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Lesson 124 Let me remember I am one with God

Harm regrets
Let It rest so
Charm we bet
Best Two Know
A Blessing then
No Question…

I cannot make light
Dam mark darkness
Sacred don’t fight It
Why man park Bliss?

Fact is, I’m careless
Practicing awareness
Cast resemblance
Defensive ends
Last tremble sense
Flow remembers

Woman shine Light
Holy Holy See
Who can find Sight?
Knower hold Me

L 124B

I will Light until mighty
Get It see by letting be
My blessing best by Real
Rest and feel Zest’s appeal
I try My Best no war rent see
Why yell ignored is Guarantee
My help yours be free He gets
Health is sure see me reflect
Quit defense; Flee no end
Attitude a looking Glass
Gladder Dude mistook, ask
Alice knew in Bliss Light
Palace new sinless Sight
pedantic lies frantic
Just to reach knew
Recognition Love
I must teach you
Condition of
Quiet answer
Bill tranquil
Will thankful
He never does
My tears fall
Forever was
Lies miracle

L 124C

I deny in full
His laziness
lies the bull
Is craziness
Link Cover
Sink a drain
Tinker Lover
Winks insane
Think how suffer
Brink plow buffer
They’re no retards
Care God free hard
He does It not me
I thank Him simple
Be Love equip free
He ranks Me in full
My little effort
I bit All caught
Men a trip see
Benefit me
I’m ready
So secure
Time steady
Knowing more
Devotion healing
Moves oceans really
Sit Her Lap weigh birth
I quit to nap fade Earth
Be worth perhaps today
Y put off when could soften
Work Answers nothing need
Harm to sour transfiguration
Unto Hour of Man’s Liberation

Lesson 123 I thank my Father for His Gifts to Me

attitude add this
gratitude gladness
sin track is bull
surreal exit sense
real extension
justice resistance
wavering shame
muster persistence
Savior Is Claim
takes the place of sin
make grace come In
Blanket Be In solitude
He thanketh free
A solid Dude
The guest with you
He blesses through
suggestions sent
hug Messenger
found get2 know Girl
Echo round A World
Belief ensures Gift
He receives the lift
no lack louse of mine
back a thousand times
You who heard
through Word knew
the room host Her
to whom He offers
power and strength
Bow to Her thank

Little Girl

I can take care of you little girl blue
Man did know you since U were two
Deep in oceans that sought to drown
Under emotions thought U were found
Then all the while you fought entrap
Men’s Child been sitting on God’s lap
Who rather know Him then take a nap
Hid not gathered again closed gap
Lord, let me please Him, identify
of the reasons He’ll help me fly
He merely shines way the doubt
To keep at bay fear binds without
So let me hold, take up your hand
Dress what is naked I understand
And we will wise up, oh yes we can
Be stronger than duh biggest man!
God does motion parts of His plan
We’ll get the notion start we can
There was no potion steep us stain
Over emotion leap over our pain
Still we don’t think need justify
See He Will In the blink of an eye
Appreciate Tall Bill of The Great
He will fill up all We create
One do It Her surmise
Conduit a surprise

L 122

Soon leave whose palace
bruise bleed choose malice
Crying shame dam ability
Planet remain of stability
Tag It Wisdom
Magnet Is One
End now her see enemy
Key Power Word men or me
Peak through Freedom
Seek Two, Become
Next no defense Will
X is why brilliance
Soul get Gift bless
forgefulness adrift
Be One earn meant
Free discernment
plausible stirring Of
Laws Above hurry Love
Sift fail my grace
Lift Veil I face
my recognition
beckon condition
got through change
Alot remains

Lesson 122

Forgiven offers answer
Live more softly plans Her
One cutesy friendly
Beauty commends me
not lonely dependence
transcendence Atoned Be
Follower full Talents
overbalance intolerable
Love great Girl Business
Fate of World this is
Nerve hints rest in Flow
disturbance intestinal
I park sin for-fill Care
Y darken my Will share
I lashes do mark In
Y Sparkle no clashes
I’m sure protection
Born of perfection
With Him of Her
Gifting Lover
Joy meet day
Boy greet Way

ACIM Lesson 122

Forgiveness more lives Bliss
Peace offer fleece soft is
Got God and open door
not hard prayers hope sure
Quiet finders having blinders
Anger wander place new hell
Tame is fonder Grace knew well
Flow certainty and purpose
No hurt in me surface
Circle a mountain peak
A Miracle fountain leap
Man still, It keep me
Deepest tranquility
Your Majesty muster
no magic be discuss
Earnest we learn best
Discern burns rest
Got Gold WonderMan
Hot cold understand
How precious Guest lives
Now Rest His best gives


confounded me establish
see boundaries stab wish
Wish while removal abort
visualize approval support
no vulture sit but soars
I fit in cultural mores
create swap position
free hate opposition
prejudice fear
lead U live near
near defeat solution
clear deceit illusion
no surprise bet
let go disguise
alive and hold
strive for Gold
cope muster
hope justice
the end is lost
offends, costs
depict me meet
victory defeat
one get admitedly
dumb quit commit
way of departure
stay Love partner
strong foundation
belong stationed
denote see better
Vote see settler

The Ark of Safety II

It’s Us who deny Him
The Grace to reside In
God is everywhere
Is member scare a lot?
the means which to flee
I’m mean witch agree?
respite escape
beyond the Gate
Be Light no hate
Friend nearer of
End fear her Love
worst hurt in me
immerse certainty
I wept She kissed
my separateness
be worn in me
if torn then see
a friend know while
end grow tired?
did we withdraw?
Preemptive approach
hid We ignored
end reproach?
Separation becomes the Point
Repair, He comes Anoint
We seem to miss though hardly
a Dream persist the body
I come and leave again
I’m One man see a Friend
offensive persist
defensive exist
a body endowed Her
thou hardly power
Over You
Love is Two
defend offends, defeat
a body depends to meet
immune won’t limit fate
commune intimidate
a power to misuse
now U miss I too
shower this treat above
is how to greet love
fear asks sacrifice
clear pack of lies
demands love go n stay
I can know other Way
Easy I know
next abuse cold
nor excuses hold
body does as it’s told
hardly was or grows old
except lied to choose
a neck tied a noose
I am no better man you
Letter than is Truth
littleness leads to despair
remit to seed His care
Reason Love celebrate
Season of hell abate
through wariness
ado vicarious
precarious Will’s You
overtones of fear
Love atoned Her clear
no grounds for being lost
Go found saw dreams cost
Cause and Effect apply
The Law I get on high
Agree healed I have power
Being real I save now Her
A Boy least of
Joy Peace Love
Man lets or suffer regret
Can get the buffer effect
come and go thunderstorm
know I am Wonder born
do not cry sever laugh
New hot why ever after
Bliss power I have gained
Is now it saves His name
the Fact I’m after relieves
impact no grief won’t matter
Give go for broke
live show Is more stoked!
heal some more must enter real
welcome Trust Center heal
if only knew in depth
alone alive sin death
bring life sad you
had to think twice
not lost you lift
his gifts to host
Bless then Presence
purpose not you to decide
surface hot through alive
Bring One learn measure
Kingdom earned treasure