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where is Truth?

Live in Truth but where to find
Truth be said not be blind
For the ego, yes, you know
Likes to tell you where to go
Pressure you when to perform
As if you had to live by norm
Preoccupied over outcome
Tends to spoil all the fun
Sin and guilt and sickness too
No wonder body’s got the flu
Conscious choice now to withdraw
Idle wishes out the door
Count the cost, put up the fight
No longer lost, reflect the light
Free pursuits with power now
And My Source will tell me how
Give all up to make it real
Witness those around me heal
No harm can come to who’s whole
Nor mere shadows touch one’s soul
Not a thought apart Love can exist
Except in your mind if you persist
Lack forgiveness can conceal
Something abreast less ideal
Keep not viscous cycle going
Golden rule is due for showing
See all the power in each part
Draw them ‘bout all into your heart
Center-on-out, Junk DNA flow
Sparkles sprout the colors show
Anyone or none at all
No Exclusions ‘for the Fall
Now great It must come
Radiate just like the Son!

Chapter 13 Notes on the Guiltless

With the Atonement comes the ability to handle your guilt feelings which will make your inclination to attack others disappear. It goes like this: We cannot handle it when our own inner altar is defiled so we project it unto others. Having intimate knowledge with the “fault” we are the first ones to notice it in another. Our subconscious is actually hyper vigilant for the behavior in others because we are “afraid” of being judged for the very same behavior/fault etc so that if it comes up in another, it takes the pressure off us, at least for the time being. But with the Atonement, one will be willing, with the Spirits help to see when one’s Altar is defiled for it is merely the Spirit calling forth truth in us and protecting us from all the Hellfire we read about in the Bible. We will know there’s no such thing as guilt, and that when our heart strings are being pulled askew, it is leading us to our treasure and just as gold is refined from coal, we too are being refined.
As for our prior successes at blaming others we realize that this did in fact have the opposite affect then what we would have imagined. Rather than the intended “wag the dog” effect, it actually made us feel worst especially if the poor Son of Gun got punished. We pity that dude because we’ve been there and because we gained an understanding of Unity Consciousness.
We understand ultimately that God so loved the world, he never did anything to us, but it was Us who (in rebellion of being put on this earth?) decided to separate from him. He was the one to give us this beautiful Earth (space), we are the ones rejecting the Garden of Eden. But we can still play in the Garden, the Space, he still avails to us. We don’t have to prove anything and God, he never gives up. We give up, or rather think we can, but alas we have Spirit, which means like God we, too, can’t give up. For God knows us, he knows we are pure (We need not prove anything, that’s man’s idea!) and He will give us all the time we need. The Lessons are designed to be the fastest route to figuring out what’s blocking your mind from controlling your body so that it becomes best suited to manipulate time and space. So because we want the miracle, we will gladly bow at our inner altar whenever our heart strings are pulled. We will be born again, and will begin to treat ourselves, gently, with kid gloves. Anything so long as we honor God, honor our Godliness and grab hold of all the miracles we can while we still can. We will be the change we want to see in the world and one by one we will change the world. And that no good Son of ours, sister, brother, mother, everyone we come in contact will be affected. The journey into your mind becomes very important to you. Wedging consciousness in whenever you can rather than reacting becomes very important to you. Than one day you’ll find you no longer have to “force” this consciousness for the discipline will pay off and you will be in direct contact with your Spirit at all times.

