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place faith

Cherish not sin
shows contradiction
Her Wish got In
no harm depiction

Toys world trinkets
earn insults
Boy Girl Link quit
burns impulse

Not lonely done feed
lack mistook pain
Got only One need
step back look again

Bless freedom rules
where to place faith
Suggests Me and You
truth grace waits

Twinkle Star no fear
sacred heard appointed
thinking far so near
Maker of Word anointed

Love holds everything
as allowed so remains
Of Old Clever bring
Hallowed be His Name

Why decide when
Bear witness
I abide in Them
Care is His

A calm quiet certainty
Peace choose friend
Alms require working me
grease groove spend

Lesson 135 If I defend myself I am attacked

Is fake fact feel
A sense of threat
To make attack real
Ends in regret

A slave sin swells
Attempt to handle
To save himself
Relent the scandal

Error must I
Blame you
Terror justified
A strange view

Elaborate plans
Armor thick
Fabulous can
Charm picks

Pause to ask
Who what why
Law to task
You but cry

What came first?
Defense or attack
But reverse
Attend to lack

Tense I built
Trust worldly base
Defense and guilt
This girl must face

Put up dukes
Offers safety?
Could rebuke
Soften maybe

In the middle
Still the vice
What is little?
Will suffice

Can four walls
Be my home?
When adored
He then shown

Defense frightens
Stems from fear
Men enlightened
Send One dear

Mind matter
Hardly allow
Find that her
Body endowed

so used to it
roles to play
who abuses,quit
Holy weigh

Ashes to ashes
Dust dust
On eyelashes
I must trust

Body, nerves
How you rest
Godly serve

An instrument
To rule suffice
Than sin sent
A cruel device

Exalted aims
Harm wish sent
Halt to attain

Failing scope
schemes of need
Prevailing hope
Lovely deeds

Most are lost
Busy to find
Host of Source
Is he inclined?

In my weakness
Made easy prey
Begin meekness
Squeeze in pray

Goals fall through
Brink of disaster
Hold all new
Link I’m after

Beliefs go fetch
And make a plan
A need to protect
While naked stands

Add distress
Cover my bases
Madness rest
Love grace bliss

Not through me
Hush I’m brave
Got to see
Trust I’m save

Responds to Self
Face the truth
He’s fond of health
Grace will soothe

Fragility trim at it
Waste, diminished
Agility unlimited
Race to the finish

Sparks fly
When I detect Him
Marks of most high
Then my correction

Love is real
Heart retorts
Over feeling
Starts with thought

Am I alone?
Do I have need?
when I’m atoned
Then a relief

Healing doubt see
Wisdom not mine
Reality about me
Come hot find

Wait and listen
Plans nil
Fate will quicken
I stand still

Do not depend
I’d rather quit
You got a friend
Finds adequate

Stop I’m secure
Seed of sin
Obstacles no more
Impede within

Spoken sure
Harassed I see
Function flawed

Bar the needs
Then approval
Far exceeds
An illusion

Sick and tired
Many goals
Trick desire
When He’s whole

Get to know
Greater plan
I let go
Fate of man

Frightened mind
Lost I prove
Insight blind
Cost of truth

Control future?
Make up past?
Whole come suit you
Fake wont last

Renew present
Mark of cry
Who knew resent

What did I learn?
Somehow insane
But hid the turns
Allows for change

Devious creeps
Dire detects
Previous beliefs
Desire directs

Anticipate no
Harm’s defense
State of show

Door blown open should
Conceive no weapons
For my own good
Believe acceptance

Atoned it will surface
In defense there is pain
Shown only one purpose
Hence care remains

Ahead return in me
No plans for death
Lead to eternity
Commandment kept

I face tomorrow
With present trust
No trace of sorrow
Resentment rusts

In defense
I conceal
And won’t sense
What is real

Ways of God
Might appointed
Stay love large
Sight anointed

Tainted can
Bided worn
Ancient plan
Time was born

Hollow coins
Fake to bite
Follow join
Made of Light

I will receive
Instead of plan
Till my belief
Ahead Love can

Amend decide
I am strong
Defenses hide
And I belong

No need to plan
Deceitful way
Belief I can
Receive today

In peace I trust
Till One I can
Release I must
Wonder of man

Choice not hard
Sin I shelf
Voice of God
In Himself

think aim

Ebb flow timing
like All beef ends
ahead glow finding
cycles achievement
awake I’m watchful
I’ve opened heart
His sake parch Soul
My hope then starts
hear captain say
things change no loss
clear map and stay
see gains sow Cause
sense perspective
that comes once face
hence elective
abundance grace
he wept missing me
molding so tend
golden moments
quiet observation
link within
lies one salvation
think lift sin
belong mention
solution is
strong intention
sunrise set
God in me
One rise yet
requires this sought One
know lasting Whole tends
desires misfortune
let go passing moment
a match meant burning inside
detachment turning tides
beneficial correction balance
then official perfection talents

