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Lesson 139 I will accept Atonement for myself

My atonement
I alone meant
Mingle in full
Single simple
Kept hints
Knew certain
Drew curtain
If I go about in sin
I doubt who I am
Shame be problems
Remain till solve then
See through task U
He knew to ask two
Harm traditions meanwhile
Contradictions deemed wild
Denial senseless
Forever Certain Bet
Get hurt more stain
Smile repentance
Beginning no end
Fail discover tail
See spinning depend
Frail this love mail
Covenant shook
Hollow belong
Loving look sent
Follow along
Lion align chased
Triumph finds Grace
Mingled find His
Single minded
Must never blame
Nullifies rest
Trust clever game
Beautiful Guest
My holes design
Thy Holy Find

Divinity (L 137, 138)

Care where I begin
Air there depart sin
Discover is to fade
Take Quantum Leap
Harm this you made
A Charm safely keep
Cannot drop defects
Spirit shouts connect
Appearances a hocus
A bowl of tears collects
Soul clear rinses Locus
Fears from time travel
Recovery Love played
Soul endears corrected
Spirit kindly unravels
Replace regrets beset
Remove the secret stain
His Grace is the best bet
Approval Love remains
Insight above one seems
Love prize come Beams
Living up enlightenment
Intentions kept unknown
Giving up the fight meant
Wrenched from then grow
Inside resides this lesson
See you find your essence

Lesson 136

Aloof, aim to defend
Truth claims to end
See way clear for Us
Seriously forsaken?
To understand senseless
Wonder then pretense
Purpose cause to effect
Surface, “saw through,” reject
Without seemingly unclear
doubt meaning disappears
No matter how fast act
Just because of speed
The latter last impacts
Must know Cause bleeds
If no need Gift in sight
Heed not to lift His right?

The aim of all defenses is to keep the truth from being whole (Lesson 136, 2:4)

A fence so tall and cheep
defense calls, it happens
the proof you keenly know
aloof don’t see the caption
In memory get sick when we reject
how tempoary, quickly we forget.
Concur sir He made a killing
Remember; say you are willing
To shield oblivion max
Wielded erroneous lax
Aims do beckon Wise
Claims unrecognized
Ego abuses power
A wreck in disguise
no use endowed is Her
Memory meant men
Every defense fragments
Want a little piece or the Whole?
Haunted fiddle unpeaceful?
Without regard, true
God Is In You!
See really not there
Or free merely Cared
The process imposes threat
Imposter he knows you’ll get
Be not scared Kingdom gives
She’s aware freedom lives!

Take small parts make them “whole”
To start call fake, again you know

An overblown decision
Covered known,have wisdom
Sickness own penalty turn on
But a remedy depicting harm
You boldly tweak and buffer
Grow old, weak and suffer
Just to prove
Rusted grooves
Match body bent
A sin exist shame
Perfect attachment
True identity preserved
Persist will body blame
New through plenty nerve
Pity poor pile dust when silenced
City ignored u must bind defense
The body, stronger than truth?
Belong, you’re hardly a goof.
Dust, it made me die?
Trust, suffices.

See how hard  “designed”
To bicker and barter
Free God’s Now sublime
Get sick trying harder

Just because “ours” suddenly ends
Flee we must or see just Cause sent

A flow of pretense instilled
Make do thinks go as planned
know we are against His Will
Break through brings no demands

Plan on reason, defense
Man’s own treason sense
Ignore your “(be)causes”, want more?
The door One Cause is sure

Cannot kill Will nor reverse the Universe with your curse can only blame or; change the insane.

You can but choose to “die”
Lose Cause that’s a lie

Suffer sickness? Buffer, lick this: truth- prove It.

Sin must have no cause. Win trust Cause. Detect then connect.

