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If I am 2 persist
get with Program
aware Gift assists
let go dam regrets
Know skin off my hide
Flaws thin lost decide
Live on Earth appropriate
to give birth a Pro creates
not keep anything hidden
but seek plenty w Him
Teach give weak man
So He too understands
Burning impulses Cause move
Learning His can Law approve
Where Those bring return twice
Care know Things Eternal Life

Chapter 15.IV. Holy Instant

Magnitude did all
Hag approve little
See done is done
Immediately become
In folding know Way
Holy instant no delay
Trust resides Him
release littleness
Must decide when
Peace then bless
Beyond past n future
no exceptions
Free harm suits ‘yer
know acceptance
In ring steadiness
glad of awareness
shimmer ready bless
Care for sadness
Now the occasion
Stillness rest
every plan quit
Heart come It
memory stands
Apart from It
One Wish have U
diminish value
Her work clear
Hold Me in Him
Perfectly near
Holy Instant
defeat quit
One wish then
Meet It’s condition
no private thoughts
haunt Deep Man
Alive meant taught
God atones
too hard alone
accept wisdom
kept his won
know ignore
those unpure
to think no sin
On brink Flowing
discuss not perfect
A friend bet One
just got to work It
against deception
hostage to nothing
On Stage Earthling

Chapter 15 Littleness versus Magnitude

drag approves
the littleness
call to rest
wonderman fits
comprehend greatness
understands It’s
contend rate bliss
Song give wealth discover
long live health a lover
worldly gifts sift
but think least
spend pretense discover
what brings peace?
no expense of another
judge serves me
sludge unworthy
no magnitude in
attidude sin
what u think are
but True link far
a friend middle is
against littleness
search I’m with all
to deny Perch
truth on high
Freely dragless
He established
sieve bets
memory wisdom
every decision
heaven or hell
Tell me I’m well
little gifts world
whittle sift girl
whether one miss
better come His
gather rest
got to be harmless
not beyond Us
value in love
how to Above
wander in vain
fonder you claim
In you of Law
love man because
Host Of Him no
cost love win

Lesson 158 Today I learn to give as I receive

in this endeavor
love agree find
sinless forever
purity of mind

hold me afraid
He waits when
wholly I’m save

now begin care
when possible teach
flowering aware
blossoms full peak

task to know
believe to live
grasp know why
receive to give

Decision hurry
Time is set
Finders get

body faintly compares
procure call Self
hardly Saintly aware
ignore all else

depth in force
kept your Source
with Him acknowledge
didn’t learn in college

fears harbor worry
enuff I can dance
appears arbitrary
nothing by chance

Find I pick
Journey is over
time is a trick
won’t burn lover

sleight of hand
A vast illusion
might understand
fasten Solution

Figures come and go
Live Her One to know
review, rewind
devil day shun
into view kind

Why U elect
Life but cost
Cry do direct
Christ not lost
unlearn untaught
dire sold to me
burning thought
Quietness holy

Tears collect
merely there
Years neglect
A Peer cares
fight hardly
Can him then
Light or body

Wisdom is a gift
Decision do lift

Lesson 157 Into His Presence would I enter now

Reliance true trust
timeless Light
Silence you must
find His Might Us
let go return me
Into His Presence
echos eternity
In U Bliss’Essence
say man hold Me
hush next fear since
day command Holy
rush love experience
few comprehend how
hell negate death
new dimension Now
celebrate kept
in preparation
combat ignore
sin wept may Him
Dong at the door
catch a glimpse
sin no more
Love folds fear
fresh see dawn
miracles of old
precious reborn
earning for peace
a touch leavened
learning cease
love much heaven
from this day
heard bow we go
come bliss say
Word powerful
then but a task
I say until
when what you ask
Is what He wills
genuine devotion
men U win motion
In Him free
thank on high
fingertips know
linger zip Glow
much known
Wings of Vision
man ship station
bring decision
halt and find
do increasingly
alters time
U n peace agree
He lives since
Call Souls
all goals
It’s worth
end of time
whittle Earth
Friend of mine
see map stream
only purpose
happy dreams
Holy surface
of perception
Man rates Love
Her get then
or forgets then
burns She
be One or sown
A Bean is shared
free on my own
serene His Care

