Monthly Archives: April 2015

ACIM lesson 95 I am one Self, united with my Creator

felt lack used too
my take on things
held back refusal
mistake harm brings

unwilling to let go
delay I fought
Still get to know
Way I’m taught

A lapse
calls for correction
I grasp, pause:
detect One

vote becomes
laid doubt aside
both as One
played out denied

tolerate weakness
Him in Us now
follow bait meek Is
limitless power

honor you
because I can
bond the two
no flaws then

rustling wings of peace
no weariness
must bring love to least
I’m clearing this

only this is true
for strength I stretch
At one missing you
more thankful get

with creation one
no separate parts/sin free
gift he waits comes repair
starts in me

love forever yours
come this call mind
Of endeavor sure
oneness all find

veil of darkness
shine away illusion
hail Love mark bliss
find Way solution

door sin fight’s old
Her pick charm be
secure in light goal
Perfect harmony

In His Name

The Wonder could
Still lift enjoy
fill it with toys

Until a trap
the false idea
to fill a gap
of course is fear

I add to it
grope I whine
Madness quits
My hope I find

to brush embrace
A rush of Grace
tells harm to go

Soft and Silent
yearn complete
Lost in violence
burn defeat

Where is threat?
no fun my dear
dare to forget
I run in fear

Chase the truth
world behind
Face it prove
Pearl he finds

Fight shame sinless
Innocence stained
Might remain bliss
In His Name

Inner man current
then Will shine
Shimmer transparent
till end of time