Not a question of obedience how strong
A Blessing lends credence belong now.
Merely draw near no hurt in thee,
but certainty Is Worth see

Time is given us to find trust. To think “later,” made her (time.) Waste time or face sublime!
(Now is how we find solution to this illusion.) In Him, simple win in full. For we remain as we claim.
We will receive what God instilled before we leave.

Call to reason means end all treason or illusions that you think are “solutions.”
Then truth will come, as One, it calls for All to become
Leave one out, cleave doubt.

Never been apart
clever then w heart
Merely waits, fear abates.

Open up your eyes friend, do not defy or depend on defensiveness Gift goes on endless

Sickness is a defense against the truth. I will accept the truth of what I am, and let my mind be wholly healed today. 136,15:6

Remain vain or to complain is insane! When I can claim what’s real and heal.
Forlorn when conceal dark corners barking unreal feelings that obscure, Lord reel me in. Double purposes may they surface, one day I curse, next to bless. See and say perfect guest. Free me. See in me no sickly wishes so I don’t perish as to cherish. Open Hope in source of losses, the grief I believe in sin seething seek I’ve Relief then.
Body brings unreal so call to feel nothing at all.
It doesn’t belong, only you, no longing then true

Wordly History L. 128

Freed myself
Years misery
A world apart
My history
The journeys end
No man depend
They lead nowhere
Sometimes despair
The useless time
Got in a bind
With ego tricks
God had to fix
And bickerings
Attack thoughts bring
The values here
I don’t hold dear
Can hold no purpose
Illusion surface
Now self aware
Can not be scared
Instead I find
Control of mind
And all my tears
Like all my fears
No longer grieve
Nor can deceive
Wish to convey
Without delay
My love for you
To do it too
Divest you must
From ego lusts
Be not caught up
With body thoughts
The spirit rules
Are really cool
In fact you’ll cherish
As you will flourish
Discover your worth
deserves the least
As you walk Earth
Certainty and Peace

Truth Corrects forgive forget L 107

The trick I’m sure to heal implores
One understands the real cause
Just what sickness stands for
Must explore in order to predict at all
Illusions come errors made worst
In solutions no terror purpose
And furthermore to be assured
This source has taken its course
So as not to reinforce or force it
To serve, perturb or touch a nerve
Does not remain to make hot, complain
When coast is clear effects disappear
To explore the core of your thoughts
Or disorder from flawed thoughts
Giant step forward from harm
Client kept show only charm
To elude is to remain in terror
Truth contains freedom from error
We’re not talking learning curve
Clear the walk, discerning nerve
Nor as proverbial maturity
To know, be all, is sure of He
To show and to have as One
To flow be glad of salvation
Spirit’s detects and provides corrective steps that ultimately lead to rest.
But ego suffers lack and attacks leaving body out of whack
Spirit wept cause you accept deficit and suffered from the debt.
You did not see that you were free, you had a voice to make a choice.
Not to be on guard like life is hard than play a card that separates out parts
To take the bait, defend with hate and allow a twist of fate is second rate if you await on something great when you do not evaluate (but it’s never too late.)
Force you must to be the boss of your reality, loss entails you’ve failed of course to see that you are free (and cause this reality.)
All because truth appears a queer idea (and that you’d rather gather self in the cold by holding fear dear!) Wake up, be surprised, recognize you terrorize
The lies you pick, layered too quick; be gone; your Spirit frees harm we made see fade so be attuned to wounds He grooms, allow the flaws somehow your chores…and then trust no doubt, don’t fight; must help those out like you.