How foolish we were with our caste systems of idol worship, Do you think God had anything to do with that. No, he didn’t want us to have Kings and Queens and other idols, He wanted us to go within and idolize ourselves, find our own kingdom and the power and glory within. Instead we gave it all away. God knows we are all equal that as extensions of him we’re Godly, and that’s what Jesus advised to go within to find your glory. The Kingdom of God is within you for God lives in you as you. We deny this because we are ignorant. Knowledge is power.
None of us is less than the other, no need to strive for anything. There is no condemnation. All is Holy, for God is everywhere, with great potential. Man put that slant on religion to control us because it’s so much easier to use fear to control than love because they’re talking to us through our egos. Damnation as depicted in our religious historical books was not of God but the messes that egos make of the world. If we bowed to the higher authority, All would be fair and well, but alas this is not in actuality so we must accept that God has allowed for two worlds to exist: One based on fear, (an illusion) and one that will extend into eternity like you! We should be able to recognize the difference between God’s creations and the manmade world so that we may make choices of a higher value.
Manmade things do not belong in eternal reality. Things like guilt, attack, condemnation are not part of your ultimate reality so you feel free of these obstacles. But as long as there is a world of egos that demand punishment, we need elaborate systems to maintain law and order or there would be chaos. The trick is to be able to separate out both in your mind. Our Inner and Outer lives therefore must remain separate for awhile. You must protect your path to your inner life from the corruption of the world and accept this fact while also wanting to bring those “in the world” with you when you can. You look for golden opportunities. You share with those supportive of you. You nonchalantly attempt to steer people out of their ego space without upsetting the status quo only if you know this is going to inspire them. You never seek to “give up” again for the Spirit is always willing. You see the wonder and don’t allow for Wonderbusters!
You cherish innocence and seek to protect it. You see the writing on the wall and do something to protect it when everybody else seems to be standing still. You have no fear because you know nobody’s guilty and you are not blaming anyone, you’re merely freeing the energy that allows mercy and justice to transpire for All. You allow God, always, to finish the job as you’re not concerned with outcomes, for you know were it not for Him, none of this would be possible!! He directs vital energy, you allow for nothing to interfere; no illusion, no obstacle to hold you back. But you must make the endeavor. Your outer life becomes secondary when you are in this flow and believe me, all will be well.
You take a stand for suffering. That’s a very big part of your philosophy now. You pity the poor , You pity the rich, you pity the ignorant, you pity the prideful and you come to realize you can make a difference in their lives. But you especially feel for those physically suffering and you seek to change their thinking so they can empower themselves and finally heal. All patients upon first 24 hours of a new diagnosis are given a crash course on the healing abilities of the Spirit in addition to all that other stuff. That ought to cut through all the fear about telling them the truth! Lay it all on the table then let go and let the Spirit, and a lot of Healers finally get down to some serious business- remember the proof would be in the pudding!
You seek to shape your reality for the good of our evolution. We protect the planet recognizing that God ‘s vital presence is everywhere. You no longer seek to comfort yourself at the expense of your children. We recognize that all children are godly and therefore are gifted in some manner and we seek this out in them. No longer do we hold them accountable to our manmade standards but rather allow them their freedom of Spirit. We don’t sacrifice the Spirit in favor of the ego but tell them of God’s use of time, that it is for all to choose and to choose wisely. To enjoy the world but not be of the world. To behold all the beauty they can. To not kill their miracles. We tell them about truth, it comes to them with ease. Punishing only serves to create useless suffering but we know correction means constant guidance of a higher authority. We teach them that this is not cruel. Love does not kill to save. God is not cruel. The world of guilt and sin is entirely manmade but in order to be real cool they must rise above where we once failed. This stuff comes naturally to children, their hearts are in it, They love heroes, they need a Hero. We all could be heroes by teaching everything we know. God would be so happy to provide for all, and everyone to enjoy if we but asked. And you could do anything, the Atonement’s proof is in the pudding.
I’d like to tell you a secret, but I’m sure it’s one of many of God’s secrets. Of course they all come in silence or somewhere in between what’s seen with the naked eye. You will get to see them and enjoy them with others if you can let go and learn not to judge what it is you see. Judgment kills joy because it has its roots in guilt. The only possible use for guilt is that it maintains the illusionary existence of the ego. The only useful thing about fear is that it keeps you from looking through your illusions. Love is always the answer because it’s in harmony, emanates at high frequencies, gets your “ junk” DNA revved up and sparkling into something so wonderful there are no words to describe it and just when you think you are amazed it bursts at the seams and all that remains is sparkles the colors of the rainbow shooting out from you and into the Universe. God is waiting to show you, your fireworks too. The Course Lessons save thousands of years. Only want this for yourself now for in the end there will be no Time and Space to play with, so there will be no need for miracles. You merely make the choice to receive the Atonement. Recognize error when your heart strings are pulled, and move on, always higher and higher. There is no end to what Love can do! No need to atone for sins so don’t be scared, we just need recognize that the onus is all on us. We were the ones in error by turning away from how Godly we are, but of course, God cannot err!

