtsy
command His great recruit
Now you’re at His mercy
anticipate salute

A dream is still undone
master of what is built
Clean Mind He fills with One
to pass through all the guilt

Say this day a lie Sir
Get out of hell’s impact
A slave or a survivor
threat then attack swells

pass this test awaken
disturbance not for long
Salvation is your destiny
God’s Servant Holy Song

Time elapse no war
no breaks in continuity
Find perhaps reward
handshake begin unity

beckon on high place me
A kingdom I can rule
recognize my own safety
Bring on fun’s renewal

To seek outside there’s doubt
will not be given unto you
defeat abounds deceives despair
unforgiving till you’re through

feelings sown in vain
infinite no questions
reveal or to abstain
definite his blessing

do not forsake a moment time
give thanks He’s always there
hot awaken glow then shine
Join ranks with certain care

as you sleep know for sure
His Word allow the lift
as he keeps forever more
deserve this perfect gift


An error dismiss it
To serve no bicker
True merit witness
Deserve a sticker

Harden neglected
born to rest
pardon reflective
formless quest

Rusted wheel
hate forgiveness
Trust is real
can create Big

Mirror overlook
some appearances
Miracle book
come clear answers

Branch of tree lives stick
Cut can heal recognized
man can see not a trick
What is real beckons wide

Change a hard disguise
can’t kill what’s real
Name His God surmise
Will of boy achilles heal

Fear escape unbounded
enemy dare see One
clearly safe and sound
Then aware become


Inclined measure
Cause sow worship
Mind one’s treasure
Know Source equip

Go back freedom
Holt to its ability
No lack becomes
Ultimate tranquility

Point failure grope
Show I got the nerve
Anoint your hope
Go forth to serve

Did I make illusion?
Does it harbor worry?
Hid forsake solution
Is it arbitrary?

Problems I brought
Known as I digest
Solved then my thought
Home to let it rest

Question premise
Would I let it go?
Blessing can wish
Could I get to know

Journey of the brave
Gather up your wits
Learn that he is saved
Rather than to quit

Opportunity I grasp
Or kept doubt from
Bloom in me at last
Step toward outcome

Holding pattern

Hold him knowing
Stars more clear
Golden moments
Bar your fear

Lust is envy
Link within
Trust then we
Think with him

Correction balance
Then official
Perfection talents

The ebb flow
Believe sent
Ahead know

Some lie yet
God in Me
Sunrise set

Hence elective
Doubt unlock
Sense perspective
Out of box

At once face
Strong intention
Abundance grace
Belong mention

Turning of tide
Match when
Burning inside

Let go be open
Passing moment
Yet know free hoping
Lasting glow sent

I am not dumb
He wept tis of me
A lot comes

Slow steady
Higher fortune
Show ready
Desire support Him

His sake much know
Lies one’s salvation
Awake watchful
Quiet observation

surface deep

Deplete as I destroy
Fear I am up against
Complete is lasting joy
clearly I’m on a fence

Gather lines I muster
abolish not the trust
rather fine the luster
polish up the dust

Tender task I render
Conceive meaning sense
End the mask remember
One Seed gleam Him hence

Enter view a purpose
Long ago now suggest
Center round to surface
Song you know how blessed

Blissful memory exchange
Won’t dessert but doubt
world everything changes
End the hurt works it out

seek not to understand
but linger inner being
Peak alot at wonder man
Bring Her a winning queen

An anointed presence
Not exempt can live
and pinpoint His Essence
Hot contemplatives