Monthly Archives: March 2015

ACIM Lesson 64 Let me not forget my function

Love has power
Fear guilt too
Uncover now
Clear anew

Cruel abandon
But win fight
Rules I fathom
Cut sin’s “right”

Hell freeze now
Straighten path
Tell how please
Negate wrath

Must obscure?
Room regret?
Trust is sure
Soon forget?

Ego’s detour
Fills my book
Still a see saw
Will I look?

Mask why hide
Found complete
As I denied
Bound repeat

In temptation
Physical appearance
Is my fate when
Mystical clearance

ACIM 280’s

Solution near
He negates
illusions fear

End perception
Glimpses shown
Then acceptance
witness known

gleam marry soothe
miles traveled exiled
carry dream to truth
unravel then smiles

More, can you see?
errors insight
restored sanity
no terror but light

Shared identity
Its you He seeks
renew complete

Boisterous brings
cold deserts
asks joyous things
extoll no hurt

Lesson 290’s

will this atleast okay
bind desire
A day stillness n peace
designed higher
decision suffice
last heed renew
A vision of Christ
Path leads to You
Sin attitude war
a malady
Hymn gratitude
assure neutrality
All fear is past
Abundantly clear
You’re near atlast
Fun with You near
no different forms
Is Love of One
His gift reborn
discover, come


Ashes simmer show
passion Him I know
The Bog of doubt
Hollow about In
A deeper quest
float out to sea
Meek suggests
two eyes bent me
to realize
current inheritance
Shimmer snow-lashes
Light spattering outward
begin the show of patterns
Fountain flow In n backwards
might matter any doubt could
accounting no lack “shoulds”
deserve no lies know why?
On earth pie in the sky!