Forget you saw a threat, avoid the net about your neck and you’ll not fret.
Give the evidence no credence henceforth to free pensive thoughts so we can experience your presence.As part of the same mold we all will grow old unless we can grab hold of all parts to make whole (or holy.)You will be lonely till you get to know Self only.
She who rests in you wants to bless you (God bless you.)
She keeps you safe holds you constant
Behold no place the bondage want
No pandering on shifting ground
Or sensing thoughts that sink unsound
Once link is caught the lift is found
It does not kink, sift through your hands
Forevermore at your command
To stay, depend on every need
No more afraid, don’t have to bleed
If come and go flawed best friend
Suggest One lest sure in the end
Center about as to surround
Beyond there’s no doubt to call
No stain brought to them
The pain you knew comprehend
What’s small can be detected
What’s All needs no correction
What evades capture
Give truth its due
The proof lives in you
Be not bothered from what seems the harm from dreams be gone
We are certain of success for we are born and blessed not forlorn left hurting
Let go and know on edge, be free
C Their Care of Me

ACIM Lesson 136 sickness is defense against Truth

Aim at doing this
Pain u knew persist
Solution obstructed by
Illusion constructed I

A stone throw vision
Know my own decision
Commandment stays
Went Plan One Say

Flash open
War in vain
Grasp hoping
Sure win Claim

Charm resembles heart
I fear love a fence is
Unassembled parts
A series of defenses

How quickly we forget
NOw sick leave more set
Trust One plan bet
Must understand why

I pick this purpose
Threat by reality offends
My sickness surface
Weapon grew defense

A shield oblivion
Which knows desire
Weird love lives 1
Still I hide loss
Pitch goes higher
Will decide enforce

To understand my dreams n nerve
At Once command what seems to serve

As swell it’s purpose
Hell has no meaning
Pass wellness surface
Can tell the dreams

Role in bless dam do this
Strive suffice stride of life
Man’s wholeness U miss
Love cried alive Christ

Health feels Nation
Them bodies sent
Self realization

Grasp knew no follow
The fear sickness
Wrath is too hollow
Ulterior depicts this

Retreat is strength
I’ve long denied
Tis sweet I thank
Belong Inside

I know of more actually
I can lick this winner be
Flows sure fact you’ll see
An Inner Eye picks bliss

Being Cause this
Hid love contend
Deemed the lawless
Rid Of intent
Clear the window
Got cool hardy see
Fear merely symbol
It splits sin tho
body not go w Me
Picks sense proof
No dreams on hold
Sickness offends truth
Beings are Whole

Sin goes threat fear splits
Wrested from the whole
Clear It, impose get
To bless comes Soul

Gain when silence
Living He’ll come
Pain is no reliance
Giving welcome

Nice lesson:
frail not be Peace
I’ve blessed him
More nailed Relief

Will fade but
More lives wealth
I’ve made it up
Forgives Self

Truth is how I find this
Approve His Now timeless
To understand what seems to serve
At Once command my dream and nerve

ACIM Lesson 135 If I defend myself I am attacked

The need defend
Goes on out end
Like life depends
As if could end
If you don’t fend
Off for yourself
Or risk your health
So must be brave
Just to be saved

Attack seemed real
That’s why you feel
A great offense
That needs defense
But now we double
Original trouble

Be tempted not
Avoid the plot
Place not nor bet
To see the threat
And stem the tide

To override
Faulty beliefs
Effects that reek
So simply pause
Consider Cause
Or fear made real
So terror feel
No need protect
See no effects
You are perfect

Must learn accept
Body may falter
This does not alter
You cannot fail
Put out your sails
Show you have nerve
Go forth and serve

Picture not fear
Your home’s not here
You make it real
And let it steal
The real deal
When you don’t kneel
So you can heal
Why not have fun
During this run
When you let go
Creativity flowed
When you control
Only grow old
Yes read my lips
A second tip
No need to fear
Spirit’s so near

No worldly parachutes
Take thee internal route
When you seek things
The world can bring
To make you seem
Somehow like mean
A greater person
It only worsens
Awareness of self
Limiting wealth

I turn your dreams
Sights that unseen
From sad or mean
You’re pure and clean
In interest of bliss
Must remember this
Body bestowed
Only I endow
You will know
See My show
From body,detach
To Me, best match
I am attached
Will close the gap
No time for naps
Your will to know
The rope I throw
Accept it all
You cannot fail
Apart not pale
I will renew
Do not abide/
Let body be
Just set it free
Return to me

