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Chapter 28 The Undoing of Fear

begin no fear since
sin’s interference
what has no cause
gigantic effects
but pass go flaws
alittle while
pedantics u met
I bid U smile
to last move on
see guilt is over
the past is gone
rebuilt no hover
the consequences
bereft of cause
no harm I sense
so kept love’s law
serve till purpose
all things given
nerve will surface
mingle live in
memories made
occurence now
tempoary fade
concur some how
to heal not hurt
is effortless
n real God’s work
rest In Source
render how
Will Of Me
remember Now
I made I think
messages deceive
can break the link
Guest lives believe
the way let go
slideshows roll
I say met know
besides no toll
no fear man wow
the cause is gone
for here and now
One Law abounds
I’m not afraid
still desire
Got God I’m saved
will free hire

ACIM ch 27 The Healing of the Dream

Clear I Am really
beyond the sin flow
no fear of healing
Freedom from symbols
A quiet space
forsaken soon
requires grace
sure making room
pleasure and pain
keep me from looking
measure the same
deep see come rookie
guiltlessness see
witness to dream
Will this in me
did wish so gleam

ACIM Chapter 26 The Borderland

see come the borderland
freedom the order stands
In time and place
dam not destroy
refined with Grace
man’s Lot His joy
the last comparison
clashes, evalution
lasting care of Son
truth upon illusion
soothe harm, solution
knowledge Is
gone perception
follow, bind exceptions
what has no meaning
grasping or gleaming
perish come hell
over, complicated
cherish compell
lover One Is fated
your help or hindrance
sure wealth find in Him