Lesson 156 I walk with God in perfect holiness

she holds and gets
true holiness
she rolls to bless
enfold perfect

I step back
known kept fact
man can see

mighty this Girl
calls to find
lights the world
All in mind

the laws do wilt
was hot resist
no cause for guilt
does not exist

still fear begins
know sin not see
will clearly win

fear got me lost
leave not Source
I live in Him

sin dust
truth trust
fit known OK
it blows away

to contradict
no attribute
harm depict
throw out the brute

sin parts uncertain
Call more among
in hearts hurting
All or none

care knew far
in this moment
where u are
know the present

let doubting ease
beckon condition
About In squeeze

memmory bring
rolling bless

can the sea sin?
waves bow down
One man begin
saved I’m found

see next man
in His power
sin won’t flower
trees extend

Arms to shield
moss to soften
charm to yield
Cause You often

dim then glisten
Now you’ve stationed
wind when whistling

Sun peaks through
shroud of claim
One seek You
clouds love rain

grass is green
their reverence
Task wish gleam
care heaven sent

man’s salvation
gently rests

ACIM Lesson 155 I will step back and let Him lead the way

Alot of illusion is madness
Bet need to say
Solution stops sadness
Let God lead the Way

Pretense of cost
Free sense of loss
my peace

Beyond is nice appeal
The sacrifice unreal

no demands
He comes

no deprivation
Foot steps wrath
except violation
Could display Path

Fall behind come
All be fine
His Link One

miss pace of Truth?
His grace prooves
I’m standing free

illusion has stepped back
I serve them offer me
solution as kept fact
superb a Lot see

mind atlast
King’s charm
find I grasp
bring on

Car rolls up behind
called, they follow
Market holy find
Always Apollo

Abode deed lasts
The voice agree
the road leads past
no choice defeat

As for mistakes
mighty but His Staff
Pass more He’s great
Lighting up this path

command comes solution
cut you know suffice
the ransom from illusion
but through no price

lost alone is shame
kind His wealth a friend
no cost only gain
find himself again

quit thru to dare
lost to love temptation
It knew you cared
Station meant a cross

surface jerk in me
finders fee discover
works it free purpose
reminders be a brother

uncouth no heart
men cry with feeling
keeps truth apart
identity I Am really

understand belief stays
I learn the trap of He
wonder man leads Way
journey gap love frees

while i graveled before
I miss you since I prove
miles traveled restored
distance to the truth

take the chance alive
blind till I know more
Answer survive All
Alot of room you’ll see

Time will close door
fine till I adore
Job in tune with me

Fake is rip in memory
face greet regret
Every trip then see
meet safely set

pause and reflect
to the door Holy
Cause is effect
hold u/me amore

Talk a Song of old
I blink then I smile
I walk along the road
I think of Him awhile

ACIM Ch 15 The two uses of time

Do not resent or risk discouragement
For eyes are blind from time to time
Despite the help that’s heaven sent
For only when you are hell bent
Is when you cannot make a dent in the cement
Or seemingly not to implement
Anything significant into the event.

Waste not, want not. We all want a lot.
But all the things we bring
into the picture don’t always fix you

You may ask the reason why
Its because we over-identify
With our egotistical side
Who rushes you all the time
As if you’ll fall behind
And fearing we’re near the end
As this is what he intends
He’s really not your friend
That death is the end of pain
But never stake a claim
Yet hold you in it’s shame
Is just an ego game
Which you must now take aim
The fear he must maintain
To keep you in the game
Its this you must take aim
For as he plants the seeds
Its then he can succeed
Fulfilling so called needs
Keeping you enslaved with guilt
A Kingdom of hell is what is built
Yes you must be brave
To no longer be enslaved
For you are depraved
Of what you really crave

Why not let ego go
Give power where it flows
Enjoy the Spirit’s show
The Holy Instant’s fast
Your History is past
For time is his friend
He does not waste nor depend
But uses it to extend
Life to you that has no end

You’ll go beyond your means
And so beyond your dreams
What time is really for
your Spirit, ignore no more
A perfect calm and quietness
Without the qualms, less we digress
God’s Teacher will not be satisfied
Till he no longer is denied
Things that He does bring
Is how He earns His wings
And God, He is so kind
To patiently give us time

