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Freed myself
Years misery
A world apart
My history
The journeys end
No man depend
They lead nowhere
Sometimes despair
The useless time
Got in a bind
With ego tricks
God had to fix
And bickerings
Attack thoughts bring
The values here
I don’t hold dear
Can hold no purpose
Illusion surface
Now self aware
Can not be scared
Instead I find
Control of mind
And all my tears
Like all my fears
No longer grieve
Nor can deceive
Wish to convey
My love for you
Without delay
To do it too
Divest you must
From ego lusts
Be not caught up
With body thoughts
The spirit rules
Are really cool
In fact you’ll cherish
As you will flourish
Discover your worth
As you walk Earth
Certainty and Peace
To say the Least

There is no fear

To protect fear hold it dear
Is really not to see too clear
Disgrace His face with blood
Hide yourself under a hood
How else would you seek escape?
Defend yourself just to be safe?
Fear begotten swells with age
forgotten dear how well you’re saved
And in your rage only feed
See things rotten have no need
The need defense is the offense
A fence unreal a clouded lens
Because fear not really there
Weigh no harm life is not cruel
The Laws of healing show you care
Lay down your arms Christ rule

The enemy you see amend
Many then set free a friend
To suffer by thought whenever defile
You suffer for naught One’s reconciled
blunder stands to take apart
In self defeat there’s no relief
it falls apart, right from the start
make it a point to let it go
Lets say you seek a firm belief
sacred anoints let it be so
the lies in premises
demise and then he is
manmade or what holds fact found
so let it fade in the background
to self surround so be assured
what God implores your Self know more
Man thinks lacks so
on the brink attacks, no!
don’t go on with your big guns
God would never harm His Son
Of fear he finds is in his mind
And with attack to pass this “lack”
As if this fact Will get it off his back
A better choice to be not split
to hear God’s Voice to give the gift

ACIM lesson ~ 220s His Look

Guilty a shame
extoll in me
Will free claim
holy sin free

spend time at home
tweet you sow
when I’m attoned
sweet two know

mistook the pain
lonely bound here
His look remains
toned down I’m clear

I look upon
bother knew heaven
mistook the harm
Father you leaven

This Grace suffice
Now said Is break
His face of Christ
instead of mistake

Annointed Task

Deem so is job
frame holiness
A means know God
claim roll bliss

not physical body
be anointed ask
whimsical hardy
the appointed task

house in death not
memory cares
Now is kept hot

remedy mind sick
specialness, regrets
then agree find
Wellness see bet

intent that is why
points and direction
contend satisfied
annoint detects Him

can bet win
weigh One
At His decision
Day is done

Heaven Sent

Not hard to arrange Her
From rags His Queen
Got God through danger
To haggle is extreme

Doubt to awareness
Will Is Reverence
Out of caressing
Still Heaven sent

Trust flows wrapping
twist round little finger
must know happens
Missed found, linger

Next door I face
Aladdin Light lantern
Get more, why waste?
Gladden Might happen

Lost fail see sin
Remembers meant
Cross sky tail begins
Heaven sent

Deep Remains

Strange belief dumb contempt
Littleness haggle to prove
Claim relief One intent
Middle of bliss magnitude

Fake vigilance strife
Attribute now endower
Take vigil since alive
A tribute to my power

Choices open
then kind story
Voices hoping
can find glory

Stem the tide link bar
Hostage to the ego
Then decide think are
Prosper U believe all

Not lost, why hard?
Every effort on Behalf
My Ghost got God
Remember fonder glad

Abide the lift within
In Her steadyness
I side the Gift to win
Shimmering readiness

At last recognition
Open give and receive
passing are conditions
Hope to living in peace

Perfect communication All
Seek to change nothing
Her work soon vocation call
Keep remains enough bring


So used to confusion
Know bruised illusion
Upheaval forgiving
Yup leave all for living

Never no illusion
Undone we do just that
Ever know solution
To trust come up to bat

Eye remains useful
Void the past quit
Cries pain abuse know
Joy, go after It

Of course dam aloof
Loathe acute conflict
As if you could win
Gift both would begin
to dam the cost abuse

Command false to Truth