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80s Lesson (no lists!)

Why win dread deceive sift
Eyes in head receive Gift
When persist Her fear
Love shouts conflict
Out of harm pick
Enlist Him near
All entitled peace
Can right call least
My version or tactic
Diversion of attack
be decieved complexity
She believes perplexes He
sniff and find deserve peace
different kind nerve do cease
shame vanity when free decision
Entertain sanity She His Wisdom
Not out pasture be assured
Alot last In She rewards
Simple One all the while
come dimple of your smile

Old New

New Solar Year
Hold All Dear
Request Queen
Hire Care Be
manifest dream
Fire… Aries
Dynamics Prosper It
why panic? Opposites
consolidation ran the loss
Solid Nation A Grand Cross
see the moon Libra mellow
Free attuned believe Fellow
as for demands vile discard
pass through can Wild Card
best intentions to the test
rest content then proof suggest
soothe unexpected evening born
prove One beckons In Deed Dawn
stay open minded Till Eclipse
Way hope then find It
Will Be bliss

Be kind

been blindsighted
take break time
then Kind might
fake find make
CHase Chords
Echos free
face Lord
no regret
Hip U rate
betrayal lie
dont be crazy
See Play live
want Me maybe
desires power
cries All now


Truth lasting Root Blameless
end the mess exude honesty
prove passion suit changes
Dude friendliness warms Me
Force opinion You expect
Ignore imposter think
no loss win Them do respect
dig more conscious of Link
I Embrace Life exciting
hip known Two Me
then face twice inviting
Material distractions
Of importance Empress
peel It All back then
Love imports Him bless
Hot take reins
men Her rate possibly
not fake claim
venerate generosity
Miles Motion patch All
Locust introspection
emotional fragile
focus Two Erect’s Him
Helping hand takes Him
dem doubts U Loop
wealthy Land break In
out through cope
Due come Reality
Military Victor
knew One out of Me
Will of Merry depict Her
He loves Her such caring
deeds over words wear thin
Decide kinder Go Boy!
Hard Lessons mentor U
Fire sin Cover Master
God Bless Him Friend True
Inspire Others Pastor
Inside, Her know Joy


Diamond In Ruff

Survive All goes
Serve no rivals
Fill the Bill
Starts Heart
Cares Aware
Call Ball Fair
Stills the Will
glistens listen
I Free Children
We didn’t kill Him
Survival knows
Serve no rivals
See dust settle
must Be Metal
grow Me hurt
no desert
Rex and I
Lift Him One
Gift Ing Come
Eager find Diamonds
Meek Yr Kind ligns One


Two One Dedicate
As Mountain
rolls the hills
Way Accounts Fun
Pass Fountain
Hold Still
Faith Unlimited
“certain S/T”
waste n trims It
hurting brings
the devil know
Composed call
Encompass All
Criterion Peace
Rolls Bliss
fear cease

Single Edge Sword

On Wings My Grace
It tingles reward
Single-Side Face
Mingle Free Cause
Laws dig Creator
Live Fate more
Double sided
deserve this
trouble hide
my last trick
cease chaos
fasten pick
Peace OK Us
rips seesaw
fix me Core
fight see task?
bite me In ask!
Lord a Trip then!
Adore Description
Gift but From Her
Swift know Cutter
Single Edge Sword
brings about Clout
Mingle Pledge Ward
Being without Doubt

Late 70’s Lessons

dark took laughter
restore, seek
park, look after
feed core belief

forgiveness purpose
comes out from
to give reverses
those outcomes

My next hard lesson
worsen by cursing
acknowledge blessing
to serve persons

my eyes bar me
to see far agree

norm I own while
circle of fear
enormous denial
miracle near

hid, I tarry much
fed at great lengths
Did I carry trust?
said wait thankful


Set table n chair
Two Enable aware
Persistence care
Enlist ‘Em dare
Blessings share
Attempt to live
Guessing Spare
Embark on this
Mark One List
Harbor longer
Larger stronger
Streams Love warm
Power start brings
Shower HeartStrings
Beyond World of harm
Recognize unseen still
Light beams inside Truth
Each day Son rise youth
Grows teach stay wise
Make prideful Unique
Take bribe bull
Hide n seek

Chaos vs Truth p. 489

Cool body mend
Counter fetch In
Stoke In affection
Fool hard defection
Defers Sense bought
What set each us off
Her Effervesce caught
Knows His resemblance
Don’t find u like me
Chaos End, discuss
Out accord time
Blind not enemy
Hook more find
Ignored Wealth
Prove His Might
Truth Is Light
1 Cause Wealth