Body can’t feel
In fact will heal
As you do kneel
I have a hope
Beyond your scope
We can elope
The rope I throw
Your will to know
All parts are one
Under the Son
We can have fun

Under the Sun
The body is
A bit of fizz
To fill your cup
Not use you up
One day take off
When you’re aloft

Compare you thus
To all the dust
Your body must
return to
no matter what
you do
So save the earth
For all your worth

I will discern
Body concerns
Defend the body
A foolish hobby
The fault you find
Is in your mind
A sure sign
You are blind
It is not weak
Merely not seek
To see defeat
Or lack or need
It is more brave
Ride out the wave
Than think to save
You’re not a slave
Yes use free will
Go in, be still
Always be kind
Realign mind
Discover truth
Depict with proof
Your best defense
If feel offense
Sit on the fence
There’s consequence
For in the split
You take a hit
And have your fits
And want to quit
Discover Source
Of all your thoughts
This is the level
Suffer dishevel
I ask you feel
A hope that’s real
A deal that heals

Do not abuse
Do not accuse
Just be amused
No need assign
Your eyes are blind
Set not the goals
You have no roles

Accept me whole
No manmade plans
I guide your hands
You wait on me
I’ll guide, you’ll see
You’ll be secure, certain and sure
I will accomplish more than your heart wish
As you give up on those things once cherished
Like aims exalted, you will be halted, if not be faulted
(no usurping purposes)

you’ll find relief
with these beliefs:
control outcome
or ask how come
so let it be
a mind that’s free
from all demise
it freely leaves
the body ease
no longer force
or make it sick
whimsical course
a man would pick

a mind not left
its own devise
it cannot know
nor recognize
how best to sow
just compromise

body serves you, just a while
relax a bit, put on a smile
God’s will does far exceed
All of your body needs
You need not be frightened
Experiences will be heightened
For one, for all, your purpose
As you let go, will surface
To protect, attempt is to defect
Aloof and sacrifice the truth
Self-initiation is not part of creation
Actions of pride show that you hide
Self realize, you get the prize
Plan no defense, defend no plan
I will provide, you will survive
What you can conceive, merely deceives
To not know, limits your potentiality
Make it your goal to avoid control
Be in the Present, it is a present

Consult the Spirit, to receive it
Much to be gained with all the change
All things are new, not based on you!
Give it away, expect no pay
Anticipate nothing, expect Everything
Disregard nothing, approve, let your heart sing

When you single out
Something for clout
May miss the part
God gives from His heart
Or make mountains
From molehills
Can you count them
Friend or foe kills?

There’s nothing obscure
Be tempted no more
Suspect thread of threat
But rather accept
God given precepts
Jump to conclusion
Reality based on illusion
You crucify
All based on lies
Open your eyes
Past, present to come
Designed by the One
For good of His Son
His love serves to bless
Need not second guess

There is no gain
In causing you pain
Taking the hit
As you suffer the split
Will stop when
You return again
From whence you came
Devil wears a suit
Give ego the boot
Plans for your death
God never left
Your Spirit embrace
For It keeps you safe
Undisturbed, no trace

As immortality sparks holiness
Worldly desires become meaningless
This life, a mark in time
Without defenses that blind
You encounter the sublime
You’ll say you felt
Heavenly help
Cause all makes sense
Laid down defense.