The Spirit will dispel
Your eternal hell
Fear eludes the present
As if you could resent it
The ego’s daily grind
Keeps you stuck in time
It gets the upper hand
Compounding guilty demands

The Spirit would undo all this
Your unglued parts are not amiss
Outside of time is the changeless
Discover you are guiltless
Herein lies your freedom
Seek not to run away from

You may think it takes time
To discover you are sublime
But the trouble you will find
Is you need to change your mind
To the Spirit be aligned

In order to end the pain
You must let go of the reigns
Instantly you will lay claim
All is given in His name
You discover you are sane
When you’re not left with the shame
There in Heaven is no change
All is given in His name
One to All we are the same
And until you play this game
You will not discover peace
Till to others you release
And the blessings you extoll
Than your cup it will be full

So you go and see to it to end
The ego’s marks you are to transcend
No attacks but love to extend
To your Father you will ascend

As you help the guilty escape
You clean up your own landscape
When you see beyond all time
Purity is what you find
Be sure you leave no one behind
To everyone you must be kind
With the power of God you will be fine
Encompass the Spirit’s design for time

ACIM Chapter 15 The Use of Time

perfect calm and quietness
as for anxiety
no alarm requires this
has more find in me
sin goes worry
dare I heed
in no hurry
care lies need

what is time for?
There is no death
but sublime more
aware I’m kept

Fall substitution
All constitution
One wish see

hurry age ends
beyond the grave
I’m free n saved

believe All why
evil tall lies
mortal sin hell
Hells more hot through
slaugther man fell
Heaven’s door got you

leave in death
will flow hope
believe Him wept
till know cope

a fear of death
is clear love kept
His Solution

paradox taught system
bleak despairing
oo box ought wisdom
reach His caring

Her is Why
can tactic

teach unwell
reach and tell
His wisdom One

lonely of resent
each instant near
only love presence
teach wisdom clear

how to undo fall
bonded All of Truth

Near Suit U Cast
God emerges
fear future past
Knowledge serves

Past illusion
last solution
Is decided

merely error
snap to guess
fear leave terro

mark His Charm
boy is how
darkness gone
Joy Bliss Now

time changes
a dream winces
Find remainders
redeem instant

Pass body changes
more Light He’s One
remain as God sees
Fight for freedom

All see number
pause reflects
Called remembers
Cause He gets

Whole of heaven
See man’s steady
Roll the leavened
He stands ready

Blessing he can
behalf of release
resting the instant
He has love n peace

As It is written
passing It’s given
or gets One

wistful gleaming
transcend ego fake lost
Crystal clear then
Ascend leave all take off

Lift through
Holy softness
drift till
offer only

Time realized
caught in moment
fine I feel while
taught win glow sent

no variability
time standstill
marry ability to
define man’s will

ACIM chapter 15 Time and Eternity

let go past
return see kindly
bet know last
eternity find Me

Her work of peace
new role fear quits
perfect release
through old Spirit

concerned w mine
roll blessing least
one burns thru time
whole lesson of peace

rob in full
save then we proove
have been removed

through the harm find
knew beyond time
oneness depends not
won this friend got

Itch till remove fear
find then free
which will behoove clear
time eternity

teach you annointed mind
reach through appointed time
man’s rate Of

destroy ignores
God’s Altar
His joy is Yours
not falter

All you brave moreover
call to save forever

repentance who
gentle is You
easy at least
squeezing peace

accomplish mine
hard pretend wealth
encompass time
God extend’s Self

shame to discover
cold is weakness
chains to a brother
Gold His Teachers

lost on banks
toll be sin then
source of strength
holy instant

misuse another
sources of support
to the ego
lost love a port
his use of lover
few believe call

release One seek
by their reactions
see peace complete
care in fact friend

always recognized
remain one hurt in
fall say wrecken I
insane uncertain

u me more
to have is
to be sure

bitter bring ill since
is manic more lives
glittering brilliance
mechanics forgive

specific sin but whim
till see living
terrific instructions
will be given

the timeless
I find this
no fear since
the acts of now, Her
practice love’s power
about trust is clear
doubt dust dissappear