Choice to see Peace or Guilt Choice to use Love or shame Choice to see sin or invulnerability. Retribution of set free Retaliation/revenge vs love helpfulness
Choose then to be free from guilt and you will free yourself from the ego . When you look upon yourself and judge what you do honestly and consider yourself “guilty” consider this: “you are not guiltless in time, but in eternity. The sin is already in the past and the past is gone and in eternity there is no past. It has no direction. Time seems to go in one direction, but when you reach it’s end it will roll up like a long carpet spread along the past behind you, and will disappear. As long as you believe the Son of God is guilty you will walk along this carpet, believing that it leads to death. And the journey will seem long and cruel and senseless, for so it is”
Choose no more senseless journeys. Deny not the power of Love, remember you only deny because you do not know, you are ignorant. If you realized all the powerful journeys you could be on, surely you would desire to be helpful whenever you can

“When” you realize your guiltlessness, you too, will experience eternity for you will be, you are as God made you, now and forever. It was only when guilt entered the picture that we projected it thereby creating the Separation or denial of condition of oneness. Your Spirit will teach you to use the Holy Companions God sends your way to awaken you. For goals and plans are foolish in his eyes, he just wants us to wake up. Consider the magic carpet all rolled up and realize that time itself is an illusion, you really do exist in eternity. And as a Part of God, time goes on till he picks up all his Pieces. He knows this, we deny (or do not know) this, but that is surely temporary. Therefore you choose to limit your reality when you choose to reduce yourself to a body that is dependent on time and space.
Guilt clouds your awareness so that you cannot perceive your purity. You project because you seek to rid yourself of guilt for your Spirit knows this. But your ego’s plan only perpetuates it for it seeks to conceal it but your Spirit knows it’s still there and this only causing you to feel Split in two (i.e. sick) Denying that your brother is also a Son of God while idealizing yourself can only make one’s Spirit hurt more for it knows better. It knows all your darkest features and all your strongholds therefore is the best suited to be your doctor. Accepting the Atonement means you grab hold of this greater reality and realize your invulnerability. Releasing guilt releases you from the dimension of time in several ways. What’s done is done, it’s in the past, if you let it go, you let go of the concept of past. If you hold onto guilt it’s being projected into the future, a future involving ego dictated plans, like a loose cannon about to go off!
Let go of illusion of time and you have plenty of time. There’s no rush for anything anymore, especially not for something like your next demise! In choosing to love rather than expiate your guilt you realize there’s plenty for all and to have all you must share it, to reinforce this and make it more a part of your reality. For Love is all that matters in the end, that’s what I inferred when I said in the first chapter that you can store up eternal riches by building your Kingdom now.
You need not atone for your sins or make others atone for theirs. This is the Ego’s plan to keep itself alive: by making sin and guilt real. In cherishing your guilt, you set up a self perpetuating plan to keep you from a peaceful state of existence. The ego would not be needed to “protect you” if you were in this state. Consequently the closer you get to your Atonement the ego may attempt some vicious counterattacks. This will pass. Seek not to hide from your Spirit’s urgings. Your guilt is self betrayal. Realize you are blinded only by your ego’s clouded judgment than allow the light to clear up the clouds
To the ego, the guiltless are guilty and those who do not attack are its “enemies” because, by not valuing its interpretation of salvation, they are in excellent position to let it go.) They have approached the darkest and deepest cornerstone in the ego’s foundation, and while the ego can withstand your raising all else to question, it guards this one secret withits life, for its existence depends on keeping this secret. So it is this secret that we must look upon, for the ego cannot protect you against truth, and in its presence the ego is dispelled.
In the calm light of truth, let us recongnize that you believe you have crucified God’s Son. You have not admitted to this “terrible” secret because you would still wish to crucify him if you could find him. Yet the wish has hidden him from you because it is very fearful, and so you are afraid to find him. You have handled this wish to kill yourself by not knowing who you are, and identifying with something else. You have projected guilt blindly and indiscriminately, but you have not uncomvered its source. For the ego does want to kill you, and if you identify with it you must believe its goal is yours.