ACIM Lesson 134 Forgiveness

to mock pity bull
guilt never passing
a pocket full
will everlasting
Ease Access
We wish Men
Squeeze back In
stain of pain
game insane
arrived know
Guest Of least
Lonely take in
Rests in Peace
Only awaken
Charm’s task
But Is fact
Pardon asks
cut her slack
still choose One
What is false
Limits truth
But a loss
Trimmers loot
God’s Creation
Dream of Bliss
Hard to hate him
given meaningless
conceptions vain
hook fastened snare
acceptance remains
Look past not there
defiance muster why?
deceive you abort him
reliance is justified
forgive distortions!
Persistence brings
stuff of illusion
Assistance rings
nothing alludes One
Twisted view points
reject it beholden
Insists you anoint
Reflective be Golden
Pardon deception
shame unreal
Hard Conception
claim One kneel
true is false?
right the wrong?
you have balls!
might belongs!
If sin is true
Forgiveness false
Begin bliss knew
More lives of course!
Come wishful
queer decree
Or conditional
fear misery
Don’t lecture me
View twice condemn
A treachery
Christ comprehend
Trouble sin see
burst on brink
Double then he
Ripple offense
worst I think
Triple defense!
then bargain’s fee
countenance frown
too harden to see
mountains come down
and pardon is no escape!
God comes and foe abates!
With Her laugh
harm is fear
If You clap
gone disappears
A Fountain forms
from Nothingness
A thousand born
In stuff of Bliss
Requires no guessing
to mentally say
A Quiet Blessing
through gentle way
I do not dwell
In terms render
Thru hot hell
Sin burns, remember
What lies condemn?
Kind of see but built
some cry offend
Mine is free of guilt
N reeks of madness
Dam self accusing
shriek of sadness
health plan choose One
In a sense extension
Between illusions
Intended innocence
Extreme Solution
Natural wholeness
Seeks, believes
Patch All holiness
A deep relief
Silently we greet
true forgiveness
like went on retreat
to soothe more living
naked in Fact
evil bleeds see
Hatred Attack
devil leave me
Restore, Ever is Care
Return n live
He saw, never was there