Bless His Soul

No time elapse the grace I feel
To find I grasp and face what’s real
To brag when circumstantial
A fragment, Her man is full
Fated start each soul
Sum greater parts reach whole
To shut the door in isolation
But you are more I wait come
Healing own decision abstain/reverse
Really sown wisdom exchange curse
Surprise love prepared memory brings
Rise up gifts shared everything
Restitution for imagined
End the urge is hollow sin
Rest illusions or the patterns
Then the surge to follow Him
Denote I can lick this
Remember stand weakness
Impotent is sickness
A gentle hand seeks bliss
Saved when the weary cry
Grace bestows loves solution
Haven for the teary I
Trace the flow of evolution
Acceptance no opposition
Really aware attributes
Except stop conditions
Healing is shared that is proof
In your lessons you behave
An instrument of healing
Win more blessings two saved
No sin sent love’s meaning
In prison next tension
Wisdom kept cries mention
Solidness becomes a dream
Follow bliss love supreme
Seemingly fear rusted why?
Cross divine free from pain
Deeming clear justified
Of course I find remains
Task to free inevitable
Replace fantasies
Ask to be in heaven know
Grace lands free

boldly seek

He wept since
One condition
Scattered energies
The fear here sick
Matters then we see
A theatre trick
Fail to ask
Haggle to prove
Scale so vast
Healthy soothes
Men are wise
Self improve
Fix he mends
The hurt in me
Lost a rose
Color glasses
Host suppose
Love at last is
The challenges
You await One
That balances
To seek I’m bold
Require growth
Repeat the old
Desires grope
There’s a trap door
Ominous finding
Care enraptures
Harm in us binding
I tire when
Thru exhaustion
On fire then
Knew Source One


Up in the saddle
retreat is brave
shut down the battle
sweet disengage

He/them/(me?) enemy
depict insane
meet equanimity
victor regains

in balance
remain free
be my talent

Her fear sense?
am I strong?
than belong

clear and simple
common good
fear is sinful
calm I would

Danger resides
alarm insist
anger inside
charm, resist

Rusty why?
gone are you?
trust be wise
honor you

Will I force
harms defense?
chill I’m boss

Right or happy
which are you?
might be snappy
bitch untrue

ever great

Be prepared
trials, war
free aware
I am more

Hidden power
I have access
With Him now
my impact Is

know Love

a spark of truth
with open mind
the darkness proves
the world is blind
no separate parts
to break this world
but kept His heart
is sacred girl
to make secret
or obscure
is fake weak yet
you are more
what is yours
and yours is mine
but adored
for sure divine
as the Seed
returns to Source
passing needs
we learn no loss


Love or fear
Only one true
Of more dear
Atone you

One fact suffice
No loss to suffer
Come back to life
The Cross a buffer

Hard free suggest
Dismiss temptation
A Godly request
Is His Name mention

Now you see sermon
Brink be desire
Value determines
Link he requires

Fear is blinding
Darkness obscures
Clear wish find then
Mark this for sure!

Eclipse of the sun
Uncover the light
Equipped is the Son
A lover’s insight

Mistook harm grief
Wrong I’m afraid
I look upon belief
Belong I am saved

Surely she renders
Mock of it voice
Merely remember
Opposites choice

Will see One hence
Bless to save but
Freedom deliverance
The rest is made up

Of man you see
Will pass because
Love’s enemy
Still has no law

Night to Day

Crawl I fight
Tending hurt
A Call to Light
Mending worth

Coming after
Worth the wait
Some bring laughter
Birth of great

Open window
Find the Way
Hoping endows
Kinder say

Turn round see
Naked Self
Earn Crown free
Faith lives wealth

Truth one and all
You fight wrath
Who you gonna call?
To light path

To brush lift Love
No whipping boy
Rush the Gift Of
Know equip Joy

Waste, spent time
Anyway wind blows
Render find face
Caring then sin no

Keep or sift
Bring to you
Leap off cliff
All things new

Sin is hard stand
Pay any price
Into God’s hand
Way of Christ

Tugging since
A violin plays
Hug of innocence
Higher then stay

Four walls I
Depend on man?
To stall ,why?
Offend God’s plan

Noise in head
Reverse wordless
Joy instead
Reserve heard bliss

Eyes surprising
Trust Him know why?
Horizon skyline
I must have been high!