The ego thinks it’s God. You know it’s not but are in need of God’s plan for the way back. Jesus Christ devised the perfect plan being man and God. For in Guiltlessness the ego thinks he finds himself murdered. While his backwards thinking that you into the mess in the first place, you will still have to interface with the world, the ego just won’t be in charge is all and your presence will be mellowed somewhat. But ultimately it is this and only this that is keeping you from doing the Lessons or whatever else you need to be doing to get in touch with your Spirit. The ego’s plum darn scared. So you going to have to get systematic with your ego dismissals but don’t worry you get hip to its tricks. There are no guilty secrets your Spirit can not handle do not allow your ego to tap your creative potential coming up with endless excuses, get hip now! Bring it to the light, the light will dispel all the spells you cast on yourself. In Knowledge, comes power to make for the Reality, your rights to the Kingdom! The recognition of love without fear.
The Course warns t you needn’t worry about anyone else’s Atonement except your own. With a calm reserve you attempt to make Peace a reality for you for that is all you can do. Jesus said: I leave you Peace, this Peace I give you. He meant it personally, not with a bunch of thou shalt’s. It’s yours for the asking. Your Spirit knows this, we’ve all experienced times of Peace; God has an abundant store of gifts for you, longing for you to but ask. Getting is from giving, he wants to give to show us how to share. Whatever he gives us must be given away for it to be made real in eternity. You will be able to think clearly and experience Peace even in the midst of attack. And talk about making lemonade out of lemons. For when your body as directed by the mind (not vice versa)is backed by your Spirit there is no situation mere man could present to you that you cannot handle, that’s the reason why your outer life becomes secondary and you have no reason to worry about tomorrow. But what’s more important to recognize here is the fact that you will not only be prepared to address your challenges, you will also see opportunity around every corner. Nothing can stop God’s plan, when you are ready, your gifts will shine through and you will be given every opportunity to put them to good use. As God honors you, you will honor Him by putting on display of your gifts to others. You will want to give it all away.

Lesson 198 Only my condemnation injures me

illusion injurious
forlorn till pass
Lose sin, rest
reborn Will last

learn what I’ve made
or live this
to burn afraid

aversive haunts
hope flows bless
mercy annoints
note no guess

attack queer must I?
Seven days week
lack fear justified
Heaven’s Way teach

no vision dark
decision mark
fond of Nation

when fear unfolds
revelations stay
a miracle behold
celebration today

Freedom Here

know wants behoove yall
drumming words of fear
go constant approval
Humming bird Love near

Assignment divinity
sight order no surprizes
Light water crystalizes
A silence infinity

Acts this Way in short
practice Nature support

No sin no doubt
offense heeds
from In come out
intense need

dam sacrifice
seeing One
man’s sack of lies
Sin’s freedom

Chapter 16 Empathy

Refuse the suffering
to coin Love remain
Be smooth buffering
I don’t join in pain

I know not how to heal
He acts in me renders wise
got thru you now real
Capacity to empathize

Redeemer bet worthy
to add into fear
dream of debt worsen
do math it interferes

Ego’s end in secret
selective and boisterous
evil pending weakness
Elective choice is Us

special rates thy bull
sickness come despair
perpetuate lies null
picks One is to share

others quit, ignores
You man face
Love’s It for sure
Human race

no need till long
be left unmet
Cleave Will strong
kept end set

Could free Guest
free me too
We should bless
U Me through

Mother Earth

Walk through the forest
Among the rumbling trees
Humble talk knew of Guest
Near Might do I please?
Squeeze round fear bend
Sung here by the Breeze
Earth found near depend
To bring the layers of snow
In spring what’s moist grows
Some Her baked knows Son
And red, orange, autumn?
I wish I could go; come!
Creatures ease to sure
Meek Her mirror more
Kind trail unwinds
Tale blind see sin
With two know Sum
Gift you grow One

fast forward

Fast forward
Last know It
I got careless
Forgot awareness
Take my cancer
Appears arbitrary
Fake I answered
Fears harbor worry
See how harm
The rips bump
Free now gone
Hop skips Trump
Time is set already
Find me ahead of worry
List embark as if been taken
Abyss then darkness mistaken
Back through Us direction
Miraculous Correction

ACIM Lesson 201 review

reverse called to
abort the wrath
See serve All knew
short the path

travail no soothes
seek love least
available truth
speaks of peace

quicken pace
in temptation
equip with grace
then await Him

fail understand
still body free
hail thunder can
till Godly Be

In quietness
hasten freedom
desire to rest
Face Him, become

trust my brother
comes with me
must discover
One if free

close my eyes
no disguise
then I see

review toll
lonely fear It
See new whole
Holy Spirit

Wonderful Plan

Man reveals
What contradicts
He can heal
Escape claim
Goes on depicts

Decision Lift
Vision then Gift
See harm dies
Free gone by

Figures stay then go
Lost think through
Bigger Way know
Cost Link Two

Blunder fear enters
What others did ends
Under circumstances
Discover hid a Friend

Clear Center ill insane
Fear enters guilty pain
One Her in full stands
Come wonderful Plan


Deceiving blind harm depict
Fleeting find gone depict
Mountain made of molehill
Doubting love hold still
Slide Show review
Hide no See you
More are free and brave
Purity unafraid
Flow water downhill
Know order found will
Kind say harm sick
Find way cHarm pick
proof wise complex free
truth lies implicitly
Free old seize upon
behold reasons gone
You live or severed me
to give forever free