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Share His Perfectness

How much disagree
brings about sloth
mend to such degree
think same cloth
ease pass tis a test
lift bonds of trust
as least is to best
differences honor Us
sin’s wrinkles defy
literally go figure
In twinkling of eye
figuratively is Her
no loss matters try
Dare to work at this
go forth scatter why
Share His perfectness


Road find
Know keep
Broad mind
Sow reap

Fear is bull
He thinks so
His Instinct

Hollow parts
Right approach
Follow heart
Lighted growth

Step up to plate
Stalling is lack
Kept but is fate
No falling back

Her appearance
Lead at last

Bragger rude
Gone pretentious

Calm look at all
Clear-cut goals
Mirror hold

Light touch in chaos
Superior person
Sight much okay
No fear hurting

Modesty balance
Will her boldly
God frees talent
Silver gold see

Act swift bold
Raise the tide
Knack gift hold
Praise abide

Cause for guilt
Deceive Girl’s mind
Ignore we built
Leave world blind

Much known extoll
Vision more distinct
Touchstone is holy
With Him surely think

Show bond I would
In deed and word
Know common good
I lead to serve

Men are wise fulfill
To reverse malady

ACIM Lesson 161 Give me your blessing holy Son of God

soften soon Of
plan to tame her
offer room love
stand no anger

live resting
fasting fear
give a blessing
As it disappears

Of He see yet
abstraction dim
lovely reflect
max factor In

let go specifics
clearance enjoy
yet know terrific
Spirit employ

lift crown of thorns
atonement complete
Gift found reborn
Home safely seek

healing that I greet
contain all minds
kneeling at his feet
One claim call find

He loves simple
then detachment
free of symbols
and attachment

“fall” accomplish
All encompass
deeming this

clear dust storm
sage protected
fear must spawn
rage projected

viva la difference
anointed knew
Shiva, glimpses
a point of view

door thru care
begin with this
more aware

hasten then
salvation men

goal not hard
take a stand
holy God
sacred man

Her Debt

Dependence on grief
A mob sees us become
Intense perceive
The obvious undone

the fall ego
Withdraw from it
four walls legal
shift Cause of One

fear enters
fade enough bring
Made of nothing

can stand on brink
stay in the Flow
command and think
sinful ways go

Set a table clear space
rise enough to bless
to enable fear you face
Christ in nothingness

Heart with Him stay
A finger lies upon
Partition in way
Linger lies harm

manmade negate know
Essence of what I find
give hand creative
Blessing but is mine

dig no questions see
lessons bigger than me
with solution sent

Shut eyes awhile
man kind no sin
smile justified
sublime begin

Atonement frees
with discipline
Known meant to be
consistent Son

Breeze past

look across past breeze in sky
Mistook loss task reasons why
Like you I stood confuse n blame
To tease at you survive in pain
stake sadder cursed sin treason
make matters worse in season
Run ball from chain delirious
One call remains and here He Is
Human know lift what’s true
To man’s growth gifts in you
Ignore flaws a dizzy spell
draw applause a wizard dwells
me in the pits imagined time
or we be fit break patterns find
Real call war on doubt
Feel It all more about
Pollution at last solution
Salute One master evolution
Mosey, on deeper still
Cozy too keep thy will

letter of request

better gets the best of me
fast forward barren seeds
A letter of request agree
last know It guarantee

three D sown fake desire
toil found in loyalties
knee deep Lake of fire
boils down to royalty

sinner feel exhausted
lacking in presence
Inner ear lost it
go back to Essence

fear to become
A flood of needs
Clear she is One
the blood it bleeds

man made anywhere
till hour of death
can fade then aware
Will power kept

Authority Problem

forgiveness sent
shine grace thru years
mortal lives no resent
lines face knew tears

Born approves no force
desire good healthy
Dawn of truth no loss
higher could Self be

