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It Happens

Let’s experience fill accomplishment
Till next fear rinse ponder mends
Cool how body feel twist mind all
Then Be decision cuts wretch me
Fool now hardly persistence calls
I Can free wisdom no treachery
Not mock deserve bow patience
Is why when things go wrong
Rock serve see got salvation
Then I can sing His Song
I am One with Billing This
Come train ever begun lift
Son can; Gift Is Willingness
Constrain never shuns shift
Unmade tills One Hold Fuel
Still unafraid, Golden Rule
Pave Marker Might know
Cave darken fight Noel
Begin then end tunnel
Flee sin friend One All
Blind sighted vision
Contradiction Calls
Harmful addition
Hide my decision
Man’s prediction
Mantras Wisdom
Break caught illusion
Shaken thought solution
See ahead Residence forming
Free instead Presence joins In

the only sacrifice: denial

Wisdom illuminates
Hidden cherish come
Hid Him Her Wish One
Generate bloom some
Bound Nation Extender
A Kingdom Resplendent
Courageous anoint thank
Rest bring One Blend Him
Foundation of Splendor
Fate Influence Our Victory
Before Your lies Success
Hints mediate pick Glory
Explore realize Truth best
Cause worthy see Great
Unwarranted inordinate
I monitor n warden bit
He that “doesn’t know”
Ledge is near me not
Ploy weakness plot
Prejudice fear lot
Joy keeps This Got
Free how long ago
Agree now Belong
Lord Service Me
Lack cries defile
More  serves me
Fact wise Child
Lord Worthy

ACIM Altar of God (no falter)

Acceptance a matter of time
Sin’s evil; harm’s prediction
Concept Him ladder Of Mine
Contradiction then Free Will
Tug or tow the ugliness
Chin miss cheek bug b us
Find alternating levels
Halting hate the devil
Miracle folds is Metal
Fear grows old dishevel
In total commitment
Vote All One with Him
Undo dreams leave behind
My hug in full is Bliss
Do gleam Belief me find
The rug I pull I miss
A jerk denial can rob
The work an inside job
Deep I seek to keep
Twinkle While
Doubt denial
Wrinkle smile
demanded, wait does
Impart did understand
procrastination man hid
Define call His Wisdom
True Final Decision All
Fast-Forward His Nation
Past coward miss hate um
Atone-me-us one Voice Is
Erroneous the choices
Boy shunned fear
Poised One near
Rather greet open door
More U meet glad Her
Stand in Hope ensure
Matter can stand poor
Hero my own eyes but
Imprison intolerable
Theory I sown surmise
The Prism cuts colors
Letter sin side drought
Better begin Inside out
Not where am,know, kiss
Got Care can Flow Bliss
Rut two disguise I see
But Who do wise eye free
BeFriend of God All Sure
Defense hardly called for
Bounty fold Illusion where
There’s bountiful confusion
Bother Wait two week vacation?
Father Great tweet Way Staion
Kept true know come Fact more
True step concept one back war
Many aware this tune can sparkle
Share the moon plenty in darkful

ACIM text ch2 Altar of God (humble see)

Ponder Root
Pick glad Quest
Harm her moot
Lick Charm’s test
Not where or when
I am aware I can
This hour stay Home
Not hard; fated two
Bliss Our Way Known
God created You!
Better I “get” Her!
Halt negate of One
Knows best Wife meant
Alternate investment
Is two leveled Life
Work on One, “see” other
Word Be, come discover
Once upon a story
Ponder Terror Tory
Depict know loot
Conflict go pick
Root, pick Hot
Harm acute sick
Know divestment thru
Halt negating Truth
To fumble throws off
Dishevels One Cause
Rumbles for us see
Humble Forces key
A cute process is anything but sick
Cut many Routes pass Us think fix
Devil’s streak linking one to other
Level deep thinking One discover

ACIM Text Chapter 2 The Altar of God (See Saw)

Does it matter?
I heard no gun
Dumb scatter
Word Is One
Come the ladder
Deform Truth no
Makes you sadder
From former go
Bet Stick My Will
Kill o watt burn
Why Bill Electric?
Will a Lot, earn
For Once and All
During whiff sin
Bore hunch, call
Drawing Gift In
Pick Belief Him
See soft saw sin
Frees the sickness
Ignore often begins
Be Switch trick this
Perfect Come Thought
Bewitched of rips Us
Fetch Her One Sought
Avail, pull to order
A Pail Full of Water
To clean sinsidepout
U mudslide downhill
Do gleam inside out
Upside of frown Will
2 supposed to smile
till you n I ponder
All while transpose

ACIM T2.III. The Altar of God (of Power)

A Temple A shiny Table
Resemble Him fine enable
Release a sinner to light
In Peace hymn Her delight
What’s In IT All About!
Buts no I’m in doubt be
He doesn’t know or ask
Fuzz grows on his task
A pedigree is He, led to squeeze
Endeavor Heart but never partial
Repair It, Two generate
Aware hit missseparate
Detection by body yes
Protection my bodyess
Apart Love my Heart
Creator of Mine
aches are defined
Blesses me Hardy Mist
Guest, ConsistOfHe
Inclusion BodyNewHeart
At start there Is Solution
Cannot think nor lie
Or need for evolution
Link Hot bothered I
Come Now, seems amiss
Somehow meaningless
One Power gleams This

ACIM Lesson 48 There is nothing to fear

In Heaven and on Earth
We must use our might
Unearth what’s divided
Discuss, seek to unite It
For what was once One
A Separate Piece are We
With freedom to become
No different destiny
In great potentiality
For where we came from
And in eternal reality
Exists somehow right now
Witness Your Wholly Cow
For to give is nailed
Trail of belief,
And you will not be spoiling
Neither deceived nor toiling
Not intent on fear
Do be tender end dear
Wastes time in disgrace
Or hiding out saving face
This is sense out of senseless
Just to stand up against Us?
Acts of miracles practiced
Grace you find In Acts this,
replace confounded as to judge
Budge from thoughts objects founded
Middle men fiddling find. Whittle mind!
No faker maker Can do it Conduit!
Don’t look for outcome/how come
Best tactic here is a fact One
When inadequacy attacks
Freedom is a verb.
Show (Self) nerve
Chase after Truth
Proof Be provided.
Lean does not mean You “win.”
Him has no stress, best guess;
Takes no discerning; yearning.
Nor learning through years and tears
Earning merely rests
In Perfectness.

Allegiance to knowledge
Hints, no college knew this
Everyone has knowl-edge= knows the edge hs/hr own interface to eternal reality
Were it not being slave to layers of thoughts you bought/brought that interfere
One brings doubt the other You out.
Sheep cattle sleep in the meadow
Alone they wallow in the night
Keep battle ahead sin know
Swallow shadows only fright…
The doubts that we shout bring
Glass shards windows busted out
Doors unhinged then barred about
Cringe at war when our Lord
Shouts/Whispers Love’s broken heart
Blood soaken from twisted parts.
Solution to illusions
Ever soothe Him
There are many who
Defend plenty true
Denials piled miles high
And hold them so dear…
Cold cleanses them thorough about
Buries to render know old shouts
Has doubt bent inclined?
Seek; not meant to find?
So stressed go to great lengths
The blessed show up in strength
Dreams it seems are meaningless
Forgive to learn the facts
You give to earn It back
A Source that does inspire
No loss of Cause is higher!