Chapter 9 Acceptance of Atonement

Chapter 9
Once upon a time we lived with God, freely enjoying our Godly powers then we became human beings and somehow forgot them all. We felt “separated” from God and perceived ourselves scared and alone. With our creative abilities we built us an ego. Words were exchanged between egos and though the words themselves were not tangible, their effects could be measured. Bodily and worldwide harm became evident, all due to the gathering of egotistical minds and the exchange of words. Some people were treated well some of the time but for the most part the entire worldly population was dissatisfied. And on a more personal note, each person’s ego trips robs them of the time and energy they could be using to get in touch with who they really are and what could really make them happy. Fear not who you are. Fear more an unsatisfying life. Fear not the fact that there has always been truth everywhere and at all times. Fear more your fantasies. Fear not the loss of your illusions! Fear never coming to your senses!
It is not a man made world. God created it. It’s his doing, what He created, He will lovingly protect, correct, perfect. He will do as He will do. What we do has no lasting effect. So, my ego-dictated, man made world is only as precious as I make it to myself and that goes for how I see yours too. It has no other effect, none. But, I have a very powerful mind, godly in fact, and can make that egotistical world of unreality produce some very real effects on me if I l allow it to. This is called decisional power. As conditioned creatures of “comfort” we are not fully aware of our decisional power, but believe me, in the twinkling of an eye, as you learn to limit your resistance to your true purpose in life, you will see how powerful your decisions become. But in the meantime, lets stay with “conditioning” as the psychologists call it. You become so accustomed to something and it becomes your comfort zone and if you can take that one step further, you become prejudice to anything else because of fear of the unknown. This needs to be pointed out to you to warn you that just because you’re not accustomed to “reality” does not mean you don’t want it! And there are no bargains to work out, you were never abandoned, no sacrifices to be made to have it, you merely returning to your full senses. The ego has no role in warning you about the Atonement, first and foremost. The ego’s plan according to lesson 71 is to hold grievance so it can maintain that if some external thing changed all would be well guaranteeing its first premise: Seek but do not find. So please, realize now, you must go within, you cannot separate healing from the sickness! And all the garbage about losing the world is really just because your ego knows its basis is illusionary and not in alignment with your Will. But we are used to our ego, it is our baby, we naturally adhere to its soothing voice; so the course warns about a Split mind (ego vs Spirit) We are not about fear of reality, we’re all about gaining reality, merely by eliminating illusions. But there will be a period of confusion because the stage will be set with two different tongues in your mind for awhile: the ego fighting and the Spirit yearning. The Course warns you about not panicking but to be a good learner. Know what it is you really want so clear messages can come through, otherwise the dissonance creates an impasse and no messages come through. Know the difference between the anxiety produced by the ego’s grievances (appeal of guilt) vs the Spirits correction (appeal of love.) Do not allow pride to interfere with the loosening of your tightly held delusional system. Be ready to part with it in gladness not regret. Be ready for the stirrings in your heart and miracles!
God always answers prayer, but not mixed messages. Ego usurps your mind’s focus not to mention your body’s energy. Get quiet, access your Source. Fear is meaningless. To deny what is can only seem to be fearful. Fear is only as real as the cause you give it. Each time you surmount your little walls of fear you win! You have overcome and are returning to your senses! It is but a little further among the shadows of illusions. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Peace will join you there, not arrogance and deceit.
Recognize who you are! If you ask God for something out of the love and greatness in you, it will be answered! If you get quiet enough, your own Spirit will guide you! Illusions are interruptions in love’s appeal. Pointless, senseless, tragic; stealers of miracles! (Hint: If you want to bestow your special gift onto someone and make it stronger, set an intention first, it shall be done!) Only remember to ask for healing at the level of the mind not in body parts.
We are all members of the Human race, designed to share our creativity. We play no role in the atonement process of others so have no role in judgment nor should we feel affected by what others say or do to us. An un-atoned man does not know how to love or he would love you, correct you, and protect you. But he can not. This means that we cannot allow any person’s judgment upon us to leave a mark on us because it was not real; it also means we are quite arrogant to think we can correct others and it’s a sure sign of being egotistical and running away from your own Atonement when you do so. In interactions with others learn to relate in the Spirit. Relating circumstantially is senseless no matter how sensible it seems to you. Behold not your brother’s errors or you make them real to you. Learn to overlook error by squeezing consciousness in upon its first measure, a tactic previously mentioned (1) This is the point where you get quiet enough to access your Spirit thereby enabling you to relate to something in the other person’s Spirit. Next step, set a prayerful intention and you are guaranteed guidance. Find your true purpose by not getting involved at the get go with other people’s egos and errors. They’re as messy and as senseless as yours! And in the end, it doesn’t amount to much as unappealing as this may seem to you right now. Save your energy, focus instead and dedicate yourself to your true gifts which will surely arise when you are quiet and return to your Source. All natural abilities will surface as you recognize and nurture the natural abilities in others. You will be healed by healing others.