Divinity Marks
this moment time
begin see sparks
blissful kind

error sin sift ration
illusion forcing things
current know lift passion
inclusion no loss bring

negate destroy burn
find way is cruel
state of joy learn
kind say renewal

collective decision
ramp it up
elective is Wisdom

foolish travail sadness
relinquish me amazingly
Wishes prevail gladness
a frequency day’s easy

tame is the queen
and deemed no more
Exchange the dream
but seemed a chore

Bliss eschew draw curtain
sent the worry made sick
Sickness in you Law hurting
Temporary fade a trick

Tugs my heart
Falter hard
Ugliness start
Altar of God

Imprisoned will
In Him still
follow to know

It made me sick
With what I pick
Acute conflict

Halt best meant
No conflict
Alternate investment
no harm pick

Level of correction
In mind not body
Devil of protection
Or kind of Godly

At a loss
Seek first kingdom
never force
wings of freedom

I hide unwilling
To look at fear
Decide I’m chilling
Mistook One dear

The clouds layer
Fade in Light
Brave slayer
Unmade insight

Fond of all
On the brink
With what I think

At most fear
find his grace
time and space

What is worthy?
The God I sought
But to serve me
guard my thoughts

Devil of protection
Egocentric fear
Level of correction
Sequel pick here

Genuine respect
Powerful mind
Then win detect
Now Of Divine

I made the fearful
A healthy soul
fade n clear bull
In Self control

To budge past then
Fear but trick
My last judgment
Queer is sick

Flaws I detect
Need then lose
Cause and effect
Freedom choose

Great really
Right minded
Faith healing
Sight find then

Top of view file
But I am free
Proper use denial
Of what I see

Off balance
Cringe station
Soften talents

Charity forgives
Care is kept
Clarity lives
Where is threat?

Daze confuse
Born a body
Phase amuse
Forlorn hardly

Obliterates question
Produces uneasiness
Love’s literal lesson
Fruit squeezing in bliss

Dance is in my mind
Restored I am free
Answers all the time
Cure eternally

I see Authority problem
Resistance to Eternity
more of me absolve then
Existence return to Me

no contradiction

Take on new reconcile old
Proof in you reject none
Fake harm knew wreck defiled
Truth is true no exception

Pain in peace? grief in joy?
Delight in your being
Gain relief cease destroy
The light you r seeing

Emotion shifts memory
Waves go high n low
Ocean lift everything
Deny to save I know

Alter the course know
sent perfect outcome
fault no loss grow
reject doubt done

Pain forsake grief fear
Occurrences miss
Claim grace belief clear
Concur hence wish

Frantic thoughts play us
Harm depict none
Pedantic bought chaos
Contradict One

man in hurry fate loss
Power of decision own
Transitory states false
Hour of wisdom atones

clear cut goals

Men are wise
Reverse malady

Blame crucifies
Problems appear
Strain know why
Evolving is fear

Free what breath renews
Sin fantasy qualm peace
Rubies blood depth in you
Answer conscious release

Child yield dense shame
Situational goals brag men
Futile field sense aimless
Which way old fragments

Shrinking lean comfort zone
Loss waste meditation require
Linking means Thought own
Dedication desire course love

Sin’s an error undo curse
Calm look at all mention
In the mirror you reverse
Unequivocal momentum

Come invite lifted now
One wish fate beyond
Undecided split power
Waiting on conditions

From get go clear-cut goals
Witness light really share
Better Glow dear uphold
It’s his right to feel

Tears are diamonds
Restore Her worth
Near I’ll find One
Reward effort

death not nice

Not of me reasons why
when annoyed cycles form
Got to be free to fly
Enjoy the Light reborn

Mooted direction acute conflict
Rest harm solution’s weapons defend
Root of correction removal trick
Question the illusion alarm sense

Bear with Me wise
Simple right knack
scarcity crucifies
sinful fight back

sin I sense dam is hard
divided weakness fear
Innocence Lamb of God
invite meekness there

Deeming Will Let’s work it
Detach; sense intrinsic art
Meaningful restore perfect
match incensed departs

Created Of reliance starts
Gift the two halt the dream
Lion heart radiates love
Lift in you Altar clean