The ego always focuses you externally, sees error first, puts you in a world that always puts off satisfaction till the next external event may possibly satisfy; and it never does. This is fantasy. Be glad you are not man made and therefore can not be saved by man. You are a part of God and deserve so much more. In touch with the Spirit you will learn to forget fantasy and not be afraid to forgive and discover true satisfaction in the eyes of your respondents. But you must offer in order to receive! Inspire joy for you are capable. Do not limit yourself. We are all part of the Whole, this entails sharing of the parts. Be consistent with this. The Spirit will teach you how to awaken others. And as they awaken, their gratitude will be a witness onto your Reality. This is sharing and the beginning of miracles.
The only place Peace abides is in Unity Consciousness. Egos disagree all the time on all matters of stuff that ultimately amount to nothing. Compare the way the ego sees you with the Spirit: The Spirit knows we all have inside us truth and innocence. The ego is mistrustful and suspicious because it’s so uncertain of its future. Do not overlook this obvious simple fact if you are looking for an eternal gift like Peace.
That is why you must know that the ego will surely attack you whenever you respond lovingly because you are going against its’ better judgment. This only serves to increase the ego’s uncertainty which will increase its’ visciousness. Do not agree with it, yet do not see yourself as inadequate when it does happen. Remember the split: a fighting ego plus a yearning Spirit create dissonance which leads to disequilibrium: you are likely to be met with bodily dysfunction as well. This will pass.
Just try your best to be a good learner. See the contrast between the Spirit’s perception and the lament (insanity) will not last.
You are Godly, not little. Remember ego has no knowledge to base its’ judgment therefore; resolve to undermine/unravel its foundation. Do not take part in its debate or you add credence to it. Return unto God what is God’s (you and your brother!) As you allow no dark companions, the light will shine brighter.
Speaking of debates, a review of grandiosity vs grandeur is in order here. Take grandiosity first: The ego and its prideful tricks can make you quite literally sick. You give and give and give of your gifts to the point of not being able to take it any more than you attack than you feel bad and the cycle begins again. You vacillate and play competition games with viciousness. This cannot be real because there is no true sharing; at best it leads to arrogance and pride. The Grandiosity felt only temporarily counteracts the despair you feel from your “littleness.” Egos play this insane game. They even think they can bargain their gifts with God; very confusing, indeed. Egos take over authority and when they are in a jam their functions get real confused, that is when not so busy involving themselves in other people’s jams. Or you can choose to live with your head in the clouds, and watch TV, never beholding anything for that matter.
Now look at your grandeur. In order to do that you must understand that your evaluation of yourself is not truer than God’s. You did not establish your value and this shortsightedness interferes with Vision. You are a Part of God. That makes you Godly, with the power to do Godly things. That means nothing can attack or prevail against you (and that’s why you can truly forgive another); from this Godly Source is how you give to others (a source of abundance that never runs out) and you give to others only gifts worthy a king. You restore them to their rightful place of grandeur whenever they are acting from a “small” or “dark” place.
When you don’t allow the ego to attack, this reality will dawn on you. Hold it and protect it. WANT IT. Bless others with it and you bless yourself. As part of God you have the mind of God. The love you share is returned to you and anything shared attests to reality and becomes your Reality. Arrogance leads to pride, sharing leads to peace. True prayer involves asking how best to give of your gifts to make them more real to you! Your Spirit will recognize and relate to the Spirit in another naturally once the attack mode of the ego is resolved and love takes its place.
Fear not the Last Judgment, it is the return of your senses so you can discover your true function. And all that stuff the ego does, go gentle with yourself, remembering that your Spirit lovingly corrects, it is your ego that would condemn. Your Spirit would tell you that the worst thing your ego could do, does not matter anyway (especially if you were to compare it to one of the smallest thing you could achieve in the Spirit) Just practice moving away from attack tactics into love. As you illuminate your Spirit you will welcome your Second Coming because the Creative potential is limitless. You heal yourself by healing others.

ACIM L 133 I will not value what is valueless

Reak deception
in the rear
steep rejection
thin veneer
tarnish rust
an edge of light
honest, trust
ahead Love might
or overlaid
the snobbiness
as if afraid
so obvious
adored is she
then he loves her
many colors
I ask too much
to have to hold
My task enough
you save the cold
so surface nerve
my very best
no purpose serve
I only seek
lonely meek
men higher see
the worthiness
can serve me best
preserve my soul
cry nervous goals
fail to recognize
bail truth next Me
Now Ever many
How can We sever
perhaps desire
A Saphire
A ruby too
the Newbie knew
n stuff find Him
a Diamond
my task enough
halt turn n live
I ask too much
the ego goes
“sin” mean no
the eagle knows
no inbetweens
but grasp endeavor
not valueless
what last forever
got how U bless
forsaken says
too dangerous
more taking way
U anger Us
The deck is full
might stack guilt
white black built
abort abuts
a Yes or know
no short cuts
but Besttogo
I desire value
receipts awaits
On fire how U
deceit negate
needless burden
I’m a number
believe hurting
it insults thee
I am of value
is y U r 2